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Did Jesus Christ break and abolish the Sabbath?

Deutsch Jesus Christ broke the Sabbath and thus abolished or eliminated it. This thesis is unfortunately widespread, but cannot be justified with anything. Therefore, corresponding “supplements” have been made in modern Bibles. Anyone who investigates with a thirst for truth will also come across it. Test all spirits – even hearsay id Jesus Christ break […]

Confusion about Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday

Deutsch The confusion about the rest day Saturday or Sunday on the part of the Roman Catholic Church is picking up speed. You only have to repeat a lie enough times for most people to believe it. This also works for this all-important question about the true Sabbath. The confusion about the rest day The […]

Verses about the Sabbath in the New Testament

Deutsch A selection of verses from the New Testament clearly demonstrate that the followers and apostles of Jesus Christ consistently observed the Sabbath (7th day, Saturday). Nothing can be found in the Bible about abolishing the Sabbath, God’s 4th commandment, or moving it to Sunday. Verses of the NT document validity of the Sabbath eports […]

The Sabbath is Saturday, not Sunday

Deutsch The Sabbath is the seventh day of the week. This would, however, raise the question of whether this has always been the case. The “Saturday” was only introduced in the course of early history and the occasional calendar change was also made. However, the numerous names of the weekdays in other languages ​​show that […]

The “Final” Mark of the Beast – Saturday vs. Sunday

Deutsch There are numerous speculations surrounding the mark of the beast. Is it a barcode, an implanted chip, or something else entirely? The Bible as a whole describes a spiritual battle between good and evil. Therefore, it stands to reason that the mark of the beast also contains a spiritual aspect and is not about […]

Sabbath is confirmed by the Roman Catholic Church

Deutsch By far the largest proportion of Protestants follow the Catholic institution of Sunday observance. This is justified on the basis of the Bible, so the claims. But there is nothing of this in the Scriptures. However, even the Rom. Catholic Church confirms the true Sabbath. Catholic Church even condemns error of Protestants t would […]

Changing Sabbath (Saturday) to Sunday is arbitrary

Deutsch The sanctification of Sundays in (very) most Christian churches seems to be taken for granted. “It was always like that,” it might say. But it was, is and will remain what it is. An arbitrary change of God’s commandment out of sheer arbitrariness. There is no biblical reference to Sabbath abolition nyone who reads […]

The Sabbath – 7th day of the week applies to all people

Deutsch The Sabbath only applies to the Jewish communities and therefore the seventh day of the week is also a “Jewish Sabbath”, according to a widespread view. Christianity must stick to the first day of the week, i.e. Sunday. This is a fatal mistake. The New Covenant did not change the Sabbath very large proportion […]

Dealing with Corona probably blueprint for the Sunday law

Deutsch The measures taken during the declared corona pandemic and the way critics and questioners were dealt with could well serve as a blueprint for the coming Sunday law. The scheme fits fairly neatly into the sequence of introducing an initially “enforced voluntary” observance of the traditional “Day of the Lord”. The Sunday will be […]

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