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Holy Sunday attacked by EV church – Catholics horrified

Deutsch The desperation of the once Protestant churches has now led to the “holy Sunday” being compromised. A church service can also be held on any day. The Catholic world is horrified, outraged, and does not hold back with some understandable criticism. Nevertheless, this whole drama appears to be just another move in the great […]

Imaginative perspective for justifying Sabbath rescheduling

Deutsch One of the most open to misinterpretation passages in the Bible concerns the plucking of ears of grain on the Sabbath. According to one interpretation, Jesus Christ thereby abolished the Sabbath. A Catholic magazine uses this to create a completely new perspective to justify traditional Sunday observance. Selling your own fictions as facts The […]

Refuted evidence for erroneous Sunday observance

Deutsch Sunday, which is sanctified by the vast majority of Christian churches, must be justified somehow. Otherwise, the erroneous teaching of an abolished Sabbath on the seventh day of the week would raise unpleasant questions. Some explanations appear regularly, but they can all be refuted relatively easily based on Scripture. Attempted justification of Sunday observance […]

Ecumenism focuses on Sunday holiness

Deutsch Ecumenism, the unification of all religions on the planet under the umbrella of the Church of Rome, has as its primary goal the sanctification of Sunday. A hidden game within the earth and climate protection movements. The intentional, unconscious violation of the Sabbath commandment by unsuspecting people. Old knowledge declared obsolete verything is old […]

SDA calls for “Creation Sabbath” in October – Really?

Deutsch A call for the celebration of the “Creation Sabbath” is currently making the rounds. A special Sabbath of the year, every 4th Saturday of October. The call is supposedly made through the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists. But a closer look reveals some oddities. Separate Creation Sabbath is “new idea” In an attempt […]

The Church of Rome’s Campaign Against the Biblical Sabbath

Deutsch Even in its early days, the Church of Rome did not hesitate to eradicate the biblical Sabbath from this earth. Apostle Paul already saw the war against the gospel coming to humanity and he warned about it. The Roman Catholic Church has largely succeeded in erasing the Sabbath from Christian scriptures and from people’s […]

“The Day of the Lord” – The Bible says it is NOT Sunday

Deutsch The much-quoted and read “Lord’s Day” is associated with Sunday and is one of the Roman Catholic Church’s extensive deceptions. According to the Gospel, this day has nothing to do with Sunday. The Bible provides unmistakable and clear information here. Exclusive definition of the Church of Rome ne of the numerous consciously generated misunderstandings […]

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