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Die Welt konservativ betrachtet


In Ukraine: Christmas will be based on the Roman Catholic model

Deutsch The Ukrainians no longer want to celebrate Christmas “Russian-Orthodox” but Ukrainian-Orthodox. They want to focus on “Western values” and free themselves from “Russian heritage”. Rome should be very pleased with this decision. Ukraine wants to introduce “Western values”. Christmas will take place on December 25th in 2023 and not on January 7th of the […]

Religiosity & right-wing populism – the pendulum is swinging

Deutsch The attributes of religiosity and right-wing populism are already interwoven. In terms of political orientation, a large part of society is now swinging back in the direction of conservative moral values ​​after a few years of motley activities. The political parties designed or bred for this are ready. The Protestant churches are rubbing their […]

Catholic Church Climate Protection – Political Stage

Deutsch After the Catholic Church gave way to her daughter, she now appears officially on the political stage herself. An appeal by Catholic institutions calls for political measures for active climate protection. The Church sees the time has come Apparently, the go-ahead has been given for the open expression of the required political participation of […]

Pakistani Christian accused of Bible verse

In Pakistan, as a Christian, you not only live as part of a tiny minority, you also live in a dangerous situation. A few verses of the Bible on social media was enough for arrest and charges of “blasphemy”. The Vatican media reports about it but does not quote the verses used. There might even be a reason.

Constantine as Patron of the Catholic “Holy Year 2025”

Deutsch The year 2025 is a special “Holy Year” for the Catholic Church. With the Council of Nicaea, further cornerstones of Catholicism were laid and Emperor Constantine was therefore the pioneer and patron of Christians. A misunderstanding due to the constant confusion between Christianity and Catholicism. “Holy Year 2025” – return to Constantine The year […]

Dispute between religious “right and left” – prime example in USA

Deutsch When two quarrel, the third is happy. This applies in particular if, as a third party, you provocatively fuel both brawlers yourself. A model act by two rival religious groups is currently underway in the United States. Charismatics or “religious rightists” who call themselves Christians against self-confessed satanists, now simply called “religious leftists”. Charismatic […]

Switzerland is becoming increasingly secularized – open to substitute religion

Deutsch In Switzerland, the number of religious members is shrinking and will probably be replaced by the secular. Freethinkers demand political consequences. Switzerland is becoming “more secular” The secularization of people is also making great strides in Swiss Confederation. In recent decades, the proportion of Swiss people with a religious affiliation has fallen steadily, while […]

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