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Die Welt konservativ betrachtet


Believers and Opponents – “Return Accelerators” of Jesus Christ

Deutsch Believers and opponents of the gospel can act as “return accelerators” for the renewed arrival of Jesus Christ. While those who are faithful to God can do this on their own initiative, God’s opponents do this involuntarily but still effectively. The time of Jesus Christ’s return is unknown eople who believe in the gospel […]

Modern and conservative view on prayer

Deutsch Prayer to God is a fundamental part of Christianity. As society has changed, prayer has not lost its importance, but consideration of purpose and, above all, goal has. Goal of prayer – difference in around 150 years How differently prayer can be weighted and how this can be explained to people is shown by […]

Praise Mary as a mother must stop? – None!

Deutsch According to an astonishing headline in a purely Catholic online magazine, Mary should no longer be praised as a mother. But this supposed rebellion quickly turns out to be a prime example of outrageous self-interpretations of the Bible. Just Catholic. First astonishment, then disillusionment The headline for an article on the Internet portal of […]

The last seven words of Jesus Christ on the cross

Deutsch The last words of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross are recorded in the gospels of Mark, Luke and John. With a total of seven statements, the character of Jesus is clarified on the one hand and prophecies in the Old Testament are fulfilled on the other. Jesus’ last words on the cross […]

The reasons for the coming of Jesus Christ into this world

Deutsch There are numerous theses about the reasons for the appearance of Jesus Christ in this world. A look at the Holy Scriptures quickly provides clarification and also reveals a few erroneous views. Jesus Christ himself gave the answers. Jesus didn’t want to bring peace he following verses clarify the reasons for the human appearance […]

Vatican proud of ugly sculpture in audience hall

Deutsch The Vatican seems mighty proud of one of the ugliest artifacts declared as an art. Jesus Christ’s resurrection from an atomic bomb blast in the Vatican Audience Hall. The artist apparently received support from “fat friends” of the Roman Church. An all-explaining sculpture One of the strangest publicly visible “works of art” of the […]

The Pope’s Foot Washing – What’s behind it?

Deutsch The foot washing by the Pope is one of the traditional rites of the Catholic Church. Church on a Maundy Thursday. Francis continued this tradition by washing the feet of young people in a detention center in Rome. What is the Pope trying to say with that? Humility? The secular media just says something […]

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