Olli Dürr

Die Welt konservativ betrachtet


Simple rules for a healthy lifestyle

Deutsch Health and well-being are directly related to a healthy lifestyle. Without good food, good drink, exercise and relaxation, the body is exposed to great strain and stress. However, there are simple rules for the “sensible handling” of one’s own body. Humans have forgotten how to live a healthy life People have simply forgotten how […]

Vegan harmful & deadly? Only as fillers

Deutsch Vegan diet is harmful to health and can even be fatal. Such headlines suggest a blanket message. However, these are products from chemical companies that declare their body fillers as vegan foods due to the omission of animal products. Meat renunciation in favor of the climate A new study wants to prove that a […]

A vegetarian diet can also miss the point

Deutsch A vegetarian or vegan diet can also lead to the desired goal of a healthy lifestyle. A study showed that under certain circumstances, meat consumption can have even less harmful effects on the body and well-being. Vegetarian and vegan are not the same as healthy The increasingly ongoing campaigns about avoiding meat as much […]

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