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Sacrificial festival for Hajj – Another story about Abraham

Deutsch Islam celebrates the festival of sacrifice these days as part of the Hajj. A highlight of the festivities. Picked up by the Christian media, but either not mentioning the “subtle differences” to Christianity or describing them as an alternative. Abraham therefore wanted to sacrifice Ishmael and not Isaac. But what does that matter? After […]

Pope sought recognition as honorary head – ecumenical cosmetics

Deutsch The Vatican’s eagerly awaited statement on the future role of the primate within ecumenism has been published. “The Bishop of Rome,” is the simple-sounding title of the letter. With the Pope’s “honorary head” formulated therein, it is only a work of superficial cosmetics. Reactions still cautious The document announced by the Vatican, in which […]

US election campaign – Christian tone becomes louder

Deutsch The election campaign in the USA for the next president from 2025 is slowly heating up. On the Republican side, the underlying tone of “Christianity” is reaching ever higher amplitudes. Mike Pence is all for a “conservative moral” course, criticizes Joe Biden and calls for strong faith. Mike Pence presents himself as a “model […]

Will Francis weaken papal primacy for ecumenism?

Deutsch Will Pope Francis soften the “infallible” dogmas about the primacy of the Bishop of Rome for ecumenism, or will it end in an ordinary “pawning”? An announced letter causes a lot of nervousness in advance. Update: The letter has been published. It’s purely cosmetic – Info New papal position in the course of ecumenism? […]

EV Bishop of Austria presents strange understanding of the Gospel

Deutsch The Evangelical Bishop of Austria presents a very strange understanding of the Gospel based on his very strange-seeming view of heaven on earth. Routine impiety compressed into a few sentences. Evangelical hypocrisy As with the “spiritual houses” under the umbrella organization of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), the Protestant churches in Austria no […]

The degeneration of EV churches into carnival stalls is irreversible

Deutsch The visible degeneration of the once Protestant churches is already irreversible. There is nothing to repair or save. “Those who continually make a fool of themselves will one day become a fool themselves,” as the saying goes. Once “Christian institutions”, they have now degenerated into self-absorbed, ideological showman’s stalls. No longer contains anything from […]

From the gospel to humanism to collective theosophy

Deutsch Humanity, uprooted from its foundations, is heading directly towards collective theosophy in its humanism. Inclusion instead of exclusion, which declares individualism to be the archenemy. The transformation towards theosophy “Quo Vadis Humanitas?” The transformation of society, openly expressed in many places, is in full swing. The visible changes in the areas of economy, education […]

Jesus film ‘The Chosen’ – gospel or cunning seduction?

Deutsch The current Jesus film adaptation “The Chosen” creates an enthusiastic atmosphere among believers, previously non-believers and also people who have hardly or never heard anything about Jesus. The power of the gospel, or the intoxicating poison of cunning seduction? Presented consistent enthusiasm “The most successful Jesus film of all time,” is one of the […]

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