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Revelation 18 – The Judgment of Babylon – Verses explained one by one

Deutsch Chapter 18 of Revelation describes the impending end of dominant (symbolic) Babylon. The thorough and, above all, final destruction of the earthly henchmen of God’s adversary. Babylon will be destroyed Chapter 8 in the book of Revelation deals with the “Judgment of Babylon.” A prophecy about the final fate of God’s adversary ruling on […]

Demons are real – spiritual beings with malevolent intentions

Deutsch Do demons or evil spirits belong in the world of fantasies? A huge mistake. Fallen angels are very real. They are highly active and they are up to no good. Their influences are of a huge nature and are usually underestimated. It works best undetected hat better thing can happen to an enemy than […]

Do the Bible’s commands to kill demonstrate bloodthirsty Christianity?

Deutsch The God of the Bible, especially the Old Testament, is a vengeful and bloodthirsty ruler. The series of calls to kill all people who “couldn’t escape into trees at the count of three” are evidence of the actual nature of “murderous Christianity.” Such blanket narratives can only be fruitful when there is ignorance and […]

Abolish Sunday services? – EV churches debate in vain

Deutsch Should Sunday services be abolished or retained with more diversity? The Protestant Church in Germany is currently asking itself this question. However, in the debates surrounding the traditional ritual, the crucial core question is not asked at all. Debate within the church A discussion has currently broken out within the Protestant churches in Germany […]

Revelation 13 – The Beast from the Earth – What is it? The USA

Deutsch The question about the identity of the “beast from the earth” in Revelation 13 is easily answered today. There is only one political power that fits all the descriptions found in the Bible. It’s the USA. The Bible gives clear information he prophecies of the Bible are not formulated in great detail, but they […]

Secret Pre-Rapture Christians – A fairy tale written by Jesuits

Deutsch Large parts of the evangelical churches are waiting for a secret early rapture of believing Christians before the great tribulation begins, including the appearance of a future Antichrist. Hardly any theory has misled as many people as the ideas of some Jesuits and their useful henchmen. Formulated around 430 years ago and today waiting […]

What is original sin? A teaching to mislead people

Deutsch The doctrine of original sin has great potential to completely confuse people and ultimately lead them astray. This hypothesis has since been smoothed out somewhat for reasons of ecumenism, but it still stands in stark contradiction to the Gospel. The author of original sin is the Catholic Church he so-called original sin seems to […]

Real or false prophet? How to differentiate?

Deutsch Numerous people are now entering the public stage and posing as saviors and prophets. The Bible clearly states that in addition to the spiritual “third Elijah” there will be prophets sent by God in the very last stages of the end times. But the false prophets are now numerous. How can you distinguish a […]

Gospel of John – Exactly 153 fish caught – Coincidence?

Deutsch The Gospel of John describes a catch of exactly 153 fish. A particularly precise statement. The question arose here as to whether this number is a random quantity or whether there is a “little” secret hidden in it. Bible doesn’t need “experts” he Bible, the Word of God, is written for every “ordinary” human […]

Will God forgive all sins – Already everything too late?

Deutsch Many people are concerned about whether God will forgive all sins committed. Unfortunately, many are based on the lie that there can no longer be any mercy for transgressions. But God is faithful and just and that is the truly good news. Is there still room for forgiveness? an sin be so great that […]

Why was Jesus Christ silent like a lamb?

Jesus Christ would have had every opportunity to defend himself against the charges based on His knowledge of the Gospel (Old Testament) available at the time and His authority. The High Priest’s accusations were all false and aimed only at bringing the Savior to the cross. But Jesus Christ remained silent. He said nothing in […]

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