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WEF meeting Davos 2024 accompanied by a shaman



The WEF meeting in Davos 2024 was accompanied by a shaman to discuss the topic of “climate protection and Mother Earth”. She prepared the participants for the “right spiritual” attitude using an incantation ritual.

Amazon shaman held a ritual

The 2024 World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting taking place in Davos, Switzerland, obviously relies on otherworldly spiritual input for wise decisions about the future shape of this world. Specific goals targeted as part of a major transformation also seem to require very specific measures. On Wednesday, the topic “Climate and Nature: A Systemic Response Is Needed” was addressed to the business and political leaders present.

Shamans establish connections with the “deceased.”

Der This session began with the appearance of the chief’s wife of the Yawanawá tribe from the Amazon, Putanny Yawanawá. She gave a short speech and urged the assembled crowd to take action. “We can join our hands, unite our hearts, unite our thoughts in the same direction, for the healing of the planet and spiritual healing. When we unite in our thinking and our heart, our Mother Earth will listen to us.”

She then performed a shamanistic ritual in front of the gathered crowd. While she rubbed her hands together, Yawanawá celebrated some incantations and then blew on the heads of those present. These included billionaire André Hoffmann, Jesper Brodin (CEO of IKEA), Ajay Banga (President of the World Bank) and Kristalina Georgieva (Director of the International Monetary Fund). Finally, all participants stood up, folded their hands and raised them together.

The horror of a Catholic priest

Priest seems to no longer understand the world

The Spanish priest Jesús Silva Castignani from the Archdiocese of Madrid apparently couldn’t believe his ears when he found out about this shaman ritual held at the WEF. On the messenger service (Source CNA). He asked the following questions:
a) Would it have occurred to you to invite a priest to say a prayer?
b) Do we know which spirits the lady is invoking?
c) Christianity is obscurantist but the heart-ripping Indigenous were not?
d) What spirit governs Davos?”

CNA only speaks of the response of the “host of the event”, but he is easily identified as Klaus Schwab. His response was: “To look to the future we must look back and see what the wishes of our ancestors were.”

Completely overlooked the obvious?

Klaus Schwab
WEF has the full support of Pope Francis

This shaman performance in the “secular” Davos is actually not a big surprise. The UN and its affiliated organizations also have such a spiritualistic background (Info). Much more surprising is the priest’s apparent ignorance of what is actually going on in the environment of his “association” of the Roman Catholic Church. Now the Archdiocese of Madrid cannot exactly be described as an area of ​​remote wilderness.

After all, the great role model, mentor and patron saint of the World Economic Forum is the Pope. Especially in the area of ​​nature conservation and “Mother Earth”, the WEF publicly stated in 2017 that it would recognize the pontiff as the global moral leader (Info).

Affinity to shamanism is known

Pope Francis himself approaches shamanism with arms wide open. Most recently during his visit to the “Catholic exclave” Mongolia. A few years ago, Francis visited the Amazon region and enthusiastically received the symbol of Mother Earth in the form of the “Pachamama”. (Info). In Rome, Pachamama figures were placed in the Vatican Gardens as a special dedication. Even the so-called BLM movement is based on the ancestor cult. Shamanism and spiritualism are even an official consensus of the Vatican (Info).

A really clueless priest?

Does the priest in the Archdiocese of Madrid really have no clue? Does he not know Francis of Assisi and his spiritual closeness to nature? Has he never read the letter Laudato Si’ of his mentor, supreme bishop, legislator and “divine representative”? In the run-up to COP28, “climate and nature conservation” was officially designated as a religion (Info). Did the priest miss all this, perhaps due to constant wafer counting?

Just another cornerstone set

Stupid sheep
The sheep are waiting for further instructions

It’s hard to believe that the priest’s ignorance is actually true. It is more likely that the Catholic priest, in his demonstrated “innocence”, publicly and officially criticizes this shamanism in order to rub the truth under the noses of an already “flashed” public. With the legitimate expectation that it won’t make anyone itch or get anyone pumped. The simple setting of another cornerstone on the path of stoic, ignorant acceptance until the desired goal is achieved.

Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
Romans 1:25

Bible verses from King James Version

WEF meeting Davos 2024 accompanied by a shaman
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