Olli Dürr Society Vatican now wants to start a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine

Vatican now wants to start a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine

Vatican now wants to start a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine post thumbnail image


The Vatican is now openly seeking a peace mission to end Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. Pope Francis commissioned his Cardinal Zuppi from Bologna to do this.

Now it should be official according to hints

Pope Francis

Francis as an exalted father now wants to ensure peace

After peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia have already failed in advance, the Vatican now sees itself called upon to tackle tangible peace efforts. According to the Catholic News Agency, Pope Francis commissioned this (CNA) Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, Archbishop of Bologna, to lead a peacekeeping mission between Russia and Ukraine on behalf of the Vatican. CNA relies on information from the press office of the “Holy See”. Accordingly, “the timing of such a mission, and its modes” are currently being studied by the Vatican.

Zuppi is currently the President of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, leading a close collaboration with the organization Sant’Egidio. This Catholic lay association specializes in promoting ecumenism and migration. According to CNA, this association has already contributed to the peace talks between contracting countries, including South Sudan and Mozambique.

At the end of April, Pope Francis made a not “very clear statement” that the Vatican was already working on secret peacekeeping missions to end the war in Ukraine. However, this was denied by Russia.

Pope Francis expects this renewed (official) attempt at a peace mission with the help of the “Mother of God” Mary. The pontiff explained to a group of Marian religious that he had already commended Russia and Ukraine to the “Immaculate Mary” in 2022. The world must learn, without calculations with Tenderness to love.

Francis asked the religious to renew this act of entrustment and supplication. “May our Heavenly Mother help us all to courageously and creatively seek paths of forgiveness, dialogue, acceptance, and peace for all humanity”, the pontiff said.

The “saviour” positions himself

peace sun

Papal Peace is only available under the sign of the sun

The Catholic Church is certain that Mary can help. Even if this is completely absurd, since Maria died long ago and has been in a kind of mental sleep ever since. However, since the Church of Rome places her catechism above the Bible, the Church asserts the very norm imposed by human fantasies. There is nothing in the gospel to be found of an immortal soul, nor of Mary’s immaculateness, nor of her ascension to heaven in “body and soul,” let alone her coronation as Queen of Heaven, and what else is about fantasies.

The “moral par excellence” speaks

The Pope presents himself as a peacemaker in his self-understood function of the highest moral authority. At his general audience on November 9, 2022, Pope Francis described the conflict as the “childish logic of war”. A view apparently from his self-acclaimed position as Exalted Father – pardon, “Holy” Father – over all things.

The Bible has been telling it for a long time: The “kings of the earth” will give their power to the “beast” and this of course required a certain recognized competence. The “woman” or the great city will exercise dominion over the kings of the world, as in Revelation 17:18:

“And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.”

It will also be revealed who is actually responsible for most of the rebellions, uprisings and wars over the centuries to this day. But for most it will then be far too late to turn back.

“For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”
Luke 12:2

Bible verses from King James Version

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