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Vatican bans scattering ashes of the deceased



The ashes of a deceased Catholic should not be scattered to the winds. The Vatican says it’s sin. The chief inquisitor had recently confirmed this papal standardization.

Outraged priest runs away

Ein Eklat bei einem katholisch gehaltenen Begräbnis. In Slowenien wollte eine Familie die Asche ihres verstorbenen Angehörigen verstreuen. Doch der zelebrierende Priester zog kurzerhand ab und ließ die Trauernden ratlos zurück (Quelle). Die Familie war wie vor den Kopf geschlagen und schockiert. Beim Weggehen habe der Pfarrer der slowenischen Ortschaft Martjanci noch “Sünde” gerufen.

Park bench
Priest turned away from funeral in outrage

It is obvious that the Roman Catholic Church declares scattering the ashes of the deceased in nature to be a sin. In December 2023, the Vatican confirmed that Catholics should not scatter the ashes of the deceased in nature. On December 9th, the current Prefect of the Dicastery of Faith (Inquisition) Victor Cardinal Fernandez confirmed this. This standard dates back to 2016, which requires the ashes of the deceased to be buried in cemeteries. Nothing has changed to this day.

Duplicity of this church

The sudden resignation of the Catholic priest could therefore also be seen as a protest. Instead of clarification on site, just a “foamy exit”.

The incident shows two things. On the one hand, this regulation from the Vatican is once again a completely extra-biblical determination, based on its own “creativity”, which again results in an arrogant definition of sin, and on the other hand, this institution is once again getting into the spiral of no more hypocrisy that cannot be overlooked.

It was common practice for the Church, directly and usually indirectly, for the ashes of people condemned to death and to be burned at the stake to be scattered over rivers, lakes or fields. The death sentence was handed down by the church, usually through the Inquisition, and this institution, which called itself the “Body of Christ”, handed the execution over to the secular authorities in exquisite innocence.

What was the rule in the general murder campaigns, the crusades and especially genocides was slaughter by the sword (Info), this happened to the individual “heretics” and the countless people on the burning pile who were declared “witches”.

Burning of witches under church supervision

Within the Catholic “Holy Roman Empire” a tsunami of hunts swept against people accused of sorcery and magic. Between 1300 and 1750, between 40,000 and 60,000 people in Europe fell victim to these persecutions. Of these, around 25,000 were murdered in what is now Germany. Around 80 percent of these victims were women (Source). Generally, the ashes of the cremated victims were scattered over bodies of water.

Restraint in distraction madness

Forest fire
The church determines what is sin and what is not

With the “witch’s hammer” the persecution raged so violently that criticism could even be heard from within the ranks of the Catholic Church. But there was no sign of a stop. After all, it concerned the abstract accusation of witchcraft and not the criticism or rejection of any of the church’s doctrine. In addition, the automatic confiscation of all of the accused’s assets opened up a profitable source of money. An “individual critic” of church teachings and practices, such as Jan Hus, was immediately silenced. Burned in Konstanz in 1415 and his ashes, by the way, scattered over the Rhine.

Everything has its logic

Nevertheless, this church, which has “recognized itself as infallible,” has not changed its mind. Not even in 2016. The background is rather that the “utopianists” of this institution adhere to the doctrine that the scattered ashes of those who were burned can no longer take part in the resurrection. Thus, the church believes that it can determine for itself based on its “authority” who God can resurrect or not. “God basically can’t find them anymore.” Distinctive arrogance, coupled with a good dose of irrational megalomania. It therefore stands to reason within the internal norms that the ashes of a baptized Catholic should not simply be scattered to the winds. Therefore it is simply sin.

Catholicism as it (still) lives.

And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.
Revelation 18:21

Bible verses from King James Version

Vatican bans scattering ashes of the deceased
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