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US Media: Merging Between “Left” & “Right”?



In the US media world, a merging of the political camps is in the offing. Apparently, the first points of contact between the “left” and “right” positions are already being cultivated. The conservative broadcaster Fox News has apparently realigned the declared values.

First bridges over the deep ditch?

Politically, US society is roughly divided into two camps, with a wider and deeper rift spreading between them. The apparent irreconcilability of the opposing positions of both camps can be clearly seen in political reporting, be it radio, print or online media. The news channels CNN and Fox News are among the best-known representatives of their respective camps. While CNN prided itself on reporting to heaven the politics and worldviews of Joe Biden and his Democratic Party, Fox News excelled at portraying Donald Trump and Republican politics as the only salvation for humanity. Just like Biden’s deputy and Trump, CNN and Fox News also railed against their respective opponents and their political views. One could also say that both broadcasters served their respective clientele. In short: CNN is “left” and Fox News is “right”.

Celebrity presenter kicked out

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TV stations are omnipresent

A very prominent figure on Fox News was anchor Tucker Carlson. The eloquent Carlson not only gave his best behind the camera on the issues, but is also very active in publicizing his political leanings through appearances and speeches. At the end of April 2023, Fox News announced that it wanted to separate from Tucker Carlson and this was quickly completed. This raised the question of whether Fox News is going in a new direction, or whether Tucker Carlson should be given some kind of hero status by being kicked out. In view of the developments, the latter should become apparent shortly.

Carlson has been described by the left-wing media as at least a “controversial” host on a “conservative” station. Carlson presented his “conservative” orientation in his “closing speech” shortly before the end on Fox News. The question of whether the Fox News channel actually switched and Carlson no longer fit into the concept could now be answered by an “irregularity” that has become known to the channel.

Conservative with “woken” moods

Online media
Continuous stream of news events

Apparently there are some intersections between the “right” Fox News channel and the “left” scene. The broadcaster is very open to supporting left-wing organizations, according to a discussion that has just flared up in the United States. Accordingly, Fox News is giving some left-wing interest groups financial resources as “Christian Post” reported. It should not only be about purely politically oriented action and interest groups, but also about “The Satanic Temple”. In the “Fox Giving” app available for smartphone users, Fox News is now asking people to donate diligently and the broadcaster will match any donation up to $1,000 to a left-wing organization.

Fox employees spoke to Blaze Media

Blaze Media programming director Rikki Ratliff-Feldman spoke to two Fox News employees and a former Fox News producer. They reported a doubling of donations from the station to the abortion company Planned Parenthood, the Trevor Project (LGBT activists) and Satanic Temple. As evidence, Blaze Media presented screenshots of various documents.

The company with the actually misleading name “Planned Parenthood” had around 400,000 abortions performed in the 2021/2022 financial year, i.e. an average of almost 1,100 abortions a day.
Trevor Project has both feet firmly planted in the trans scene. This organization brings gender reassignment closer to young people and provides appropriate support for implementation.

There was a shift in values

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It doesn’t matter which channel is preferred

The Fox News staffer told Blaze Media that there was an “imbalance of values” at the station at the moment. Fox News’ business model has evolved to tell audiences what they want to hear. It’s about calming and soothing the audience. This is true even if most of the people on the editorial board disagree with the values ​​of their audience. “It’s manipulative,” said the employee.

The station pretends to care about Christians, but some internal events suggested the opposite. The Fox News contributor called supporting trans children’s operations, possible donations to the Church of Satan and distributing literature with objectionable content “a huge slap in the face to every Christian in the company”.

Doubling donations to left-wing companies is one side of the coin. The other side is the failure to match donations when they are directed to organizations that speak out clearly for the family. Also, according to the Fox News contributor, donations will not be matched if they are political, religious or fraternal in nature.

Synthesis in prospect?

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Opinion formation begins very early on

As the Fox News employee’s statement suggests, the broadcasters, whether it’s CNN or Fox News, tailor their programs to the demands of the audience. But the other way around, one could also say that the opinion of the audience corresponds to the opinion of the stations watched on a daily basis. The truth probably lies somewhere in between, in the form of a self-sustaining dynamic. After all, the constant firing of the desired opinion comes from all directions, at any time of the day and has been for many years. The fact that Tucker Carlson was already a moderator at CNN before Fox News shows just how flexible broadcasters and their moderators can be. The wind direction has obviously changed.

With a reorientation of the “right” station towards “left” topics, the synthesis of thesis and antithesis is in prospect. The goal is not a permanently divided society with great rifts in between, but the united human family for a peaceful get-together and a common “role model”.

US Media: Merging Between “Left” & “Right”?
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