Olli Dürr Society Texas bans underage sex reassignment

Texas bans underage sex reassignment

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Another US state has banned any measures and in particular interventions on minors for a planned gender reassignment. Protests were to be expected.

More reactions to “woke” movements

More and more US states are reacting to some excesses of the “woken” movement with appropriate legislation. This applies in particular to the ideology of far more than just two biological sexes. According to the “woken” definition, gender is not a natural characteristic, but a purely social construct. The sex of a newborn is therefore not determined, but defined. The adolescent can therefore decide for himself what gender he or she wants to have or what he “feels” like. As a result, this ideology is already being drummed into children at kindergarten age. In many countries, children can take drugs that delay puberty and then undergo a sex change to the sex of their choice.

Texas bans gender reassignment surgery on minors


Biological genders are completely alien to ‘woken’ ideology

17 US states have already enacted a law that prohibits such an approach. Now the state of Texas followed suit. Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation in early June 2023 outlawing such sex reassignment surgeries, as Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported. This law concerns the performance of gender reassignment surgery and will come into force on September 1st, 2023. According to this, from this point in time, neither doctors nor healthcare providers are allowed to carry out any interventions that make changes to the genitals or breasts of minors in order to facilitate the change to another gender.

Also, according to legislation, doctors are not allowed to prescribe so-called puberty blockers or similar drugs that are supposed to delay or stop the natural process of puberty. Prohibited agents also include testosterone and estrogen in higher concentrations in greater amounts than would normally be present in a child of his or her age.

Any doctor who violates any of these regulations will have his or her license revoked.

The advocates of this “woken” ideology have already registered protests and legal action. You will not accept this legislation. “Abbott can’t stop trans youth from thriving in Texas — and we’ll take him to court to make sure of it”, according to CNA the statement of the “American Civil Liberties Union of Texas” (ACLU).

The exact opposite, i.e. a legal promise for the possibility of such interventions in the body of minors, is the case in the states of California, Minnesota and Maryland, among others.

The battle is still going on

The battle of ideologies is not yet over. However, as things are and will continue to develop, the “conservative morality” aspect will gain the upper hand in the future. The case in the US state of Utah shows that this provoked back and forth can also lead to overreactions. In response to these “woken” movements, the “value-conservative” forces there have now banned the Bible in elementary schools.

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