Olli Dürr Society Criticism: St. Egidien “Queer Exhibition” remains closed

Criticism: St. Egidien “Queer Exhibition” remains closed

Criticism: St. Egidien “Queer Exhibition” remains closed post thumbnail image


The highly controversial “Queer” exhibition in the Evangelical Church of St. Egidien will remain closed indefinitely. The church council regrets the strong headwind, but sees the approval of the art scene as an encouragement to continue on the chosen path.

“Jesus loves – Homo Art” remains closed

The exhibition of a homosexual “artist” in the Protestant church Sankt Egidien in Nuremberg, which is described as “queer”, remains closed. During the meeting of the church council on Thursday, it was unanimously decided not to lift the “curtains” for the more than just controversial pictures. The Sankt Egidien Church announced this decision in a press release on its own website on 07/27/23.

Unusual representations

gay kiss

Motives of the queer exhibition were criss-cross

This exhibition, which opened on July 20 as part of the Berlin CSD event, was entitled “Jesus loves” and showed a whole range of sexual acts between men in a wide variety of poses. The (alleged) image of Jesus Christ found space between the “artistic activities” as well as a picture of the former Pope Benedict XVI.

You have weighed carefully

The church council did not make the decision easy for itself and “weighed it carefully” before making the decision. Ultimately, one responded to “concerns and objections”.

The “artist”, the homosexual Rosa von Praunheim, wanted to show the public how “love, sex and homosexuality are dealt with in Christianity”. The response has been great since the opening, according to the church’s press release. But there was also serious criticism. Many people felt that their religious sensibilities were hurt and the church council regrets this very much.

In addition to the objections described, the church council also speaks of a wave of “hatred, hate speech, insinuations and unproven allegations”. The atmosphere has now gotten so out of hand that the church council no longer sees any possibility of conducting a reconciling discourse in the prevailing “uncertainty, hurt and anger”. Nevertheless, a “discussion about homosexuality and the church, about queerness and further questions about sexuality in the church” must be continued, according to the press release.

Now the regional church is also called upon to deal with the experience that has now been gained regarding the exhibition and its contents.

The church council is grateful for the positive feedback from the Nuremberg cultural scene on the exhibition in St. Egidien Church. This strengthens one’s “cultural church commitment”.

Pastor appeals to the gospel

queer umbrella

EV churches pose as patrons of queer ideology

The acting pastor of St. Egidien and St. Sebald, Martin Brons, emphasizes the gospel in this context. Thanks to its power transmitted by the Church, this ensures healing and reconciliation. Brons regrets that this exhibition did exactly the opposite. Now it had to be realized that, despite the space offered in the Kulturkirche, such topics currently “cannot be communicated and discussed appropriately”.

The “borders” were much further defined


The totally deformed love of the gospel

The depiction of pornographic activities by homosexual men in “full presence” in an evangelical church, which still claims to be based on the gospel and also claims to be Protestant and Lutheran, is already – to put it mildly – a blatant misrepresentation of the subject. But this was apparently not meaningful enough for the “spiritual cultural officer”. The exhibition also showed the “critical consideration” of “glorification of the heteronormative nuclear family” and “images of women hostile to sex”, which were presented as mendacity. In the notorious misinterpretation of the love of the gospel, the abuse of children was also an “artistic” theme.

More “artist” than pastor

Colorful clown

The artistic is often more important than the pastoral

How all this can be reconciled with the slogan “Jesus loves” can probably only be understood by people who have the appropriate “artistic” disposition. Therefore, the question also arose as to whether the responsible ministers in this church had a more promising career in the artistic field than in imparting the truths of the saving gospel to the people. The cherry-picking in the Word of God, which is understood less and less by the clergy, serves the ecclesiastical narrators only to allegedly underpin their rainbow-colored theses.

The bad thing is the fraudulent labeling


The owl would symbolize their ‘bridge’ better than the Bible

If such churches would just rip off their label of “gospel-based Christianity” and bring up those that describe exactly what they actually stand for, then this exhibition would not even be worth a mention. But with this misnomer, these institutions are exactly what the gospel describes. The false prophet as part of “Babylon“:

And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.
Revelation 19:20

Bible verses from King James Version

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