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Shaman asks for the Pontiff’s helping hand

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It’s running like clockwork. More and more people from previously unsuspected ethnic groups are seeking help from the Pope, asking for his saving hand. A shaman from Brazil asked the pontiff for his commitment to saving the rainforest. Who is secretly behind the deforestation? Well.

The growing acceptance of the leading head

The fact that the once Protestant churches returned to their mother church in order to submit to it again in a submissive attitude of education is no longer even an open secret. It’s official for a long time (Info). This also applies to all churches and smaller communities that, for example in Germany, joined ecumenism through the Working Group of Christian Churches (ACK). (Info).

Pope Sticker

The supposedly omnipotent savior

The papacy, the morality-setting “reason of humanity” and voice of the common survival of the human family on this battered planet. But the fact that all the “merchants” became rich from the church’s “exuberance” (Revelation 18:3) and thus hang on their tails just as much as their many little daughters who drink Babylonian wine is not even said behind closed doors.

An old and simple trick

You do maximum damage so that when the time is right, you can appear on the stage as a heroic savior to solve all problems. In the spirit of ecumenism, everyone is warmly welcome as long as they recognize the hero they have staged themselves as the leading authority.

Shamanism and Catholicism – relatives

The current Pope has already shown that the Vatican, especially since the pontificate of Francis, has a wide open heart for spiritualism, including in the field of shamanism, with his openly expressed goodwill towards Pachamama (Info). A “goddess” of the earth worshiped by South American indigenous people. Also known as “Gaia” in Hellenism. During his visit to Mongolia, Francis welcomed representatives of local shamanism with open arms (Info). Shamanism and Catholicism, both worship the same fictions by the same author.

Shamanism can’t be that alien to the Roman Catholic Church. Catholicism also practices calling or even worshiping supposed spirits of the dead. What is for the prophesying thrower of chicken bones means for the church of Rome the necessary magic under the altar. The clerics simply call this a “relic.”

The hoped-for salvation in Rome

Due to massive interventions with the resulting environmental damage in the Amazon region, the shaman Davi Kopenawa, a leader of the Yanomami ethnic group in Brazil, visited Pope Francis last Wednesday to ask him to lend a helping hand (Source). Please ask the Pope to exercise his influence to stop the overexploitation in his homeland. Like from the script.

According to the logic of the dispute over weapons in private hands in the USA, where the argument can be heard that it is not the person who kills, but the weapon, the shaman Davi also obviously adhered to the protocol of non-mutually exclusive ways Understanding within the human family to be united. The shaman is not afraid of the “white man,” but is very afraid “of the machines that destroy the earth, felling trees and digging trenches in the ground to extract the minerals.” An interesting perspective. Why, however, it is not machines that should be sanctioned and adopt a different “lifestyle”, but rather humans and their kindly renunciation, would be a different question.

Logic and rationality? Oh what!

Pagan figure

Despite cultural differences – you share the same interests

For the sake of the agenda, the path to the goal does not necessarily have to be rational, let alone logical. “The end justifies the means”. The Pope as the world’s leading moral authority. You just have to believe in it and the World Economy Forum (WEF) has long since discovered this (Info). Of course, there can also be a shaman performance in honor of the pontiff at one of the annual meetings in Davos (Info).

The big collective howl would then be the final act of this global spectacle.

Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more:
Revelation 18:10-11

Bible verses from King James Version

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