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Septuagint (LXX) – Bible translation with a dose of nonsense



The Greek Septuagint (LXX) is one of the favorite Bible texts among modern “scribes”. A translation from the Alexandria region. The fact that this translation, which was also adopted by the Catholic Church, already spreads mighty nonsense in the first book doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

The Septuagint is very popular

One of the most popular basic texts for the Old Testament, especially in “liberal theologian” circles, is the so-called Septuagint. As a template for many Bible translations, very popular and often quoted. The fact that the translations, especially the “modern Bible versions”, are not right can be seen very well from the sometimes massive changes, cuts, distortions and complete omissions in the New Testament. The Bible versions with the basic text used according to Nestle-Aland are particularly striking. Further informationhere.

Septuagint from Alexandria

Egypt pyramids
Catholic Church loves the Egyptian influences

Along with the so-called Sinaiticus, the Septuagint is one of the oldest found and also surviving texts of the Old Testament. Unfortunately, the theory that everything that is older must also be “better” or even “right” at the same time is also advocated at this point.

The name Septuagint means “The Translation of the Seventy”, also often found using the abbreviation “LXX”. It is the “Greek Old Testament” and in its version also the oldest translation from the Hebrew-Aramaic. According to current doctrine, the Septuagint found its origin in the area of ​​250 BC in Hellenistic Judaism, with its center in Alexandria. Current translations continued into the late first century AD.

Legend: Guided by the “Holy Spirit”

According to tradition, 72 Jewish scribes set to work translating the five books of Moses (Torah) into Greek. They did this after 72 days. Each scholar translated independently of the others. After 72 days, it is said to have turned out that all 72 translations of the Torah into Greek should have had the absolutely identical wording. This is proof that the Holy Spirit gave all 72 scribes the identical words.

The Septuagint served as a template for the translation of the Old Testament into Latin, commissioned by the Church of Rome. The result was the Vulgate.

Masoretic text shelved

Hebrew scriptures are being superseded

Opposite the Septuagint is the so-called Masoretic text(Textus Masoreticus). This is the Hebrew variant of the Tanakh, that is, by and large, what the Old Testament corresponds to in Christianity.

It may sound biased, but the mere fact that the Septuagint was written in the catchment area of ​​the “Spirit of Alexandria” sets off all the alarm bells. Because Gnosticism, possibly mixed with Hellenistic philosophy, has never brought blessings to mankind and certainly not a thumb’s breadth closer to the Word of God. The fact that the Catholic Church also fixed itself on the Septuagint, although the Masoretic text in its original language would actually offer the better template, is the “crowning” of the whole thing.

The Septuagint is nonsense

One does not need to search the Septuagint for long to come across inconsistencies. One does not even need a reference, such as a contrasted Textus Masoreticus. Already in the “boring” chapter 5 of the first book of Moses (Genesis), in which the succession (chronology) of the descendants Adam to Noah are listed, there are considerable abuses.

If one counts the years of birth, life spans and years of death of the following generations of Adam one after the other, the Septuagint not only comes up with completely different dates than the Masoretic text, but also locates the year of Methuselah’s death at 14 years after the flood.

Chronology according to Genesis 5

Textus MasoreticusSeptuagint
Adam0 bis 930 - 930 Years0 bis 930 - 930 Years
Seth130 bis 1042 - 912 Years230 bis 1142 - 912 Years
Enosh235 bis 1140 - 905 Years435 bis 1340 - 905 Years
Kenan325 bis 1235 - 910 Years625 bis 1535 - 910 Years
Mahalaleel395 bis 1290 - 895 Years795 bis 1690 - 895 Years
Jared460 bis 1422 - 962 Years960 bis 1922 - 962 Years
Enoch622 bis 987 - 365 Years1122 bis 1487 - 365 Years
Methuselah687 bis 1656 - 969 Years1287 bis 2256 - 969 Years
Lamech874 bis 1651 - 777 Years1454 bis 2207 - 753 Years
Noah1056 bis 2006 - 950 Years1642 bis 2592 - 950 Years

According to the Textus Masoreticus, the Flood took place in 1656 after creation. Methuselah also died that year. Only Noah, his wife and his three sons Shem, Ham and Japhet with their respective wives survived the flood. So 8 people.
According to the Septuagint, the Flood occurred in 2242 after creation and Methuselah died in 2256 after creation. The oldest known person (969 years) survived the flood by 14 years. An “ominous ninth”.

Septuagint can be found in the locality of Sinaiticus

waste paper bin
The best place for Septuagint and Sinaiticus

This contradiction alone, that Methuselah is said to have survived the flood, disqualifies the Septuagint as a whole. This Greek translation from the minds of Hellenistic Gnostics can safely be transported there, from which the Textus Sinaiticus was found “purely by chance” in 1844. In the bin.
Whatever spirit may have guided these legendary Alexandrians, it was certainly not the Holy Spirit, and therefore it is also understandable that the Roman Catholic Church is “fire and flames” for this writing.

A little milkmaid bill

The Bible Luther 2017, which was presented “with pride”, already shows that the new translations should also be treated with appropriate caution. “For six years, 70 scholars have worked on the new Luther Bible,” say the editors. One wonders what else the 70 “scientists” could have had in mind apart from pure translation. That makes – simply calculated – 420 years of translation time for 1 “scientist”. Martin Luther had translated the Bible much faster and would not have finished until around 1940 given the “work speed” of these “scientists”.

Septuagint (LXX) – Bible translation with a dose of nonsense
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