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Roman Catholic Church – The guiding innocent lamb



The Roman Catholic Church has it “big behind its ears”. Their lamb-like innocence towards historical developments and the countless catastrophes continues to this day, as does their direct influence on the global upheavals that can be observed today and in the future.

History confirms the book of Revelation

The interpretations of the statements in the Book of Revelation are sometimes very adventurous. The paradoxical term “the secret revelation” alone shows the lack of interest in actually finding the truth. In the circles of the Roman Catholic and once Protestant churches, the advice that prevails is not to concern yourself with Revelation, as this book is either impenetrably mysterious, or only concerns a time long past and is completely irrelevant today (Info).

It was enough to look at history over the past 120 years to come to a completely different conclusion. Just a few excerpts from recent history make the Roman Catholic Church appear in a completely different light, as is generally the case.

Always scared and looking innocent

Rome’s ambitions have not changed a bit since the “Dark Ages.” Like a chameleon, this institution only appears in different colors, but retains its character unchanged. She received a “mortal wound” in one head with Napoleon in 1798 (Revelation 13:3). However, this wound has been healing again since 1929 at the latest with the founding of Vatican City and the regaining of political status and today this process has already been completed (Info).

A visionary from the church of Rome

A cleric of the Church of Rome who was still considered a visionary at the beginning of the 20th century was James Edward Quigley (1854 – 1915). He was bishop of the Diocese of Buffalo in New York (1897 – 1903) and archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago in Illinois (1903 – 1915). He spoke of regaining the Roman Catholic Church’s former power with the help of the newly emerging power of the United States.

In 1903, the Chicago Daily Tribune newspaper interviewed Quigley. The interview was put on paper and published on May 5, 1903 (Source). The archbishop described his ideas about a future world led by the USA. However, not without the Church of Rome with all the strings in its hand.

Archbishop Quigley in 1903

Bishop Quigley - Catholic Visions

Within twenty years this country is going to rule the world. Kins and emperors will soon pass away, and the democracy of the United States will take their place. The west will dominate the country, and what I have seen of the western parochial schools has proved that the generation which follows us will be exclusively Catholics. When the United States rules the world the Catholic church will rule the world.

The people of the east do not know of the importance of Chicago in the west. The Catholics centers of the world. In fifty years Chicago will be exclusively Catholic. The same may be said of greater New York and the chain of big cities stretching across the continent to San Francisco.
It has never forced itself on me – this conviction – as it has since I have been in Chicago. I am simply overcome by it. I am not telling you this to flatter you. I mean what I say. Wehn I see what is going on I am more than pleased. Nothing can stand against the church. I’d like to see the politician who would try to rule against the church in Chicago. His reign would be short indeed.

Dreams came true?

These visions envisioned by Quigley could be dismissed as hopeful reverie. The newspaper blatantly hinted at this in 1903 with “Quigley is an optimist.” But since then a lot of water has flowed downwards. Quigley lived to see the beginnings of the First World War. Further global turmoil followed, which ultimately resulted in the Second World War. Afterwards there was no real calm in many countries. These latent upheavals have continued to the present. There was never real peace, but there was ongoing unrest, rebellions and wars with changing maximums and minimums.

A phase of “maxima” – Behind the Dictators

The book “Behind the Dictators – On the Trail of the Wire Pullers” (German edition) from 1942 by the Irish author Leo Herbert Lehmann is a very insightful account of the influence, or the control of events that are historical from today’s perspective (Source). The original English title is “Behind the Dictators” (Sources). Lehmann was once a Roman Catholic priest and worked for the “Converted Catholic Magazine”. He converted to Protestantism later in life.

The following excerpts clearly show that the current assumption that the Roman Catholic Church is only apparently close to dictatorial forms of government contains much more than just a kernel of truth. The institution of Rome, which always comes across as innocent and outwardly preaches “charity” veiled with incense, is anything but an innocent lamb chasing after geopolitics.

Page 35

Behind the Dictators - Page 35

It was born originally out of the most profound tendencies of the epoch, of which it is the crowning act. Undoubtedly, we now have the right to speak of an essential transformation, of the birth of a veritable new era, the accomplishments of which will remain, A new epoch has opened which will serve religion and the Church, and which will be extraordinarily well armed to carry on the fight against atheism.

Page 35 – Note

Behind the Dictators - Page 35 - Note

Franz von Papen, a papal Knight and Hitler’s most successful henchman, declared in Der Volkischer Beobachter of January 14, 1934: “The Third Reich is the first power which not only recognizes, but which puts into practice the high principles of the Papacy.

Page 40-41

Behind the Dictators - Pages 40-41

The present pope, Pius XII, was papal nuncio in Bavaria at that time and was well known to have been an enemy of the German Republic. After Hitler came to power he was sent as nuncio to Berlin and immediately drew up a concordat between Hitler and Pope Pius XI. Shrewd Franz von Papen, a favorite protege of the Jesuits, also played an important part in preparing the way for Hitler’s final victory over the Social-Democrats and all other parties in the Reichstag.

Page 44

Behind the Dictators - Page 44

These and other facts are at times cited to show that Nazi Socialism seems to be actively opposed to the Catholic Church. They are, however, merely facts whose real significance is hidden beneath the surface. In reality, they are not indications of a war against the Catholic Church as a whole, but only against certain groups opposed to a corresponding plan of reconstruction and Fascist regimentation instituted at the same time by Pope Pius XI within the church itself. Hitler, Goebbels, von Papen, and the greatest part of the highest officials in the Third Reich are Catholics by birth and education.

Page 63

Behind the Dictators - Page 63

Thus, according to this new Catholic policy, there is to be no apparent separation between Catholic Action and the Nazi-Fascist thrust for the establishment of its “new order” in Europe. To the Rexist Party was assigned the task of regulating the relations between the Catholic Church and the Fascist State in Belgium by means of a concordat, as was done in Germany through Von Papen and the present Pope Pius XII, then papal nuncio to Germany.. This “new historic mission” of the Church of Rome, initiated by the Lateran Pact and Concordat of 1929 between the Vatican and Fascist Italy, calls for collaboration with the Nazi-Fascist dictators, unhampered by any questioning or interference from the people or the lower clergy. Liberal principles and popular freedom have to be crushed out as completely in the Church as in the State.

Page 102

Behind the Dictators - Page 102

The role played by the Vatican in the Spanish Civil War is generally known; and there is no need, therefore, to explain it in detail here. It was really the Vatican’s war. Aside from the desire to kill the young Spanish Republic, the Vatican had a real material grievance against its government.That democratic government had dared to abolish the tax exemption for the vast domains of the pope, and, as we well know, the Papacy has always been most sensitive to the matter of money and revenues. The victorious Franco promptly restored that tax exemption, brought back the Jesuits, and the Catholic church again enjoys its full revenues from Spain, while the Spanish people starve.

Page 105 – German edition

Hinter den Diktatoren - Page 105

The Nazi leadership was almost entirely Roman Catholic. Hitler and Himmler were heavily influenced by the Jesuits, as was Mussolini, whose father was a professed Jesuit. Hitler said of Himmler: “In Himmler I see Ignatius von Loyola (the founder of the Jesuit order).”28 Joseph Goebbels was also educated at a Jesuit school, as was Walter Schellenberg, who headed the Security Service (SD), the secret service of the SS; Before his sentence to death for crimes against humanity, Schellenberg said: ‘The SS as an organization was founded by Himmler on the model of the Jesuit order. Their regulations and the spiritual exercises written down by Ignatius of Loyola served as a model that Himmler wanted to faithfully copy.’

Page 107 – German edition

Hinter den Diktatoren - Page 107

As to the influence of the papacy on governments, it is easy to show that for thirteen centuries the papacy prevented the establishment of a representative and constitutional polity. Superstition is the mother of despotism; Christianity is the father of freedom. Nothing is truer than this statement, as the history of the world’s past convincingly demonstrates. It was only through Christianity that the democratic elements could develop in the world… The rule of the Pope is in complete contradiction to a constitutional government: it centralizes all power in one person; In doing so, she invokes divine law; and therefore it is essentially always in conflict with the ideas of a constitutional constitution. Their long dominance in Europe has been a major obstacle to the progress of society and to the establishment of constitutional government in the world.’

Attachment – German edition

Hinter den Diktatoren - Anhang

The Basel ‘Arbeiter-Zeitung’ published the following excerpt on January 31, 1940:
‘Over the many years during which I was able to observe the Nazi regime – and as a state councilor and business leader I had ample opportunity to do so – I realized with ever-increasing concern and ultimately with true horror what a serious mistake I made in 1932. when I, together with Messrs. von Papen, von Schroeder, Kirdorf and Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach, undertook to reorganize the NSDAP financially and we, as guarantors of Hitler’s good behavior towards Germany and the world, placed the responsibility on us, so to speak, him to allow for power. Then, as now, and ever since, Hitler promised everything we wanted: power and dignity to Mr. von Papen, orders and money to Mr. Krupp, mountains of money. For all of us, in particular, a calm course in German politics, both internally and externally; understanding with England; Understanding with the workers, who should be compensated for the loss of all political rights, the destruction of trade unions and the expropriation of their assets through extensive social welfare and be reconciled with the authoritarian regime. We had in mind a kind of Christian corporate state whose authority would be based on the church – in the West the Catholic, in the East the Protestant – and on the military…'”

Obviously Revelation chapter 13

Book of Revelation
The Book of Revelation – Nothing is secret in it

Today, the EU economic area founded in Rome (Treaties of Rome) is adorned with a flag that is very reminiscent of the Roman Catholic interpretation of women in the book of Revelation 12. 12 stars above the head of Mary dressed in “a sun”, represented by the background in the shade of blue intended for “Mother of God”. This historical constellation of a geopolitical world power, the USA, led by the Roman Catholic Church can be found in Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation.

The beast from the sea (Popedom) and the beast from the earth (USA) can be easily recognized from the developments of the 20th century alone. Today this is much easier because the country, which was once founded on a Protestant basis, is now obviously under Roman Catholic dominance (Info).

The latest developments

Joe Biden is a Roman Catholic President of the USA. After the conclusion of the last election and the awarding of his presidency, the Catholic media rejoiced in seventh heaven.

On January 6, 2021, “Religionnews.com” wrote (Source):
If 2012 was the year Catholics had come to dominate the highest levels of U.S. public life, 2021 may be the year when the highest levels of public life finally made space for the fullness of a Catholic vision.

“The Catholic Thing” on January 7, 2021 describes how the dominance of Protestantism has already been done away with (Source).
For the first time in American history, no branch of our federal government will be led by a Protestant. The president will be Catholic.” und
Mainline Protestantism once acted as the primary ballast in American public life – helping to steady us amidst the choppy waters that attend life in a democratic republic. That ballast is gone, and the long-term effects on American life can be felt all around.

Joe Biden, or rather his always-ready whisperers, made the announcement via “NCR Online” on January 6, 2021 (Source):
Biden has already indicated his intention to take some action on the global stage that would be consistent with Catholic social teaching.

The next chapter will start soon

Bible Book of Daniel
Presumably the final chapter

In the USA there will be another election in 2024 to determine whether the next president will take office in 2025. It doesn’t matter at all whether the successor will be a Democratic candidate or a candidate from the Republicans, who are now “very Christian”. Donald Trump has already shown strong Roman Catholic tendencies by bowing to the statue of Pope John Paul II in Warsaw and worshiping an arsenal of “saints” on his knees in a Catholic chapel. His advisory staff consisted of figures such as the TV evangelical Kenneth Copeland, whose “cardboard cutout” in a ghost train at the fair would have been justified.

Ultimately, it was Donald Trump who made a significant contribution to the fact that at the end of his term in office, the highest court, the “Supreme Court”, was made up of a majority of Catholic judges (6 judges) and a total of zero Protestant judges. Trump also appointed the new director, one from an arch-Catholic family.

The Republicans already have their government program ready with “Project 2025”. The planned Sunday protection law particularly stands out here. A thoroughly Roman Catholic initiative (Info). The US society is deeply divided and tense to the breaking point. The bottom line is that whether the “woken” rebel against the “Christians” or the “Christians” rebel against the “woken”, makes no difference. Once a state of emergency has been declared, it does not matter who is in power and who is in the opposition. The boundary between them has been eliminated with the suspension of the constitution.

The next chapter has long been written. It’s just waiting to be opened.

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.
Revelation 13:11-12

Bible verses from King James Version

Roman Catholic Church – The guiding innocent lamb
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