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Reversal of truths – Chancellor Scholz gives an example

Okkulte Dualität


The reversal of truths into lies, in order to declare them as the new truth, has already become widespread and consolidated within this society. The originator of these perversions can be identified, as can his faithful henchmen.

The lie is sold as truth

You can read about it in the Bible, in the book of Isaiah 5:20:
“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

These addresses and warns people who simply turn things upside down. What is good is represented as evil by these people, and what is evil is represented as good by the same people. They simply turn the truth on its head and declare the diametrically opposed lie to be the new truth. Such new “truths” could then also be given a new designation, such as “post-factual” or “alternative truths”. As long as such “pivots” are in narrower circles, in the private sphere, the damage done remains within narrower limits. But if this philosophy of reversal gets a political agenda, and that too on a global scale, then it becomes extremely dangerous for humanity.

Twisters of the truth are not new

Good is Evil and Evil is Good – The Satanic Reversal

Such a view is not new, for after all, the warning words of God were spoken by the prophet Isaiah in the 700 B.C. brought to paper. The “master of reversal” of all things is the adversary of God, Satan, Lucifer, the old serpent and also called the dragon. With unprecedented ease, he manages to take up the truths of the gospel down to the last detail as a separate theme, to pack them within a fiction he has also created, and to present these original, now completely turned upside down truths to mankind as “Christian”.

Some background information

For the dissemination and implementation of this own fictitious world and teachings, the adversary (Satan) uses his earthly henchmen and accomplices. The supreme of all earthly “representatives” is represented in the Bible as the “beast out of the sea” (Revelation chapter 13). This beast has received authority and throne (on earth) from the dragon. The beast from the sea thus teaches Satan’s false teachings disguised as “Christian” and also implements them on a political level. The third in the covenant is the so-called “false prophet”. He takes over these processed Satan’s teachings from the beast and also executes them at state level. In Revelation chapter 13 this “false prophet” is represented as the “beast out of the earth”. All three together, the dragon, the beast and the false prophet, are described in the Bible as “Babylon“. They bring ruin to mankind based on Satan’s false teachings, which are presented as Christian.

In biblical prophecy, animals represent state or political entities. The “false prophet” thus has a theological (“prophet”) and a political (“beast from the earth”) nature. The teachings of the beast out of the sea that are declared as Christian will thus be enforced with the help of the state through laws. As was the case in the so-called “dark ages”. The language is clearly from the Roman Catholic Church (beast from the sea) and fallen Protestantism, as well as the world power USA (beast from the earth).

inversion of absolute truths

Occult Duality
The Believed Duality as Necessity – Occultism

Such reversals of absolute truths and facts can often be observed in the current time. Until 2019, the “injection” was for self-protection, for example if you wanted to travel to a yellow fever area. This has been turned on its head since 2020 and is used to protect other people (which has long since been refuted several times). The tenor was that wind power and solar systems protect the environment. But cutting down forests and paving fields with wind power and solar panels have the exact opposite effect. E-cars are “climate-friendly” according to the thesis, but the production and constantly repeated charging of the batteries alone leaves a much larger “carbon footprint” than a comparable petrol engine with an average mileage, insofar as one wants to adopt this newly defined size. Up until about 10 years ago, there were clearly two genders. Today there are so many that they can no longer be packed in different colors on one flag. Parents were placed within the legal system as the children’s superior legal guardians. Today, older people are the “old white men,” the “nagging boomers,” and the “environmental polluters.”

reversal of God’s commandments

Simple Bible
The truth is in the Bible – including the 10 Commandments

A look at the Ten Commandments of God (Exodus chapter 20) reveals similar reversals that have occurred in the meantime, as well as those to come. Roman Catholic social teaching in particular plays a leading role here, in which theft is also declared admissible as a form of “social justice“. With the inversion of the generations according to “Children to power” (e.g. song by Herbert Grönemeyer), the Fifth Commandment is unceremoniously undermined. An absolutely monogamous marriage between man and woman is now considered outdated and old-fashioned, while an “open relationship” is modern. The First Commandment is replaced by a pantheistic (pseudo) god who can be found in everything and everything within nature. In the course of this, the Second Commandment is also undermined, because a corresponding image is to be worshiped. In order to be able to implement these reversals effectively, one simply ignores the Ninth Commandment, e.g. by defaming truth-lovers as “queer thinkers”, socially ostracizing them and even destroying them.

This complete reversal of truths runs like a red thread through society as a whole.

Authors of reversals more and more obvious

This negation of God’s statutes and commandments has already become so self-evident in many areas that not only does one have to make less and less effort to keep the author under lock and key, but can even bring him to light more and more openly. Be it the thoroughly occult opening ceremony of the Gotthard Tunnel in 2016, the opening ceremony of the “Commonwealth Games” in 2022 in Birmingham or some appearances by “pop stars” in extremely bizarre outfits in front of an audience of millions. The satanic background is openly presented to the public.

Olaf Scholz: Peace demonstrators are demons

Olaf Scholz
Chancellor Scholz has his own view of the truth

Last Saturday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz marked such a high point of world views within a completely upside-down fictitious world during his public appearance in the center of Munich, on Marienplatz. His apparent unpopularity was undeniable due to the unmistakable whistles and boos. Apparently, Scholz thought he would find a home in the Bavarian capital, which is governed by the SPD political party. Of course, the “loyal media” dismiss the dissenting votes as “right-wing rabble”. You’re already used to that.

A statement among the countless empty phrases of the chancellor had a new quality. The Chancellor called out to a crowd of people who spoke out in favor of an end to the war in Ukraine and sometimes held up banners with doves of peace that those who walk around “as doves of peace on the square” are “fallen angels from hell”, such as e.g. “Münchener Merkur” reported. In other words, those who speak out for peace are from Satan’s spawn, that is, demons. These words of theological content, of all things, from a self-declared atheist within a socialist party. It should be noted that the Federal Chancellor said nonsense in terms of content at this point (there is no eternally burning hell), but he clearly described his view of things.

You can read about it in Isaiah 5:20:
“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Bible verses from King James Version

Reversal of truths – Chancellor Scholz gives an example
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