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Resolute melody from the Church of Rome against the LGBT



The anti-LGBT tune emanating from the Roman Catholic Church is getting louder and more resolute. But with the argument, the church also reveals itself to be a true misleader. The rotten compromise is in the offing.

Catholic Church is becoming louder against the LGTB scene

The arguments against the motley activities of “queer and LGTB ideology” on the part of the Roman Catholic Church are becoming louder and clearer. The back and forth that felt like an eternity about the inner-church dispute about the blessing for homosexual couples is slowly but surely being replaced by direct attacks on the “multi-gender faction” who only sound like a majority.

Bishop sees LGBT going under

The royal blue is missing anyway – the symbol of Jesus Christ

The bishop of the Diocese of Orihuela-Alicante, Spain, José Ignacio Munilla, predicted on “Radio Maria” that this LGTB ideology would go away by itself. Sooner or later this one will perish, as”Die Tagespost” reported. This ideology is far from reality, because it is directed against nature, “against the actual essence of man, against the difference in sexual duality in which God created us”.

Abuse of the colors of the rainbow

The bishop also addressed the rainbow flag used by this scene. The rainbow flags are the “sign of the covenant with God” and describe the “picture of the humanity of Jesus Christ”, as described by the church fathers. The LGBT community uses these rainbow colors as a “mark of pride in which man distances himself from God, from natural law and from reality”.

Comparison with Tower of Babel

Munilla added that LGBT ideology was “a kind of Tower of Babel”. This symbolizes defiance and pride. The Tower of Babel had “collapsed catastrophically,” said the bishop, and “pride comes before a fall.”.

Little agreement

In some points one can only agree with the bishop. The LGTB scene is pure ideology, based on fiction, not reality. God created human beings in His image, male and female He created them, so clearly in the Bible in the creation account. But the bishop’s approval has already reached its limits.

Reduction of Jesus Christ

In fact, the rainbow is a sign of the covenant between God and man. First with Noah, just after the flood ended and the safe ark left. Furthermore, the rainbow describes a part of the throne on which the Most High sits (Revelation 4:3). Once again a rainbow is seen on the head of the “mighty angel” descending from heaven (Revelation 10:1). This means Jesus Christ.

However, the bishop’s interpretation based on the specifications of “his church fathers” describes the rainbow as a sign of Jesus Christ as a human being. This cannot be true, since the rainbow always symbolizes a sign of divinity, including that of Jesus Christ. Here again the ecumenism promoted by the Catholic Church is penetrating, which must not allow a Jesus Christ, the word of God, God himself and the only begotten son of God. However, a reduced Jesus Christ as a “special person”, no more than a prophet and itinerant preacher, is quite compatible for ecumenism.

Misinterpretation of tower construction

Then the bishop even said it crystal clear. The moral concepts and also the corresponding teachings of the Catholic Church are not based on the gospel, but on natural law. Pope Francis once spoke out against homosexuality because it contradicts natural law. This natural law originated with the Hellenistic scholar Plato. So it’s a purely ancient Greek philosophy. The Catholic Church cannot substantiate its description by the Bible in Revelation 13 any better. The beast from the sea described therein has a body of a panther. The book of Daniel 7 provides information that a panther is the symbolic representation of the Greek empire. Natural law is a official doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.

The confrontation will get tougher

The tones from the religious camps against these advocates of fictitious ideologies will become even louder and more direct in the future. According to the descriptions in Daniel 11, the “North King” will attack and defeat the “South King”.

Spirit of tower building today

Tower of Babel Pieter Brueghel
Tower of Babel was never completed – symbol of rebellion against God

The comparison of the bishop with the building of the Tower of Babel also seems interesting here. How he got the information that the tower collapsed with a crash will probably remain his secret. The Bible doesn’t say anything about it. This can easily be read in Genesis 11.
However, it can be read in the Bible that mankind at that time wanted to build this tower as their symbol of unity. United in one language and in common rebellion against God. With the confusion of tongues, however, God has literally scattered humanity united in rebellion in all directions.

This same spirit is in the present day striving for a united, unified human family. Humanity, united as it was then, wants to set up its own rules, set down by Rome, and position itself again, partly knowingly, partly unknowingly, to rebel against the laws of God. The driving force is the Roman Catholic Church, whose leader just recently sent his “human family embracing” voice into Earth orbit.

Resolute melody from the Church of Rome against the LGBT
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