Olli Dürr Society Religiosity & right-wing populism – the pendulum is swinging

Religiosity & right-wing populism – the pendulum is swinging

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The attributes of religiosity and right-wing populism are already interwoven. In terms of political orientation, a large part of society is now swinging back in the direction of conservative moral values ​​after a few years of motley activities. The political parties designed or bred for this are ready. The Protestant churches are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the “glorious” but very short-lived time ahead.

The electorate swings to the “Right”

The political and religious camps are (inexorably) getting closer. The Protestant and also the Catholic Church intend to have a say in nationwide politics in the future in the light of “climate protection”. In particular, it would be about conveying moral and ethical standards. This cannot be accomplished by representatives of (secular) politics, as the head of the Bavarian State Chancellery, Florian Herrmann of the Christian Social Union (CSU), put it himself just a few days ago at the conference in the Evangelical Academy in Tutzing.

As is so often the case, the presentation of these movements and new orientations in churches and politics spills over from overseas. In the USA, the Republicans in particular are increasingly standing for “Christian values”, while the Democrats are on the liberal road of the “Woke”.

The big game goes to the next round


Religion plays a big role in US elections

The two philosophies are incompatible and diametrically opposed. Republicans and Democrats form the “famous opposites” within the big game according to the rules of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Both parties have their respective large followings and in between in no man’s land there are very few remnants of society. A perfect starting point for the envisaged and actually desired rotten compromise.

Evangelical inflow for Republicans

In the meantime, a clear majority of white evangelicals in the USA support the Republicans. In a recent study, the polling institute “Pew Research” found that 86 percent of white evangelicals voted for the Republican party in national elections in recent years. In 2018 and 2022, the share increased by 5 percentage points.

The proportion of non-Evangelical and white Protestant voters who also voted Republican was 59 percent in 2022 (2018: 55 percent).

Even among Catholics, former President Donald Trump’s party won a 56 percent majority (2018: 52 percent)..

Democrats elected predominantly by black Americans

Elephant - Donkey

No matter who or what you vote for – the voter remains the donkey

The religious character of the Republicans can also be seen when looking at the “opposite side”, the Democrats. Black Protestants dominate here. Of this group, 92 percent vote for the Democratic Party. Voters of the Jewish religion are 68 percent inclined to vote for the Democrats.

Non-religious voters voted 72 percent for current President Joe Biden’s party.

The global game of local divisions

Such attrition between two opposing camps can be observed almost around the world. What represents the contrasts between the Republicans and Democrats in the USA is represented in Germany by the AfD and Left / Green. Just as the Republican Party in the USA is described by its opponents as “right-wing populist”, the AfD in Germany, the Lega in Italy and the FPÖ in Austria stand for the same attribute. The same principle and also the same game.

New priorities are set

In fact, the “Christian” churches, above all the Evangelical Churches in Germany (EKD) have completely detached themselves from the gospel and Christianity in general and find themselves in the camp of the “woken” left-green corner. Everything is as colorful as rainbows, blessings are given to things that only have two legs, and the Bible only serves as a proverbs calendar for the daily summary. The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) as a political party is considering removing the verbs Christianity, churches and religion from its party program.

AfD fulfills the role of the “new Christian”

Bundestag hall

No matter who is represented there. Everyone fulfills their intended role

In return, the “right-wing populist” AfD is increasingly turning to Christianity. Just like the “colleagues” in Italy, Austria, USA and many other countries do as well. It is not surprising that the Catholic Church in particular is offended by this. But the Church of Rome, of all things, should hold back completely when accused of a certain hypocrisy in the questioning of Christianity

The aim is the ailing compromise

The weight is currently swinging away from the left-liberal towards the conservative side. Whatever the upcoming steps and details of the developments will be. With sleepwalking certainty, the plug will be pulled from “woken” and religiosity will experience a “triumph train”. The churches are in the process of positioning themselves politically. “Christian laws” will be the demands, and the formerly Protestant churches, with their hybrid nature, will assume an ideal position for this. They will continue to claim Christianity and the moral concepts they have derived from it for themselves in the future and at the same time serve the values ​​that have infiltrated society. Only the teachings, moral and ethical guidelines represented as Christianity will have nothing in common with the gospel.

But the compromise found between “woke” and “conservative” will be rotten and ailing. Full of parts of today’s motley liberal hustle and bustle and also filled with the newly created narrative of a nature worth protecting and preserving. With this focus of the constructed common denominator, the people of both sides find themselves in the provided eaves. The trap has thus snapped shut for most people.

Only the gospel remains

Heilige Schrift

The actually brilliant, but nevertheless abysmally evil game will transport most of the people to certain doom. For each individual, the only way out is to completely distance yourself from this game. All that remains is the stubborn adherence to the gospel, despite future hostilities, defamation, discrediting, scorn and ridicule. This is especially true for following the near-final calls and warnings.

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