Olli Dürr Society “Radical Evangelicals” – Catholics exhort to morality

“Radical Evangelicals” – Catholics exhort to morality

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The evangelical movement, especially in the USA, is now frightening some people. Above all, representatives from the Catholic houe are now practicing raising the moral index finger. The (cynical) game is as clear as it is transparent.

Christian fundamentalism “is dangerous”

So-called Christian fundamentalism is increasingly becoming the focus of the movements to be fought. The vocabulary of “radicalizing evangelicals” is still being used, but the bridge that has been built between “radicals” and “faithfulness to the Bible” is clearly recognizable.

Such streams of radicalization can be observed mainly in the USA. In the German media, for example, these are referred to as “religious rights”. Connected to this are former US President Donald Trump, the ominous figure “QAnon” and very strange-looking so-called evangelicals, for example Kenneth Copeland. Copeland was even part of Trump’s inner advisory board during his tenure as president.

In the meantime, Catholic circles in Germany are concerned. So does the chairwoman of the “Federal Association of Municipal Advisors” and senior editor of the association’s magazine “das magazin”, Regina Nagel. In On the Internet portal of the Catholic Church in Germany, Nagel commented on the developments that caused her concern. It is now a question of countering the “danger of fundamentalist religiosity”.

Evangelicals already a mass movement

The chairman of the federal association refers, among other things, to the documentary recently broadcast by the television station “Arte”. “Evangelikale – Mit Gott an die Macht” (“Evangelicals – With God in power”). Currently around 660 million people around the world identify themselves as evangelical and the number is constantly increasing. According to this, it is assumed that in just a few years one in ten people will have joined this movement. The founder of this movement was Billy Graham around 80 years ago and since then this mass movement has spread across different continents.

All deniers – radicals – Right wings


Faithfulness to the Bible is to be demonized

Basic principles of this movement included individual conversion, Bible infallibility, the atoning death of Jesus, and missionary zeal.
The Arte documentation shows that the “spiritual abuse” was not a matter of “tragic isolated cases”, but of a degree of “fundamentalist, right-wing ‘evangelization'” with political explosiveness.

The followers of this movement deny the theory of evolution, the “existence of climate change” and they rejected all worldviews and ways of life “that do not correspond to what they define as Jewish-Christian culture in their narrow understanding of the Bible,” says Nagel.

Such an increase in “fundamentalist religiosity” is also possible in the Catholic Church. The dangers also included “an uneasy combination of religious currents with conspiracy theories and right-wing populism.”

Now count human reason

One solution would be to form an “Alliance of Reasonable People, regardless of ideology, religion or denomination,” Nagel suggested. “Human rights should be the yardstick for all thinking, decision-making and action,” demands the editor-in-chief.

“Seeking Infinite Other God”

Nagel describes the suggestion of the employee of the Institute for Catholic Theology (Systematic Theology) of the TU Dresden, Dr. Christian Kern, in his article “Ostern otherwise“. According to his ideas, Easter should be used, among other things, to “keep looking for the traces of an infinitely different God of life”.

Catholics and Morality

The Church of Rome has not changed its principles and aims by a single stroke, even if it may appear so on the surface. All the more alarming is her raised finger of morality, with the suggestions how mankind can be led to a better existence. Rediciolous.

Rightists, conspiracy theorists, radicals, evangelicals. Everything thrown into one pot. The intention behind it is as clear as it is transparent.

It must be fought:

– Anyone who takes the Bible to be God’s Word
– Whoever believes the words of God
– Anyone who believes in the atoning death of Jesus
– Opponents of the theory of evolution (because Genesis account of creation)
– Deniers of climate change (or rather deniers of man-made climate change?)
– Who follows the call of Jesus and evangelizes

Behind this is once again the ingenious strategy of a “Hegel“. In fact, the narrative of the evangelical movement, particularly in the United States, is not exactly biblical. Even the topics taken up, which are generally associated with “radical”, do not help to ignore the fact that the so-called evangelical movement is overshooting the mark. On the other hand there is a group of (supposed) “reason” based on human rights. However, both opposing groups have something in common. The evangelicals mentioned and the Catholic position are both opponents of God.

By the way: A similar scenario, in which reason and human rights played a role, already existed at the time of the French Revolution.

United Religions

Peace, joy, pancakes with a single religion

Both groups are hostile to each other and will also wear each other down. A “friendly compromise” will definitely be found in the end. However, there is still a remnant of people who stick to the true word of God, who obey the commandments, believe the words of God, believe the creation account to be true and also try to lead people to the truth, since they still bear the testimony of Jesus. However, everything according to biblical guidelines, i.e. without any “radical ambitions”. This small group is declared the common enemy of those who fought each other “yesterday” and are now united in peace celebrating their solidarity.

The wound has healed again

It has been known for more than 1450 years that the Roman Catholic Church and the vast majority of its members know nothing of God’s Word, the Gospel, but want to bring their own dogmas to men and women. This is already shown by Nagel’s remarks and the “system theologian” quoted, who is “searching for another god”.

Countless persecuted, martyred and murdered people witnessed the tyranny of Rome up close. Dissenters from purely Catholic teachings were branded as heretics and burned until the late 18th century. Has humanity really forgotten all this? A hallmark of the Church of Rome is its claim to unlimited power, to this day. Their deadly wound once received will be healed again, as in Revelation 13:3. This has already happened.

The spiritual warfare is now gaining momentum.

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