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Pope turns Curia inside out with sustainability

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With the inauguration of Pope Francis, not only did the wind change within the Vatican, but a stiff breeze picked up. The pontiff seems to be turning the Curia inside out, as if there were no longer an official, traditional pope and there never would be one.

Francis provides some specifics

Slowly, actually long overdue, people are asking themselves what is going on within the Roman Catholic Church. Pope Francis seems to have a real problem with his church’s ancient traditions. The “warm” treatment of his predecessor, Pope Benedict

Pope cheers

Pope Francis brought a change

Treated as another small anecdote, the Catholic magazine “katholisch.de” reported on the latest instruction from Pope Francis that in the future the deceased popes should no longer be laid out in public as in previous centuries (Source). Pope Benedict XVI was the last pope to be placed on a so-called catafalque outside the coffin. It is particularly noteworthy that Pope Francis, in his demonstrated modesty, does not rule this out for himself, but also for all his successors.

This marks another change under the leadership of the current pontiff, which apparently follows an agenda.

Special features triggered so far

Since the beginning of Francis’ pontificate, a stiff breeze of change has been blowing through the Vatican. The most prominent are as follows:

  • Inauguration after the completely surprising resignation of Benedict IV, although this is not provided for by canon law (only the waiver of taking office is regulated)

  • Reshuffle and new appointment of the Sovereign Knights of Malta (Maltese). Expressly full submission to the Pope.

  • Turning around and reshuffling the (ominous) order Opus Dei. Complete submission to the Pope

  • Serial farewells to conservative clerics

  • Francis does not sleep in the papal apartment in the apostolic palace, but in the guest house “Santa Marta”

  • Francis wants to be buried outside the Vatican, in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore

  • Francis has declared the papal apartments in Castel Gandolfo a museum open to the public

  • Successors to retired clerics in high positions are usually Jesuits

And now, with the abolition of the laying out of the deceased pontiff, another ceremony intended for the pope has been thrown out the window.

Pope Francis is a “novelty”

What is so special about this Pope? Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Francis, is the first non-European (Argentina) pope since Gregory III (reign 731-741). However, his membership of the Jesuit order is much more important. An absolute novelty within this church. Never before (since the Jesuit order was active from 1540) had a Jesuit been elected Pontifex Maximus. This actually contradicts the order’s guiding principle of not wanting to aspire to high office. Apparently shelved, because another thesis of this order states: “the end justifies the means”.

Pope Benedict

Benedict XVI, the last ‘official’ pope?

Immediately after the outcome of the conclave was announced, Francis demonstrated the new wind he had brought with him with his first words on the balcony of St. Peter’s Square. “Buona Sera,” was his “lax” greeting to the crowd waiting outside. Completely contrary to protocol.

For centuries, this has meant that the new Pope appears on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica together with the current Vicar General of Rome and the head of ceremonies and proclaims the formula “Sia laudato Gesu Christo” (“Praised be Jesus Christ”). Instead, Francis took Cardinal Claudio Hummes to his side. This cardinal was essentially a victim of bullying within this church during the previous pontificate. A clear announcement from the new boss of the house.

Internal structural change

Pope Francis also pulled the pants on when it came to protocol and internal processes. He deprived his “staff” of secretaries of their usual powers in selecting visitors, scheduling appointments and also making decisions regarding internal processes. While Pope John Paul II was still dancing to the tune of the Jesuit order’s schedule, Francis is now such a “brother” himself at the helm.

A speculative approach

These developments in the Roman Catholic Church could well be inferred from the prophecies found in Revelation 11 and 17. With Revelation 11 and the treatise with the “two witnesses” the “beast from the bottomless pit” also appeared for the first time (Info). Before the great upheaval began, a few years earlier, in 1773, the Jesuit order went into hiding in the form of a ban from Pope Clement XIII. There are a few rumors circulating about the then General Superior of the Jesuits, Lorenzo Ricci, about his supposed death and yet active participation, almost incognito, in the declaration of independence of the USA.

The USA was founded in 1776. In 1789 the French Revolution broke out, including a gradual ban on the Bible (OT and NT, 2 witnesses) with the “Napoleonic command” to atheism. For this purpose, a prostitute was carried completely naked to Notre Dame, Paris, where she was named the “Goddess of Reason.”

Catholic church was demolished

Over several years, the rights of the Catholic clergy were gradually withdrawn until the so-called Jacobean de-Christianization began. These were the “boys” with the Phrygian cap. From 1793 onwards the Church in France had “nothing to report”. However, this changed in 1797, almost exactly after 3.5 years, when the Roman Church was allowed to re-establish itself by decree.

In 1798 the Pope was deposed from his secular power by the French general Berthier. The papacy was now only “religious” but no longer had any state power. The “pitch dark times” of tyranny were over (for now). The people’s rejoicing was correspondingly great in the run-up to the ban on religion in France (as described in Rev. 11). Instead, humanism with people at the center was installed. Your own reason, your own morals, your declared human rights. The first democracies also followed.

In 1801, France concluded a treaty with the Vatican (Concordat) and established Catholicism as the state religion. In 1814 the Jesuit order officially “reappeared” in its old location. Pope Pius VII reinstated the Loyola Society and, “as a precaution,” formulated a “multi-anathema” for anyone who should ever think of wanting to touch the Jesuit order again.

The transition to Revelation 17

This previous process is reflected in Revelation 11 and can be considered a type in the local area for the anti-type in the global area. The beast from the bottomless pit appears again in Revelation 17 and this time the beast carries the apostate woman, or harlot. The beast, a state-political power, carries the apostate church. There are “10 kings” who will rule together with the beast for a very short time and will ultimately hand over their power completely to the beast (from the bottomless pit). For the woman on the animal, however, this ends in complete destruction.

Jacobin Square

Jacobins were organizers of the French Revolution

So wie der Jesuiten-Orden wesentlichen, sogar führenden Anteil an der Französischen Revolution hatte und damit auch das “konservative, staatliche Papsttum” per Absetzung im Jahr 1798 “absägte”, so könnte auch gemäß Offenbarung 17 der Jesuiten-Orden erneut das Zepter übernehmen. Dieses Mal allerdings nicht durch eine Art Französische Revolution, sondern durch eine interne “Aufräum-Maßnahme”.

However, this is purely speculative and ultimately doesn’t matter. For the Church of Rome, as a state or ecclesiastical power, will endure until the end of time, as already described in Daniel 7 (as a blasphemous horn). These developments and also oddities within the Roman Church are always interesting.

It will be interesting to see when the next stage of the still open prophecies in the Bible can be observed in the present. Because the actors are clearly identified. The earthly main actor (Info) and the “three-man team” called “Babylon” (Info).

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.
Revelation 17:16

Bible verses from King James Version

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