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Pope tells common heresies to Bible commission

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When Pope Francis opens his mouth to spread any supposed gospel messages, one can be very assured that they are, as usual, elaborate distortions and reversals of the truth.

The reversal of the gospel

Once again, Pope Francis has presented a thesis that shows very clearly that this Roman church only takes the gospel so far to twist its statements in a Christian guise into the exact opposite. After all, it is an “art” that needs to be learned and the forge from which the current Pope comes has mastered the art of twisting and reversing perfectly.

Pain and suffering are wanted

Pope Francis
His gospel messages are usually completely twisted

Pope Francis has granted an audience to members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, as Vatican News reported. In his speech, the pontiff claims that the Bible answers the question of sickness and death and that it is “neither utopian nor fatalistic, simply attributing suffering to ‘incomprehensible divine judgment’ or ‘implacable fate’.” The “biblical man” feels invited, according to the Pope, “to consider the universal state of pain as a place of encounter with the closeness and compassion of God, the good Father, who takes care of his wounded creatures with infinite mercy ‘to heal them, lift them up and save them’. In Jesus Christ, suffering is transformed into love, according to the pontiff’s thesis.

For believers, weakness is actually a “great gift of community, through which God lets them participate in his fullness of goodness through the experience of his weakness”.

Pope is completely misleading

As heartfelt, loving and Christian as these pontifex statements may sound, they are a complete deception. One is inclined to dismiss these theses as pure nonsense, but the seduction is simply too sophisticated for that. “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.”, So the first urgent warning of Jesus Christ according to Matthew 24 :4 to His disciples after they asked what the signs of His coming would be. These words are not blatantly wrong, but subtly steer the “believers” straight into the claws of the same serpent, which already tempted Eve to disobey God and thus unleashed all evil in this world.

God STILL cares for us

Was there misery, need and suffering in the Garden of Eden? No! God did not bring this suffering into the world to pose as a loving and caring Father. With the first fall, sin came into this world and with it misery, need, suffering and also death. For the wages of sin is death. That is the only definition of the consequence of sin. Sin follows separation from God, and this separation means death. What is sin? There is only one definition here. It’s breaking the law.
The correct thesis according to the gospel is that ALTHOUGH we are all doomed to die because of sin, STILL God keeps a connection open for us through Jesus Christ. Misery, need and suffering is the result of the world fallen because of our sins. We have ourselves to blame for this. The calls for God are often always very loud when things are going particularly badly and then usually with the reproach as to why God would allow all of this. But does anyone come up with the idea of ​​also keeping His laws (commandments)?

It’s no big secret that the pope can’t do much with Jesus Christ. The very practice of the Eucharist is evidence of the Roman Catholic Church’s abhorrence of Jesus Christ. This is not surprising either, since this church received power and throne from the same serpent (see Revelation 13) that once seduced Eve and Adam and now wants to use the same methods to send people to their perdition as well.

The “common good” also plays a role again

Of course, Francis also had to include the aspect of the “common good”. According to the pontifex, weakness is a gift of the community, which also once claimed that (extreme) individualism is the root of all evil and must be eliminated. Yes of course. The ambitions of the Roman Catholic Church, or that of the beast out of the abyss, cannot use individually thinking people. Everything must be assimilated within a “common good crowd”. Where would we be if there were people who deviated from the dogmas of Rome and preferred to stick to the words of Scripture? The mass murder of the Catholic Church in the past of exactly such “deviants” is not (yet) possible in this “enlightened” time.

Love and sorrow reversed

Gospel study
Read the gospel yourself and do not just listen to others

The suffering of Jesus did not turn into love, as the pontiff claims. Love was there from the beginning and the reason par excellence to humble Himself to a servant (Philippians 2:5-8) to then take on the suffering until death on the cross. Why? So that His blood will wash away our sins. Jesus Christ died in our place because of our sins. But the Roman Catholic Church denies precisely this connection. Church just as vehemently as justification by His grace through faith. For this, Rome relies on justice through works and the washing away of sins through (fictitious) purgatory. As the serpent’s henchman, it is only logical that this institution’s sole aim is to send people straight to their doom.

Bible verses from King James Version

Pope tells common heresies to Bible commission
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