Olli Dürr Society Pope’s speech reveals Babylonian confusion

Pope’s speech reveals Babylonian confusion

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Mixing the gospel with the traditional dogmas of paganism is one of the specialties of the Roman Catholic Church. This confusion is the hallmark of the Babylon described in the Bible. Labeled as Christianity, the mix is ​​among the most dangerous messages for humanity. The Pope gave another such example in Rome.

A speech dedicated to the “Queen of Heaven”

Pope Francis gave a speech and the midday prayer “Regina Coeli” (or “Regina Caeli”) in St. Peter’s Square last Sunday (07 May 2023). In this prayer, the pontiff again provided an excellent example of the most adept blending of gospel teachings with the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church. Difficult to see, but only so long as personal Bible study is ignored. The Bible was, is and remains the only standard.

Tradition trumps gospel again

A enforcement of traditional ideas is also to be expected in view of the prayer set in the framework of a “Regina-Coeli”. “Queen of Heaven” is the meaning of this prayer designation. Of course dedicated to the Catholic “Mother of God”, the equally “universal” Mary. The prayer was published by Vatican News (Radio Vatican).

The catechism as the framework

The gospel of today’s liturgy (John 14:1-12) is taken from Jesus’ last speech before his death“, so the first words of the pontiff. In fact, all of the statements that followed were placed in the context of the Roman Catholic catechism. Because the Pope does not speak of the “eternal gospel” (Revelation 14:6), i.e. the unchangeable word of God, but of a gospel that corresponds to the current, traditional rites and ceremonies of the church.

Verse simply shortened


The word of the Pope does not lead to the goal – Babylonian confusion

Francis focuses on the heavenly place promised by Jesus Christ and asks how every single person can reach this place. “What should I do, which way should I go?“, said the Pope. Jesus Christ himself gave the answer. Francis quotes John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life”. I am the way“, Francis pointed out, “Jesus himself is the way that we must follow in order to live in truth and have life in abundance. He is the path to be walked, a journey to be made, a journey with him“, the pontiff concluded.

At this point, however, the Pope simply “forgot” a good half of the verse John 14:6. The second part is: “no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” However, this statement of Jesus must not be in the sense of the Catholic Church for at least two reasons. After all, the catholic Mary raised as the “Mother of God” is not only an “intercessor” but also a “Coredemendrix”. This means that Jesus Christ must by no means retain this monopoly position as the sole path to salvation. The second reason is ecumenism. Other religions, such as Islam and Buddhism do not accept Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father. The fact that Jesus Christ is the Son of God must therefore also be excluded.

Love is trump! Testimony and Commandments?

The Pope continued: “It’s about following Jesus, because he is the path that leads to eternal happiness. To follow and emulate him, especially with gestures of closeness and mercy towards others. This is the compass to reach heaven: Jesus, the way to love and to become signs of his love on earth.

As with the extremely emotional charismatics, Pope Francis relies exclusively on love, without mentioning the commandments or the testimony of Jesus. “If you love me, keep my commandments!”, so short and crisp the statement of Jesus in John 14:15. The attentive listener might finally come up with the idea of ​​comparing the teachings of the Catholic catechism with the statements of the Bible (Exodus chapter 20) on the commandments.

If the Pope associated love with keeping the commandments, it would border on a miracle. Because the Bible also has an answer for this, as in Revelation 12:17: “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Looking (only) at the Heaven?

Wolf in sheep's clothing

The Christian-looking packaging hides the pagan Catholic dogmas

Finally, the pontifex exhorts his followers to pay more attention to “extraterrestrial” issues. “Brothers and sisters, let’s live the present and not let it overwhelm us; let’s look up to heaven, let’s remember the goal, let’s remember that we are called to eternity, to the encounter with God.” The sheep he addressed should actually look to Jesus Christ and follow in His footsteps, but they would do well not to look exclusively to heaven, but above all to keep the developments on earthly level in focus. God is immutable. Once Jesus Christ has been recognized and the heart opened, there is room for the effects of the Holy Spirit. However, people’s immediate environment is very dynamic and every effect also has a cause. It is important to keep an eye on them and, if possible, to warn other people as well.

Place hopes in Mary

The last words of the pontifex on the “Regina Caeli” only close the set framework. “May the Virgin Mary, who has already reached our goal in following Jesus, sustain our hope.
A circumstance totally excluded according to the Gospel. There is neither an immortal soul, nor did Mary of the gospel ascend body and soul into heaven. This is an exclusive feature of the Roman Catholic Mary .

The concept of man’s “becoming in the way” offered by the Pope clarifies the Catholic teaching of the “divinization of man” by Jesus Christ. An official, hair-raising dogma of Rome.

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