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Pope reveals his “theology” to Buddhist delegation



With another meeting with a delegation of Buddhist monks, Pope Francis once again revealed the “theology” of the Roman Catholic Church in the light of ecumenism. A hodgepodge of empty phrases, all of which are far removed from the gospel that is hypocritically held up.

Reception of a Buddhist delegation

Another meeting took place in the Vatican between the Pope and a delegation of Buddhist monks from Thailand. On this occasion the Pontiff repeatedly revealed his understanding of the Gospel. He spoke about togetherness, redemption, salvation and interdependence (Source).

Francis philosophizes

Papacy would be ripe for a museum

A delegation of Buddhist monks arrived at the Vatican on Monday. Pope Francis received the visitors from the Far East in the Clement Hall of the Apostolic Palace. In his address, the head of the Roman Catholic Church emphasized that deep roots in one’s own religious traditions make it possible to work together in today’s wounded world.

The Pontiff expressed his understanding of the message of the Gospel by emphasizing that “no one is saved alone.” Since “we” are connected and dependent on each other, only a common rescue is possible. The Pope called on the delegation “in the light of this truth” to cooperate with civil society, members of other religions, international organizations, governments, the academic and scientific communities and all other interested parties. Friendship must be promoted to maintain fraternity and create an inclusive world.

According to the Pope, the education of every person, especially young people and children, is of great importance. They must be raised to care and be attentive to others and the environment.

The focus must also be on prayer and meditation. These can “turn things upside down,” the Pope said, as hearts and minds are purified. Goodness, mercy and forgiveness are brought forth where hatred and revenge reign. Creating a spirit of respect and care for others and for the Earth.

Superficial talk

The statements “no one can be saved alone” and “only together can we be saved” required an explanation or some details. Because this has absolutely nothing to do with the message of the gospel. In principle, the pontiff as head of his church can say whatever he wants, but the catch is simply that the Roman Catholic Church presents itself as Christian. So apparently following the teachings of Jesus Christ, if you simply assume that the “Christ” called by the Church of Rome is the Jesus Christ of the Bible.

But that’s exactly why it will fail. The “Jesus” (“the Savior”) or the “Christ” (“the Anointed One”) of the Roman Catholic Church represents someone completely different. A figure from the Romanized mysticism of the ancient Persians, Mithras (Info).

Ecumenism at any price

Buddhism monks
Buddhism also fit into the universal church

Pope Francis naturally acts in the light of ecumenism. Everything that has anything to do with religion should come together there. Everything under the common roof of Rome. The substitute religion of “nature conservation” that has now been installed and is based on pure faith also serves this purpose. For one it is the “preservation of creation”, for the other it is “nature and climate protection” (Info).

They all play along, the churches, the politicians, the corporations (the popular “X” – Info). “Only” people, especially young people, need to be constantly showered with “faith-based facts”. Even here the UN and its global curriculum play an important role (Info).

Nimrod – The great role model

The pontiff also refrains from explaining in more detail what (assimilated) humanity is to be saved from, what salvation consists of and from whom salvation comes. The Bible also reports such ambitions of a united human family. Nimrod, the great role model in various circles over the millennia, founder of the city of Babel and ambitious planner of the famous “Tower of Babel”. Nimrod wanted to unite humanity in common rebellion against God.

The symbol for this should be the tower that rises “towards the sky”. Probably only with Nimrod’s limited self-confidence, because the building bricks were mixed with tar, so they were as waterproof as possible. Then the “great revolutionary” feared another flood, even though God had clearly promised that there would be no more such floods. Just like the Church of Rome today, Nimrod did not believe the true God, but only himself.

“Dangerous” fundamentalism

A single verse of the Bible, quoted in full, is able to bring anger to the faces of many representatives of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the former Protestant churches, John 14:6, often “forgotten” part in bold:
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Simply by quoting this single verse you are now labeled as a (dangerous) fundamentalist (Info). As an individualist, and such is, according to Pope Francis, the “most dangerous virus.” It is ecumenism that, by its own definition, must stand on the “foundation of biblical infidelity”. (Info).

Papal prayers and meditations

Spiritism sold as spirituality

When the Pope speaks of “prayer and meditation,” he undoubtedly means the approach according to Ignatius of Loyola. It is also obvious, because Loyola was the main founder of the Jesuit order and Pope Francis is a Jesuit. The spiritual aspect of these so-called prayers and meditation exercises is based on Far Eastern philosophy. So the exact opposite of what Christian meditation is all about. The latter deals with thinking about and understanding biblical statements, while Pope Francis means creating imaginary worlds of thought.

The exercises according to Loyola, as well as parts of the Far Eastern variant, are based on emptying the mind, but with subsequent mental visualization of imaginary worlds. This then needs to be grasped with all of the senses. This goes until figures or voices appear in your mind that provide you with the answers you want to make a decision. You can almost imagine for yourself what kind of ghosts they are (Info).

Since a spiritual exercise of the thoroughly Catholic Loyola cannot be smoothly conveyed to the “conceited” Protestant, this principle was simply given a new name, “contemplative meditation.” Some “enlightened Christians” may be very familiar with connections such as “seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, touching God and nature,” etc. The aversion to pagan and, in the case of Buddhism, even completely godless religions has now become minimal in circles of the once Protestant churches (Info).

“Pope Theology” roughly outlined

Pope statue
3-fache Krone – Großmannssucht

This should roughly outline the background of the Pope’s “theology”, as he demonstrated again at the meeting with the delegation of Buddhist monks. The topic of the gospel only as a book cover, but the content includes paganism, occultism, spiritualism and the greed for power and wealth that is in the genes of the Roman Catholic Church.

His predecessors have repeatedly emphasized over the centuries who the imaginary savior of humanity, not named by Pope Francis, is supposed to be. If not himself, then one of his successors, because anyone who describes himself as a “god on earth” does not lack in magnanimity (Info).

As far as the “inclusivity” that the pontiff proclaims as a mantra is concerned, the head of the church is also contrary to the gospel. This says to get out as quickly as possible from where the Pope is at the top. “Exclude” instead of “include” (Info).

All this in the foreground of their actually worshiped “Lord” (Revelation 13:2 – Info), about which the Gospel itself, rejected by this church, writes:

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.
John 8:44

Bible verses from King James Version

Pope reveals his “theology” to Buddhist delegation
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