Olli Dürr Society Pope directs request for Álvarez to the wrong authority

Pope directs request for Álvarez to the wrong authority

Pope directs request for Álvarez to the wrong authority post thumbnail image


The arrest and sentencing of Bishop Álvarez in Nicaragua is making waves. More than 26 years in prison for his critical stance against the dictatorship. However, the request made by Pope Francis will not be answered.

Pope Francis asks Mary for help

Virgin Mary

The addressed Maria will not be able to hear the Pope's request

In Nicaragua, Bishop Rolando Álvarez was sentenced to 26 years and 4 months in prison for taking a critical stance against dictator Daniel Ortega. The verdict was based on the fact of “treason against the homeland”.

Now Pope Francis also spoke up and condemned the imprisonment of Bishop Álvarez. His indictment is also directed against the deportation of more than 200 regime opponents to the United States. At a gathering on Sunday in St. Peter’s Square, Francis said he was deeply saddened by the bishop’s condemnation. Rolande Álvarez is very close to his heart.

According to the Catholics News Agency (CNA), the Pope also addressed his request to the “Immaculate” Virgin Mary. May she open the hearts of Nicaragua’s political leaders and all citizens to the “sincere search for peace”. This peace should be born of “truth, justice, freedom and love”.

Maria will not be able to help – she passed away

Freedom is to be wished for the imprisoned bishop. However, neither Pope Francis nor Álvarez need get any hope that Mary will say a syllable on the matter. Maria, the mother of Jesus, died almost 2,000 years ago and since then she has been in a so-called soul sleep. An immortal soul, a soul that separates from the body after death, is just a widespread heresy of the Catholic Church (Catechism, paragraph 366), based on some “thinkers” of ancient Greece. However, this Hellenistic philosophy has nothing to do with the truth. Whoever or whatever will exert influence, it cannot be Mary. This of course refers to the mother of Jesus suggested to the public, but not to the outer label of a occult background of this church.

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