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Pope’s message of hope for the world now in orbit



From now on, the world will be showered from space with the Pope’s message of hope. The nanobook containing the pontiff’s message has been sent into orbit.

message of hope for mankind

High, higher and preferably highest. Pope Francis has now carried his “message of hope” into space. As planned, on June 12, 2023, a rocket was launched from the US base in Vandenberg in the US state of California, including the message and pictures packed in a microchip. The pontiff’s “message of hope” is enclosed with the transported satellite, which is to orbit the earth at an altitude of around 525 kilometers.

rocket launch
Papal message of hope launched into orbit

Instead of sending the message into the infinite expanses of space, the message of the supreme shepherd of the Catholic Church now lingers permanently over the heads of mankind. This message contains requests for an end to the “Corona Pandemic”, which the Pope presented to humanity on March 27, 2020 in all solitude in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. The extraordinary blessing “Urbi et orbi” as well as special indulgences and forgiveness were also part of his performance at that time.

Message can be received by radio scanner

The Pope’s message, packaged as a “nano book”, does not simply circle the earth in reserved silence, but sends the “message of hope” directly to the flock gathered on the planet via radio waves. These radio waves can be picked up by a slightly better radio scanner, like those found in all amateur radio equipment. The “good news” will be broadcast in English, Spanish and Italian on a frequency of 437.5 MHz, with GMSK modulation at a transmission rate of 9,600 bit/s and using the AX.25 protocol.

Permanent embrace of the Pope

Pontifex gesture of sunny embrace of the world

The secretary of the Dicastery of Communications, Lucio Adrián Ruiz, explained in a press release that this (electronic) book should literally be sent into space in a low-Earth satellite so that the Pope’s symbolic gesture of love could embrace the world, so America – The Jesuit Review. The Pope’s message in space serves as a sign and representation of tenderness and blessing to the world.

The pontifex in a raised position

Well, with the permanent sprinkling of blessing and tenderness from the Pope, well-protected humanity can sit back and relax in a world embraced by the pontiff. All is well.

This “gesture” by the Pope once again shows the role he sees himself in and probably actually has. Already Pope Benedict XVI. declared that the head of the Roman Catholic Church was in an “exalted position” from which he could survey the world. He didn’t say that he would also direct the world from this position, but you can still hear it very well between the lines.

As part of the major satellite project

satellite network
Satellites are already swarming – One of them is now ‘clerical’

The papal nanobook was launched into orbit by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket along with 72 other small satellites or payloads. According to the SpaceX program, it has now launched 4,595 (!) Starlink satellites into orbit. These served to bring “high-speed, low-latency connectivity” to the entire world. Each Starlink launch expands capacity by more than one terabit per second. SpaceX is a US private company owned by Elon Musk.

Although there is talk that smartphones will one day be able to communicate directly with the Starlink satellites, the offers are still extremely rare, at least in the German market, despite satellite availability. Until then, the question arose as to why such a great effort was made to put thousands of communications satellites into orbit without having a significant number of users for them. After all, the satellites do not have an endless lifespan. The first generation of these satellites only survived for 5 years.

In early July 2022, Elon Musk and his sons visited the pontiff in the Vatican. It is not known whether this meeting only concerned a negotiation for the costs of transporting the papal message of hope. However.

Pope’s message of hope for the world now in orbit
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