Olli Dürr Society Pope Francis curbs priests’ sense of omnipotence

Pope Francis curbs priests’ sense of omnipotence

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The priests of the Roman Catholic Church and their omnipotence. Not only do they act as if they have power far beyond the earthly realm, but they actually imagine it. This fiction is given to this caste even in its infancy.

Pope Francis calls for “reflection”

Apparently, Pope Francis sees the emerging feelings of omnipotence among some Catholic priests as a possible potential for the abuse of those under his protection. As part of the congress on the further training and motivation of priests in the Vatican, which has already ended, the pontiff warned of caution because this could also be the “root of all forms of abuse”, as Domradio.de reported (Source). Around 1,000 priests, religious and lay people who came from over 60 countries listened to the words of their highest church shepherd. Francis also urged them to remember the Good News of Christianity. This prevents bitterness and makes you humane.

The “remembrance” of the Gospel


Pope reminds priests of the Gospel

The fact that Pope Francis calls on priests to remember the Good News, i.e. the Gospel, is simply evidence that the Word of God plays all kinds of roles in this church, except the central one. On the other hand, the central textbook of the Roman Catholic Church, the Catechism, seems incapable of, and perhaps not even intended to prevent bitterness and teach priests about humanity.

Learned feelings of omnipotence

In this church, however, such potentially emerging feelings of omnipotence are inherent in the priests’ careers. Alphonsus Maria Liguori, who was declared “saint” and appointed Doctor of the Catholic Church, has published his book “Dignity and Duties of the Priest”, a textbook in which the priests’ power is explained in detail becomes.

According to the self-image of this church, the priest’s power is not limited to earthly matters, but even extends beyond the “gates of heaven”. If a priest, according to the official church doctor, forgives a sinner’s guilt or even refuses absolution, then God himself is obliged (!) to adhere to the judgment of “his priest”.
In other words, the priest’s word is above the word of God. God is subject to the priest.

The origin of priestly omnipotence

But since such power does not simply fall into the hands of the priests, Alphonsus Liguori explains where this “power” comes from.

But far greater is the power that the eternal Father has given to Jesus Christ, and that Jesus Christ has given to his preists, to rescue from hell not only the bodies but also the souls of the faithful: “The Son,” says St. John Chrysostom, “has put into the hands of the priests all judgement; for having been as it were transported into heaven, they have received this divine prerogative.
(Dignity and Duties of the Priest”, pages 28-29)

Everything seems so logical

Hulk omnipotence

Omnipotence dreams for the priests

That would finally clear everything up. The priests received their power directly from Jesus Christ and he in turn received this omnipotence from the Eternal Father. Then it was self-explanatory that Catholic priests are naturally endowed with the omnipotence of the Eternal Father.

The Catholic priest John A. O’ Brien made it clear in 1938 that this omnipotence is even greater than that of Jesus Christ and how far this “feeling of power” can go. Accordingly, the priest’s “powerful words of consecration” brought about the reaching into heaven with which Christ was taken from his throne and placed on the altar of the church. He would then be “offered as a sacrifice for the sins of the people.” Here Christ “bows his head in humble obedience to the command of the priest.”
(“The Faith of Millions – The Credentials of the Catholic Religion”, 1938, page 270).

Read between the lines

It can actually be ruled out that the Pope should be completely alien to such things in his own house. Such expressions of heavenly authority are genetically determined in this church (Info).

The pontiff combines the memory of the Gospel with bitterness and humanity. The first is taken, the second added. Is he implying that his priestly clergy are plagued with bitterness and lack humanity?

After all, Francis did not warn against exploiting this “priest’s omnipotence” in a shabby way. The pontiff also did not speak of the “imagination of such power,” but rather of feelings. Given the centuries-old tradition of self-ascribed divinity on earth, gained insight and a certain degree of modesty would be nothing short of a “Marian miracle.” So it was not surprising that the Catholic priest, who is even higher than the Eternal Father, can also forgive his own guilt by using a ritual mantra and counting beads for any wrongdoing, such as abuse.

Revelation 17:5

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