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Pope Francis grants indulgences to Catholics in July 2023



A “plenary indulgence” granted by Pope Francis awaits the Catholics of this world in July 2023. The pontiff shows his special “mercy” on the occasion of World Grandparents’ Day. However, it is not entirely unconditional. Anyone who wants to dispose of the accumulated purgatory time must follow the prescribed rituals.

Put out purgatory with a swipe

In July, people who believe in Catholicism have the opportunity to receive a full indulgence from the Pope. The pontiff agreed to distribute a quasi-general indulgence across the world for World Grandparents Day. However, this exemption from criminal penalties does not come for free. The “purgatory endangered” Catholic must meet the requirements for papal favor.

Rituals must be celebrated for indulgences

purgatory nimbus
Merciful Pope ‘grant’ indulgence from purgatory

Anyone who wants to receive the rain of indulgences sprayed from the Vatican must attend a “service” on Sunday, July 23, 2023. Of course, this only applies to the rituals of a Catholic Church. As a reward for participation there is the “plenary indulgence”, as the catholic media portal reported. For Catholics who are unable to attend an on-site worship service due to obstacles such as disability or illness, the Vatican also grants a plenary indulgence with “spiritual participation” in worship via an online medium.

In addition to participation in the service, another condition for release is active participation in the rituals. This includes confession, prayers in the spirit of the Pope and, of course, receiving the Eucharist. This ritual with Corpus Christi as the highlight is the pinnacle of mockery of Jesus Christ.

The media portal emphasizes that such indulgences only exist in the Catholic Church. Depending on the scope, an indulgence results in the reduction or complete cancellation of the penalties.

Purely Catholic fantasies

According to Catholic dogma, the confessed and repented sin is forgiven, but the punishment remains to be served. For this purpose, the Church of Rome created purgatory (fictitious). If you look in the Bible for references to purgatory (“limbo”) or any other institution with the same purpose, you will not find them.

Benedict has already eliminated Limbus

child with teddy
The Catholic Church ‘sent’ unbaptized children to children’s purgatory for eternity

Former Pope Benedict XVI proved that purgatory is in the “sovereignty” of the papacy and has nothing in common with the gospel. In April 2007, the then pontiff abolished limbo for unbaptized and dead children. A special kind of purgatory (“Limbus”), held especially for children, somewhere between heaven and hell. According to Catholic teaching, children who have not been baptized and who have died remain in this intermediate world forever. According to the Catholic narrative, only baptism could have saved these children.

Apparently, like the “horror stories about eternally burning hell” an additional fear factor for the parents to promote their children as soon as possible after their child’s birth (unknowingly) into the legal circle of the Roman Catholic Church.

Blasphemy ad nauseam

If the pope can simply abolish such “heavenly institutions”, then the catholic “highest one” reveals either the invented doctrine or his believed position as God. It would not be the papacy, however, if only one of the two possibilities came into question. In fact, both are true, and the thoroughly blasphemous Church of Rome proves this on many occasions.

The evangelical daughters are silent

Three monkeys
The Protestant churches are reacting as expected – namely not at all

The “plenary indulgences” campaign is just such a populist campaign of pride and blasphemy against God. There were times when the protests from the ranks of the Protestant churches could not have been ignored. They once exposed the practiced insanity of the Catholic Church based on the gospel as blasphemy. But those times are long gone. The evangelical churches, above all the evangelical churches in Germany (EKD), have long since returned to the mother church beyond the cuddly course.

Catholic teachings contrary to the gospel

The Catholic teaching about (virtual) intermediate worlds for children is completely opposed to the gospel. When the disciples of Jesus tried to keep the children present from approaching, Jesus Christ replied according to Matthew 19:14:

But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

When it comes to faith, children can even be role models for “enlightened” adults. So also Jesus Christ in Matthew 18:3:

And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Since according to the gospel there is no baptism of children, it can also be assumed that children who died were not baptized during their lifetime. However, Jesus Christ does not locate these children in a “limbo”, but in the (later) kingdom of heaven. Thus the Catholic Church also teaches the exact opposite of the gospel on this detail. The mercy depicted by the Pope is merely arrogant imposture.

Bible verses from King James Version

Pope Francis grants indulgences to Catholics in July 2023
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