Olli Dürr Society Pope exhorts believers to return to ‘true’ Eucharist

Pope exhorts believers to return to ‘true’ Eucharist

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The Eucharist must be given more and, above all, “true” meaning. Pope Francis complains about the many “believers” who take this mystical wafer delivery as a symbol and not the real presence of Christ.

USA are becoming more Catholic

In the USA, the “National Eucharistic Congress” will be held again in the coming year 2024 by the Roman Catholic Church after many years of “absence”. On July 17, 2024, the 10th Congress will start in Indianapolis, the capital of the US state of Indiana. The last International Eucharistic Congress was held in Philadelphia in 1976 and the last National Congress held was in 1941. So a ritual of the Church of Rome that is not celebrated too often in the States. However, the “Catholization” of the once Protestant USA can no longer be overlooked.

The preparations for the “solemnity” of the Catholic Church are already underway. A delegation from the organizers visited Pope Francis during an audience at the Vatican on Monday. After the hospital stay, this was also the Pope’s first full day at work Vatican News highlights.

Pope admonishes to “true faith in the Eucharist”

Monstrance Worship

Idolatry in flagranti – Idolatry and mockery of Jesus Christ

The conversation was also an opportunity for Pope Francis to reaffirm the Eucharist as the center of the Catholic faith. In the course of this, the leader of this church reiterated the believed nature of the Eucharistic celebration, which is considered by outsiders to be more of a hoax or “hocus pocus”. The Pope had something to counter them. The pontiff explained that he noted with regret that the Eucharist is held by “some of our faithful” as “more of a symbol” than the “real and loving presence of the Lord”.

True transformation

In order to make the thesis of the “true transformation” of the host into the body of Christ appear credible, the pope referred to the miraculous multiplication of bread when many of those present were fed during a speech by Jesus. According to the Jesuit pope, this is a sign that Christ was turning worldly hunger into a hunger for the food of eternal life. This was also the reason why Jesus called himself the bread of life and also came down from heaven as such. That is why the Eucharist is God’s answer “to the deepest hunger of the human heart”. In the Eucharist Christ himself is realized in our midst “to nourish us, to comfort us and to support us on our way”.

The sense of worship has been lost

The Pope expressed his impression that in this “modern age” the sense of worship has been lost. This sense must be regained. “It is a prayer that we have lost, few people know what it is, and you bishops must guide the faithful in prayer of adoration, that is what the Eucharist asks of us,” the pontiff said. In this context, the “vocation to the priesthood” must also be promoted. Francis uses a statement made by John Paul II, who, in a letter written in 2004 on the occasion of Maundy Thursday, emphasized: “It takes priests to celebrate the Eucharist!”.

Eucharist is part of the “abomination of the earth”


Repeated sacrifice of Jesus followed by eating of His body

The Eucharist is what it is. A ritual that belongs in the Gospel to the peculiarities of what the Bible calls the “abomination of the earth”. This tradition of the Catholic Church, which reaches its climax on Corpus Christi, is an idolatry under the sign of the secretly revered sun god Osiris, Baal, Mitras, Helios or Sol. Other variants are Om and On. How this pagan idol was called in the different kingdoms and cultures and is sometimes still called today.

Jesus must not have risen

There is no Eucharist without priests and no priests without the Eucharist. A priest of the gospel had only the function for organizations within the tabernacle or temple, but mainly the sacrificial ministry. The Roman Catholic Church, in their spirit, sacrifices Jesus Christ again and again with every celebration of the Eucharist. Only the “great adversary” can have an interest in not letting Jesus Christ rise again and keeping him in the state of death.

Pretentious Priesthood

However, Jesus Christ was resurrected and after His ascension abolished the earthly priesthood by taking over the ministry himself. But the Catholic Church declares Jesus Christ “permanently dead” and has usurped the priesthood in its boundless arrogance. This blasphemy is also expressed in the statement that Jesus died only for the establishment of the Catholic priesthood and that God must obey the decisions of the priests (e.g. forgiveness of sins)! Sounds crazy? But it is, here!

Revelation 17:5

Bible verses from King James Version

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