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Pope considers gender ideology to be very dangerous


The now widespread gender ideology has now encouraged the Pope to announce his position on this topic. He considers this social construct to be very dangerous. So far so good. It’s just another move within a Hegelian dialectic.

Most people follow a fiction

gender ideology
Gender ideology didn’t come out of nowhere

If it were a question of a small minority group, which, with the help of the like-minded leading media, completely surpassed itself, there would be far more than the two sexes man and woman, or male and female. Nature or creation is no longer taken into account. The gender of a person (!) is a social construct, so the thesis. You have the sex you think you have, desire, imagine or feel like you have. Doctors and midwives do not determine the sex of the newborn child after birth, they define the sex. After all, sooner or later the child decides about its gender. This ideology is based on pure fiction and unfortunately a large part of the people and governments of many countries consider this fiction as a reality.

The “Cis” by-product

A by-product of this ideology was constructed in the form of “cisgender”. According to this definition, a “cis” is a person whose sex matches the sex entered in the birth register, which is usually judged against the visible physical sex characteristics of the newborn child. The German psychiatrist and sexologist Volkmar Sigusch made a significant contribution to the creation of these fictions. After all, the ideologues relate their visions to persons and not to people.

Pope Francis thinks nothing of it

Now the self-image of the highest moral authority on earth has spoken out on this subject. Pope Francis considers transgender ideology “one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations”. In a conversation with the Argentine newspaper “La Nacion” , Pope Francis emphasized that he makes a distinction between the LGBT movement and gender ideology. There is a difference between having compassion for people who identify as part of the LGBT community and holding onto gender ideology. The pontiff regards pastoral care for people with a different sexual orientation as completely different from gender ideology and this is one of the most dangerous ideologies.

According to the Pope, gender ideology blurs the difference between men and women. The people who believe that this is the way of progress and do not distinguish what respect for sexual diversity or different sexual options is, Pope Francis called “a bit naïve”.

All from a single source

Mit diesen Aussagen versorgt Papst Franziskus lediglich das christlich orientierte Lager, welches der Gender-Ideologie direkt gegenüber steht. Assuming that gender ideology and the Christian position came from the same forge, this is, as usual, a pure Hegelian dialectics. Anyone who knows the Bible can certainly recognize these opposing positions as the “North King” and the “South King”. These symbols according to the book of Daniel chapter 11 correspond to the Christian image (king of the north) and to atheism (king of the south) in typos. The “King of the North” based in Rome will overrun the “King of the South” politically, militarily and economically. In plain language: The new order once introduced by Rome will have a religious aspect. This “King of the North” has already brought up heavy artillery to take over the “King of the South” ideology (atheism). The magic word for this is “earth and climate protection“.

It doesn’t matter – you go from bad to worse

The gender ideology comes from Rome and the Christian-looking ideology of the pope anyway. Both ways lead astray and the targeted compromise between the two opposites only leads from bad to worse. Such a spread of these ideologically based fictions was ensured by the long ago infiltrated educational establishments, particularly the colleges and universities. People’s thinking has been “successfully” conditioned.

Pope considers gender ideology to be very dangerous
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