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Increasing persecution of Christians can aid in deception

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The persecution of Christians in this world continues to increase. More and more communities, churches and ecclesiastical institutions of the Catholic and Protestant churches are becoming the focus of the reenactments. However, these actually increasing persecutions could be used to continue deceiving people.

Around 360 million Christians are being persecuted

Persecution of Christians continues to increase around the world. In addition to the massive persecution of any religion in various countries, the focus of the reenactments is on people with a Christian faith. At the beginning of 2023, “OpenDoors” published an interim report on the worldwide persecution of Christians. Around 360 million Christians are therefore exposed to persecution in a wide variety of ways. While North Korea, with the biggest persecutor of Christians, is a thoroughly atheist country, Somalia and Yemen follow in the next two places through and through Muslim countries.

Persecutions and expulsions


Arson and destruction of church facilities

The African country Nigeria was one of the most notable countries recently. Regular visitations of villages and settlers with Christian residents take place there. The acts of the persecutors include arson, expulsion, rape and murder.

In the past, Jerusalem has also often made the headlines because there has been repeated discrimination, exclusion and persecution of Christians in this city. The request to “please” take the cross off your chest is one of the more “gentle” attacks. At the beginning of the year, the OpenDoors organization put India in 11th place on the list of countries persecuting Christians. From this country with the second largest population in the world, many Christian communities are now calling for help.

Persecutions of Christians in India are increasing

In India, the persecution of Christians is still concentrated on local areas. However, these are not necessarily only small “hotspots” in relation to the population. One such center of Christian persecution in India is the state of Manipur in eastern India. According to the latest reports from the Catholic News Agency (CNA), the persecution of Christians is increasing there. Initially, it was a matter of individual drive-hunts by Christians. But now, according to the Catholic aid organization ACN, numerous local communities have reported attacks by militant nationalist Hindu groups. A total of more than 350 churches and church institutions have already been burned down.

Police must watch the persecution of Christians

Bangladesh Police

Police have to watch helplessly the persecution of Christians (symbolic photo)

The local police are relatively helpless in the face of an angry mob. Arson attacks, destruction and looting are the order of the day. The accusation that the ruling BJP party is continuing to incite violence against Christians and their institutions is also being raised here. Local media reported massive demolitions of Christian facilities in Manipur with the support of state and central authorities.

The state of Manipur borders Myanmar to the east. Also not exactly a country that is friendly towards religions. However, within Manipur there are reportedly ethnic conflicts between the Hindu Meitei and the Christian Kuki and Naga. This supposed hotspot already includes 100 Kukis who have been killed and more than half a million people who have fled.

Silent persecutions of Christians

The persecution of Christians in India can still be made public relatively easily via the media. However, this is different in countries like North Korea and China. What is happening loudly and clearly in India is happening more quietly and secretly in the two communist countries. Media censorship is iron-hard and razor-sharp. In China in particular, people are exposed to a social point system with privileges or sanctions. A Christian already has a few points deducted in general. Little is heard of the closure of church institutions. They just disappeared at some point.

Buddhists also not “quite peaceful”

Peaceful Buddhism

Even the peace of Buddhism has limits

Tolerance towards other religions seems to be decreasing. This even applies to religions where you would not have expected it. So also in the peaceful-looking Buddhism. In Sri Lanka, a group of Buddhists have “awakened from their enlightened nirvana” and summarily reduced a church to rubble just because the Christian community wanted to hold services under a tree.

There are other reports of Buddhists getting “enraged” from Myanmar and the expulsions of the ethnic Rohinga (Muslims) group.

Bible announces persecution of Christians

The developments in the persecution of Christians are reminiscent of Jesus’ prophecy in His Sermon on the Mount, as in Matthew 24:6-7:

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

This statement is particularly interesting when looking at the Greek text for verse 7 in relation to the ethnic conflicts. The basic text at this point says that “ethnos” will rise against “ethnos”.

The misunderstanding about the persecution of Christians

Jesus sermon

Jesus warned the persecuted, not the persecutors

The Bible also announces the persecution of God’s people. There is repeated persecution of Christians. Now, however, it is said that “the cat is biting its own tail”, because the Roman Catholic Church, which is being persecuted above all in India, can truly not be described as the church of God. This church can claim apostolicity as often as it wants, but a look at the gospel and the comparison (more info) of history and also current actions of this church reveal it as the “man of sin”, “son of perdition”, “abomination of the earth” and “mother of all whores”.

The churches that still call themselves Protestant today are the long-returned daughters (more here) of this mother. So this trio of modern Babylon (more here) raging together with the “main agent” cannot be the people of God. It is even a question of the movement of the “great adversary”.

The persecution of Christians is exploited

Nevertheless, these persecutions of Christians, which can be observed in reality, fit into the overall picture. Just don’t make the mistake of regarding these great churches, which are being persecuted today, as the people of God. Today’s persecutions will certainly be expanded, even in the middle of Europe. The millions of people who have “mixed up” Europe with believers in Islam already have such a potential today. The mixture will one day be just as ideal as the air-fuel mixture in the engine compartment for perfectly explosive combustion.

It is true that such rejection is about what Jesus said in Matthew 24:6-7, but it is not about the persecuted people of God. It’s the ethnic conflicts, the acts of war and mutual rebellion.

The Real Persecution of God’s People

But this persecution will be sold to people as the “great announced persecution of Christians” in the Bible. Another widespread heresy could be seamlessly added to this kind of distortion of the process. It is about the return of the Messiah and his subsequent establishment of the 1000-year kingdom of peace on earth. This story, however, is completely unbiblical (more here). Jesus Christ will come back, but he won’t even touch the ground with a toe. The earth and its inhabitants will be devastated.

The ostracism of the faithful to the Bible


The biblically announced persecution applies to those who are faithful to the gospel

In the midst of the totally deluded humanity there will remain a group of people who have seen through the whole game because of their faithfulness to the Bible and do not want to be part of this global vision either. These people who have remained faithful to the gospel will be ostracized, excluded, defamed, discredited and ultimately persecuted. And precisely these people who have remained true to the Word of God are also the people of God, who will have to suffer the most severe persecution at the end of time. The great rest will be deluded into believing that these people are social wreckers and dangerous. The natural disasters are only so severe because of these “troublemakers” and the elimination would ensure the long-awaited peace. The reference to the “offended god of nature” (see more) has long been in preparation based on the propagated “preservation of creation” and the instructions “Laudato si'”.

Today’s persecution of Christians will be exploited as the persecuted supposed people of God. Thus “the beast” (Revelation 13) furthers the agenda of mass deception of the people. The persecution of God’s real people (Bible faithfulness) comes at a later date, when “things have been centralized,” to the bitter end of the persecutors and a happy ending for the persecuted.

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
Matthew 24:9

Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.
Romans 12:14

Bible verses from King James Version

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