Olli Dürr Society Persecutions of Christians are taking on frightening proportions

Persecutions of Christians are taking on frightening proportions

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Discrimination, persecution and mistreatment of ethnic or religious groups can be heard or read almost every day in the media. What is striking, however, is the reticence in reporting on the worldwide persecution of Christians. This is now taking on frightening proportions.

More than 5,000 Christians were murdered


Persecution of Christians escalates

The worldwide persecution of Christians continues to increase. The extent of the mistreatment, imprisonment and murder of people of the Christian faith has now reached alarming proportions. Constantly “on the pulse of what’s happening” is e.g.opendoors.de (Open Doors). An association that has set itself the task of keeping a close eye on the global persecution of Christians.

In the meantime, more than 360 million people of Christian faith are exposed to some extreme persecution. Discrimination against Christians was the order of the day. In the months from October 2021 to September 2022, at least 5,621 Christians fell victim. They were murdered. Most Christians killed were counted by Open Doors in Nigeria. During that period, 5,014 people were killed in this African country because of their Christian faith. The main perpetrators are the extremist Islamic militia “Boko Haram”, the IS in the province of West Africa and the militarily organized Fulanis.

Afghanistan still a fire hazard

Last year, Christians in Afghanistan experienced far more extreme persecution than they are currently experiencing. Although the already extremely restless country has slipped from first place to ninth place, the situation for Christians is far from relaxed. The Taliban, who regained power after the withdrawal of foreign forces, have already murdered and expelled numerous Christians. Many Christians are therefore no longer there or have gone into hiding. Open Door has not yet been able to correctly classify the persecution of Christians in Afghanistan, whether it is a question of religious persecution or whether there are other reasons.

20 countries with the most persecution of Christians

1. North Korea
2. Somalia
3. Yemen
4. Eritrea
5. Libya
6. Nigeria
7. Pakistan
8. Iran
9. Afghanistan
10. Sudan
11. India
12. Syria
13. Saudi Arabia
14. Myanmar
15. Maldives
16. China
17. Mali
18. Iraq
19. Algeria
20. Mauritania

Politically motivated persecution of Christians

In North Korea the number of murdered Christians is far lower than in Nigeria. However, there is a massive politically motivated persecution of Christians in this country. There is no direct political instruction to persecute Christians, but the “law against reactionary ideas” is always sufficient to pursue the believers of the gospel with all their might. It doesn’t take much to be denounced as a “deviant” and charged as a political criminal. As a rule, the processes are very short, resulting in deportation to a labor camp or execution.

Control in China primarily affects religions

The government in China is not far removed “in spirit” from North Korea. In this country, most of the churches and their facilities were repeatedly closed or destroyed during the reporting period. What is true for every individual is especially true for Christians. Total control of everyday life and especially dealing with Christian communities. Censorship is normal. Since spring 2022, the dissemination of religious content on the Internet has only been restricted to churches and NGOs allowed that follow government guidelines and are licensed to do so.

India widens persecution of Christians

In the second largest country in the world in terms of population, the situation for Christians is also getting worse. In India, Christians in many states in particular are subject to the new “anti-conversion law”. There is a risk of imprisonment for up to 10 years. Implementation of this law throughout India is already under way. Open Door reports over 1,700 Christians jailed during the reporting period without any trial.

Rising Persecution in Latin America

Even in countries where one would not have expected it, the threat to Christians is increasing. In the predominantly Catholic Latin American countries of Colombia, Nicaragua and Mexico, official church representatives in particular are under increasing pressure. Surveillance is latent and buildings have already been impounded.

Persecution of Christians largely concealed

The major media are largely silent about this growing threat to Christians. A small side note in between, but nothing more. If the reporting on the daily persecution of Christians took up even 1% of the volume as in the case of the declared corona pandemic, this would already draw people’s attention in the right direction. A solution would also be the parallel representation of the prevailing persecution of Christians in reporting on the persecution of Muslims. For example in the cases in Myanmar and its persecution of the Rohingyas. A largely Muslim people in the border area with Bangladesh.

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