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People’s trust in institutions continues to shrink


People’s trust in important institutions is falling. Be it the Catholic or Protestant Church, Islam, politics or even the medical profession, all groups are increasingly losing their “followers”.

Catholic Church looks down on minority

People's trust is melting away

The big churches in Germany are less and less “popular” with the people. According to a survey by the Forsa institute for the RTL/ntv trend barometer, trust in these institutions continues dropped. According to the results published on Tuesday, only 8 percent of federal residents still have faith in the Roman Catholic Church. A drop of four percentage points compared to last year.

The Catholic Church has thus reached the same level of popularity as Islam last year. However, trust in Islam has slipped another two percentage points to just 6 percent over the past year.

More trust in Pope than in “his” church

While the Catholic Church itself can look down on the small following of 8 percent of federal residents, the Pope is already head and shoulders above the ground with a share of 16 percent. However, confidence in the current “dad” Francis has shrunk by 10 points. Now the question arose as to whether all the people questioned are actually aware that the pope is a Catholic or that the church has the pope as its head. The main church of the Roman Catholic Church is the Lateran in Rome. The pope is primarily the bishop of Rome and has his (white) throne in the Lateran.

Evangelical churches also lost feathers

According to the survey, 31 percent still trust the Protestant Church, which is two percentage points less than a year ago. The Central Council of Jews in Germany enjoys even more trust with a share of 38 percent. A year ago, however, this value was 5 percentage points higher. Actually, the relatively high trust value is amazing. The regional churches have long since left their actual field, the proclamation of the gospel according to Scripture, and are eagerly aligning themselves with the agenda of the “social philosophers”. The official Protestantism is already history.

Confidence in politicians is dwindling

The political institutions in Germany have had to accept a severe loss of confidence. Only 17 percent of respondents showed trust in a political party, which is 7 percentage points less than a year earlier. Nevertheless, 34 percent still have confidence in the federal government and 37 percent in the Bundestag.

Media probably too close to the government

Since the guidelines of the federal government and those of the media are increasingly revealing various parallels, it is not surprising that the TV stations, print and online media have also been able to accept a sharp decline in people’s trust.

The medical profession still enjoys a leap of faith

The white coat still seems to generate a certain amount of trust. A clear 81 percent of those surveyed still have confidence in the medical profession. But some federal residents have now given up their “leap of faith” for this division as well. A year earlier, the proportion of “trusters” was 89 percent.

Surprising development? No!

The Bible actually gives pretty clear information about the current and future developments. Just as in Revelation chapter 11 the “beast out of the bottomless pit” (beast = political power) came out, according to Revelation chapter 17 it will appear again. History has shown that the beast’s first appearance was related to the events surrounding the French Revolution. The Pope was deposed (politically) and in France religion in general has been banned, including the burning of the Bible (more infos).

A similar development is likely to occur again, but this time on a global scale. However, a woman is riding this beast, which appears for the second time (Rev. 17). (Details Rev. 17). She is described as the “whore of Babylon” and has “mystery” written on her forehead. That would close the circle again, because Rome has a hand in this once again. In the end, this swindle will be exposed, but by then all skins will have swum away and it will already be far too late for any deceived person.

People’s trust in institutions continues to shrink
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