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People in Germany see society out of joint

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People in Germany are now noticing very directly that social and economic developments have already gotten out of joint. A survey shows this assessment very clearly.

People’s trust in government is plummeting

trust - distrust

Chaos seems to be within reach

In Germany, the socially relevant institutions seem to be falling apart. From education to immigration, more and more areas are affected by chaos and incompetence on the part of those responsible. A development that has long since reached the people. No longer just noticeable, but now fully visible.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) has commissioned the Allensbach Demoscopy Institute to ask people about this. The result is clear. According to this, around half of those surveyed are of the opinion that many things in Germany are no longer running as they should. Less than a third (31%) don’t even see the light in the tunnel that the current winds could be blowing in the right direction for the next 10 years. Significantly less than half (39%) still believe that the economy will still play a leading role in the world in the next 10 to 15 years. A whopping 20 percentage point drop from the survey 5 years ago.

The reputation of the healthcare system has lost massively with the trials and tribulations surrounding Corona. Only 60 percent are of the opinion that the healthcare system is still exemplary. In 2017, 81 percent were still of this opinion.

In any case, this country is lagging behind the current developments on this planet, according to the opinion of 40 percent of those surveyed. While things are running more smoothly in most industrialized countries, progress is gathering dust in official mold in this country. Excessive regulations and rules in the form of bureaucracy are slowing down progress, according to 79 percent of those surveyed. More than half (62%) already see this as a problem in authorities and offices.

Added to this whole dilemma are massive immigration, inflation, the energy crisis, fears about the conflict in Ukraine and, last but not least, the public appearances of various political representatives at home and abroad.

The fact that the cabinet of the federal government is usually filled with (in)competences that are completely unrelated to the subject is nothing new. But the current squad is unprecedented.

Bible describes these developments (indirect)

But all of this fits the biblical prophecy like a glove. As described in the Revelation chapter 17, the “kings of the earth” (governments) will surrender their power to the “beast out of the bottomless pit” (political Vatican). So that this is also accepted by the respective “subjects”, it is probably the easiest way to equip the respective governments with so “much competence” that the chaos they cause leads to corresponding “curses”. A good example of such a referendum based on complete weariness is the fluid alternation between the former Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the Islamic fundamentalist who followed, Ayathollah Khomeinei in Iran. Who looks for such a religious leader in normal times with completely satisfied people?

“Ordo ab chao”

One can and must assume that these “dismantlings” will be continued. The preparations on the religious side after a change are already in full swing. This also fits in with the self-dismantling of the conservative (supposedly) Christian institutions. In the end, chaos reigns and the “saving hand” appears and is gratefully accepted.

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