Olli Dürr Society Pastor Olaf Latzel before the Higher Regional Court for “incitement of the people”.

Pastor Olaf Latzel before the Higher Regional Court for “incitement of the people”.

Pastor Olaf Latzel before the Higher Regional Court for “incitement of the people”. post thumbnail image


The evangelical pastor Olaf Latzel has to appear in court again. It is now before the Higher Regional Court because of the accusation of “incitement of the people”. The public prosecutor’s office had previously appealed.

Update: Higher Regional Court reverses acquittal

Latzel’s acquittal not accepted

court verdict

Landed in court for faithfulness to the Bible

Expressing the statements of the Holy Scriptures, standing up for them and even defending them has now become a dangerous undertaking. Whether in Germany or in other countries, just quoting Bible verses that are against the “woke” ideology can lead to serious consequences.

The pastor of the evangelical church of St. Martini parish in Bremen also found this out. He is accused of “incitement to hatred” and has also been charged. Latzel is said to have incited the public at an event against transgender and homosexuals. Although his statements are based on the contents of the Bible, the pastor developed his “own style” in his presentation. Latzel described the ideology of multiple genders as “gender filth” and in connection with “Christopher Street Day” he pointed to “criminals running around everywhere”. Latzel described homosexuality as a “degenerative form of society”.

The regional court acquitted Latzel

The Bremen Regional Court made the final judgment on the alleged “incitement of the people” in May and acquitted the accused Olaf Latzel. However, the public prosecutor’s office (bound by instructions) did not want to accept this and appealed. The hearing before the Bremen Higher Regional Court will follow on Thursday. New evidence will not be taken for this hearing. Rather, the positions of Latzes and the prosecutor will be heard. The bottom line is to determine whether the previous judgment contains errors of law.

In the event of a rejection by the higher regional court, the judgment of the regional court would be final and the acquittal would be perfect. Otherwise, there would still be the initiation of proceedings and remittance to the regional court.

The Catholic Church handles the case of homosexuality anyway far from the Bible. The clerics, on the other hand, argue with natural law.

The bandages are tightened

Finnish politician Päivi Räsänen was taken to court for posting Bible texts on Twitter about homosexuality (quotes).

The Berlin public prosecutor ordered a house search because the owner of a Korean restaurant posted Bible verses that speak against homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22). The Berlin Regional Court ruled that the initial suspicion of “incitement to hatred” did not exist. The house search was therefore illegal.

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