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Panentheism now officially proclaimed by the Catholic Church

Sanduhr der Mutterhure


It seems that the next level of escalation in the collective apostasy from the gospel has been heralded. A well-known Jesuit magazine is now officially presenting the Catholic view of a panenthist deity. A God who became one with his creation through the Virgin Mary. Man is called to understand the “revealed care” of God as a mandate.

Catholic teaching: God in his creation

Not the Creator should be worshiped, but the creation. God the Creator is not above his creation, but is himself within it. He became one with his creation. The personal God is in almost everything that nature can offer in the way of the visible. In short: panentheism. The goal: The worship of creation. Presumably facing east towards the sun.

Pope Francis initiated the home straight

Pope from behind
The pontifex always in front and ahead

Pantheism or panentheism is an ideology of the Roman Catholic Church that has been cultivated for several popes and really picked up speed with Francis. The current pontiff gave the go-ahead for the transition to the home straight with his encyclical “Laudato si'” in 2015. The so-called environmental encyclical, in which subject areas of the gospel are misused for the depiction of a panenthistic God. The always eager employees of the Jesuit order, i.e. colleagues of the current Pope, have even worked out new statutes from the letter, the so-called “10 Green Commandments“.

Laudato si’ – screenplay and instruction book

But who reads the “dry, boring” stuff of the Vatican? Certainly only a tiny minority of the general public. Significantly more of the influential clerics, consultants, politicians and business officials. Because this encyclical reads like a screenplay when you look at the developments of the last 8 years. The theological and socio-political agenda of the former Protestant churches proves that they want to do justice to the claims of their mother church described in “Laudato si'” with all zeal.

Jesuit magazine writes Tacheles

Ignatius v. Loyola
Loyola – Founder of the SJ Order of ‘Inspirations’

On the occasion of the Catholic holiday “Ascension Day“, the very influential Jesuit magazine “America – The Jesuit Review” has presented an expanded view of the conception of Jesus Christ by the “Eternal Virgin” Mary. One can be directly grateful for the portrayal, because it sums up very nicely the principle of the fantasies of the Roman Catholic Church to be imposed on the world. The author is Reverend Terrance W. Klein, a priest of the Diocese of Dodge City.

According to this, Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio SJ) revealed another secret of Mary with his encyclical to mankind. It is the place “where creation receives and welcomes its savior”.

One wonders, however, why after around 1,800 years of intensive research on the gospels and countless other writings, this secret could only be revealed in 2015. But a sudden discovery in the Vatican archives has happened before.

God came into the world for the salvation of creation

According to the Jesuit magazine, God came into the world to save creation. For this, God used Mary’s womb to bring himself back into creation. Pope Francis also described this in his encyclical “Laudato si'” at position 238. This statement reads:

“The Father is the ultimate source of everything, the loving and self-communicating foundation of all that exists. The Son, his reflection, through whom all things were created, united himself to this earth when he was formed in the womb of Mary. The Spirit, infinite bond of love, is intimately present at the very heart of the universe, inspiring and bringing new pathways. The world was created by the three Persons acting as a single divine principle, but each one of them performed this common work in accordance with his own personal property. Consequently, ‘when we contemplate with wonder the universe in all its grandeur and beauty, we must praise the whole Trinity'”

Monotheistic religions need to think more relative

unit religion
Unified religion of preservation of creation

For the “Western, monotheistic religions of revelation – Judaism, Christianity and Islam” the transcendence of God is certain, according to W. Klein. According to their ideas, the world is not divine. “Whatever the divine may be when fully revealed, it stands below and beyond the world,” the author puts it in perspective. In these three faiths, God be the fulfillment this world seeks.

With the encyclical, Pope Francis expanded “our understanding” of Mary, in which he summed up the core of the Christian message with his sentence, “united with this earth when he was formed in Mary’s womb”. God, the pure spirit, the pure intelligence, entered Mary and thus united with his own creation. God and his creation became one. “In the womb of Mary, God loves creation for something new,” said the Catholic priest.

In Mary’s bosom, God revealed himself as the author and lover of creation, and with it care. With the revelation as the caretaker of creation, God showed us who we must be in relation to him as creation: “Those who care for them”, according to W. Klein.

The author points out that the dogma of the Assumption of Mary arose from the Church’s own “spiritual intuition”. But intuition is the way in which all knowledge proceeds. It has to jump because it never just flows from one date to the next.

Bend and break Bible context

Roof tile breakage
Man of sin breaks the gospel into pieces

The Catholic priest refers to 1 Corinthians 15:54:
“So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.”
This passage refers to the moment when the still living redeemed are transformed into an immortal body at Jesus’ return.

But W. Klein has his own interpretation ready. This passage refers to the Virgin, which represents the place where the Creator begins anew. God do not take advantage of them and do not allow their exploitation. God takes care of creation and in this care our actual salvation arises.

Francis has long since taken a stand

Pope Francis described his “Christian prayer” in the encyclical “Laudato si'” as an expression of unity with creation. In a passage of this prayer he also added the Virgin:

“Son of God, Jesus, through you all things were made. You were formed in the womb of Mary our Mother, you became part of this earth, and you gazed upon this world with human eyes. Today you are alive in every creature in your risen glory. Praise be to you!”

This text has been available to the public since 2015 and therefore also to every Catholic.

New dogmas upon the infallible old ones

As always, one of the “brilliant feats” of adding another building block to the already existing, infallible dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church without changing anything from the old. It is again just one of the typically relativizing perspectives of the scholastic, which found a home in the Jesuit order.

Vatican St. Peter's Basilica
Vatican maintains its own ‘think tanks’

However, with the now postulated joining of the Creator and His creation through the womb of Mary, the actual traditional background of the Roman Catholic Church comes to the fore more clearly. A religion and belief adopted from Egypt, transmitted through the ancient empires and manifested in Mithraism adopted from ancient Rome. Maria is Isis and there is also the “earth mother giving birth” Gaia. Above that is the life-giving “sun god” in his numerous names, be it Horus or Mithra, it doesn’t matter.

The evangelical churches in Germany (EKD) have long been hooked on the “theologies” prescribed by Rome. It is about the “preservation of creation”. It is about the “preservation of creation”. In a protestant church there may also be an art exhibition with the earth “Gaia“, which is worthy of protection.

Next level of escalation of the waste

Hourglass of the mother whore
The mother of all whores heralded a new phase

The article in Jesuiten-Magazine did not really set a new direction, but it did set another milestone. Now only what has been whispered behind closed hands is clearly stated. Such an article in a magazine, in which Pope Francis also gives his “best” based on his own contributions, can also be understood as an official and binding roadmap for all institutions of “good will”. With this article in the Jesuit Magazine, the next stage in the escalation of apostasy and idolatry has been heralded. In addition to the already offensive “climate protection campaigns”, the first such proclamations, that of a God united with creation, will not be long in coming, including from the evangelical churches.

Unfortunately, the majority of people will not (want to) recognize the openly presented, long-established idolatry. They will let themselves be lulled by the simultaneously taught universal reconciliation of God with every human being and, in the service of climate protection and nature conservation, they will worship idols without understanding it. And woe betide anyone pointing out the truths of the gospel. However, you can see it if you just step out of your comfort zone and go in search of the truth.

The traditions of pagan Rome are now official:

Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
Romans 1:25

Bible verses from King James Version

Panentheism now officially proclaimed by the Catholic Church
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