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Pachamama – guiding figure for pantheism & syncretism



The syncretism associated with pantheism should become the norm. Pachamama – Mother Earth – becomes the guiding figure of the churches for the preservation of creation. The “theological offspring” is already completely conditioned.

The “Pachamama – Mother Earth”

Pantheism is expressed, among other things, in a homage to nature, in which God can also be found in a form. A specialty of many indigenous peoples, especially those of South America. The focus is on Mother Earth. The “Pachamama”. Mother Nature and the woman giving birth, also known in Hellenistic circles as “Gaia”. A mother who found support in the Roman Catholic Church in Mary, the “God-bearer”.

Gaia mythology
Ancient Greek Mythology – The Earth Gaia, the giver

The affinity of the very universal Church of Rome for the “nature goddess” Pachamama is no longer even an open secret. As part of the Amazon Synod in 2019, figures of the “deity Pachamama” found space in the Vatican Gardens and were even placed in St. Peter’s Basilica. Much to the horror of conservative Catholics. They have obviously not yet come to terms with the fact that Pope Francis, a Jesuit, takes the universality of the Church literally and puts it into practice accordingly. The Vatican is so impressed by the “nature goddess” that it even had a 10-euro commemorative coin minted in Pachamama’s honor. You can see a pregnant woman whose belly is modeled on the globe.

Young theologians plead for nature worship

A young theology student gave another cheer to Mother Earth. He is of the opinion that the “indigenous-Andean cosmovision with the deity Pachamama – Mother Earth” could be an inspiring encounter for Christian creation theology and nature conservation in Germany. However, this theology student is not a youngster in the camp of the Roman Catholic Church, but rather a future “scholar” of the Protestant house. His song of praise to the natural deity was published by the language organ of the Protestant churches (Source). He got his inspiration from his volunteer service in La Paz, Bolivia.

Mother Earth must become legally competent

Mama Earth must become legally competent

The aspiring theologian praises the Bolivian government’s initiative to give Mother Earth a legal status. Back in 2010, the local parliament passed a “law on Mother Earth and holistic development for a good life”. More than 70 percent of Bolivians are Catholic and around half belong to one of the 36 indigenous ethnic groups. The student, on the other hand, criticizes the reluctance of the German Bundestag in 2021 when it was discussed to grant nature and the environment their own legal personality. Mother Nature as a legal entity, capable of suing. However, this plan failed due to the fact that the plaintiff (Mother Earth) could not be represented by the defendant (the human person) at the same time.

The Basic Law was useless

Bolivia’s population is predominantly Catholic, according to the theology student. Nevertheless, pragmatic syncretism prevails in this country. In Germany it can be seen that “on the basis of the Basic Law” it has not yet been possible to “bring our human freedoms into balance with nature, animals and climate.” In Bolivia, on the other hand, realpolitik is being demonstrated. This makes it clear that the earth, which is endowed with its own rights, is being ignored due to overexploitation despite all efforts.

The theology student defends the view of the earth being endowed with a legal entity. This is not a far-fetched idea, “not even for Christian theology.” Francis of Assisi already recognized the “divine in all creatures,” said the student. Right from the beginning, the “God of the Bible” entered into a covenant with the earth under the sign of the rainbow. However, the phrase, “multiply, populate the earth, subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea,” has been consistently misused.

Church must now take over

Earth rescue
Earth salvation must be preached in churches

A paradigm shift is now necessary. According to the theology student, the “legal transformation of the earth from object to subject” is not always effective. We creatures are brothers and sisters to one another. This realization must now be lived. “Those who preserve creation respect the creatures and give hope,” said the aspiring theologian. Now the church is also called upon to network its possessions and numerous connections in the world for our society. “The church claims succession,” said the Protestant student, who concluded his appeal with the following sentence:
Let us remember Mother Earth and honor the Creator in creation!

Not even thought through

As absurd as it is to define “Mother Nature” as a subject (subject to law), this idea has not been fully thought through. Even a “complaining mother nature” as an intended legal entity is not in a position to accuse human being, but only the legal entity intended for them. Anyone who can accuse within a legal system can ultimately be accused. Anyone who has smelled the fuse of an advantage could even file a lawsuit against Mother Earth if she does not reveal the hoped-for gold vein or the suspected oil source in the places sought. As stupid as this fiction of Roman origin may seem, it is also stupid. The person game only works because people are deceived.

A “hot potato” is normality

Hot iron
Syncretism – The self-evident normal state

One could also describe this call as a “manifesto of pantheism”. Clear evidence of the mutation of the term “theology” into a hypothesis into the “word of some god.” Using the Gospel as a standard, the theology student himself has named the hottest issue in this topic: syncretism. The mixing of elements from different religions. A process that cost the ancient people of Israel their lives. Can be read many times in the Old Testament. For this syncretism, the falling away from the pure gospel, was a regular reason for the calling of admonishing and stirring prophets. But most of them were persecuted and massacred by their own people.

This syncretism, the mixing of truths and untruths, presented as a valid gospel, is the hallmark of Babylon. Back then in ancient Babylon as well as spiritual Babylon to the present (Info).

They all sing “Laudato Si'”

There is no question that the once Protestant churches have found themselves back in their mother’s womb. This can be taken as a given. No one has been protesting for a long time. On the contrary. The Protestant churches all sing their mother’s song “Laudato Si'”. (Info).

The student highlights Francis of Assisi. The namesake of the current Pope and the originator of the worship of nature gods according to “Laudato Si'” (Info). The direction is set with the recent declaration of nature conservation as the new religion. The offspring from the educational establishments, as the young theologian candidate proves, are calibrated, conditioned and prepared. He himself supports the thesis of “God in nature”. So completely in line with papal pantheism.

Targeted formation of the Middle Ages

Spiral staircase darkness
The spiral leads into darkness

The young theologian’s call to the churches to actively support the public sector and its strange connection with the German Basic Law, which has been declared useless for the “preservation of creation”, is a nod to the fence that cannot be overlooked. Anything that doesn’t help can be thrown away. The goal visible here is the fusion of church and state with the original division of power of the pitch-dark Middle Ages. Legislative and judicial power in the hands of the supreme shepherd and moral preacher in Rome and the executive power in the sphere of power of the governments.

This can’t go well and it won’t go well. The signs of these goals are clearly visible (Info). Nevertheless, there is still reason for optimism. The game about Pachamama and Co. will only last for a short time (Info).

Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.
Romans 12:14

Bible verses from King James Version

Pachamama – guiding figure for pantheism & syncretism
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