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New Observatory for Marian Apparitions – Mystical



The Vatican presented a newly set up department to the public just two weeks ago, the “observatory for Marian apparitions”. The purpose of this facility is to take a closer look at reported apparitions of Mary and other “mystical phenomena”.

Expansion of a Vatican department

The “Observatory for Marian Apparitions” is not a one-man operation with a single office somewhere in London, like the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, but a larger team around the “Pontifical Marian Academy”. Based in Vatican City. This observatory intends to collect data, conduct studies and offer academic support following such reports of mystical phenomena. In addition to the training of pastors and media people, it is also about exposing deception, aa Vatican News reported.

Maria deification
‘Deified’ Mary – Jesus very small and with sun disc

The Church of Rome has acknowledged few of the “private revelations of Our Lady” reported by thousands of people over the past several decades. The aim of this newly created observatory is therefore also to create a critical awareness among people. “When Our Lady appears, it improves our Christian life,” said Sister Daniela Del Gaudio, a senior member of the Observatory of Marian Apparitions. Nevertheless, there is also “a popular piety” that pursues false beliefs and “is not anchored in the Bible and ecclesiology”. That is why this piety is based on a false foundation, Del Gaudio warned.

Detect fraud attempts

It is also about protecting people from attempts at plagiarism and fraud. Therefore, a critical awareness is also necessary among lay people and not only among pastors and priests. Everyone should be able to distinguish true from false appearances.

The bishops and the commission of the diocese are primarily responsible. Therefore, the “Observatory for Marian apparitions” does not want to take their place. No contact should be made with the “seers” as long as the commission is investigating.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad

Somehow this facility is reminiscent of the 3 weird guys who went ghost hunting with their futuristic gear in the movie “Ghostbusters” (1984). Only with the difference that the many people in this film rejoiced because of their “rescue” from the spirits and the many Catholics cross themselves after “Mary’s apparitions”, incense them and throw themselves on their knees for their adoration. It would really be laughable if it wasn’t actually so sad. They all engage in idolatry, false idolatry and spiritism. Simply disregard commandment one and commandment two and offer the Lord an abomination with necromancy.

Apparitions possible – Mary impossible

Therefore, the declaration of the “Observatory for Marian apparitions” to want to protect people from fraud seems really cynical. If Gaudio already speaks of “biblical and ecclesiological anchoring”, then she should simply “risk” a look at the Bible. There is nothing about the Assumption of Mary, there is nothing about her sinlessness (immaculateness) and there is also nothing about a soul that lives on wherever after death. Therefore it is also completely impossible that any possible apparition, of whatever nature, can never be the deceased Mary who has been lying in her tomb ever since!

Catholics should search the Bible

read Scripture
Read the Bible instead of parroting the catechism

Who Catholic Mary actually embodies is an open secret. However, the Catholics prostrating before Mary should dare to try the “eyesalve of Laodicea” in order to open their eyes and see through the deceit of Rome, which has been going on for almost 2,000 years. All that is needed is to banish the catechism and replace it with a decent Bible.

New Observatory for Marian Apparitions – Mystical
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