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Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral – A cult site

Notre Dame


The reconstruction of the burned down “cult cathedral” Notre Dame de Paris is making great strides. In the meantime another cross has been placed on the roof. A Roman Catholic site with a mixed history.

Targeted opening date

The Roman church rejoices. The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, which burned down around 4 years ago, has a cross again, according to the title of “katholisch.de“. Last Wednesday, a crane lifted the new cross to a height of almost 100 meters and transported it to its predetermined location. We are working diligently to restore this episcopal church so that the desired first service can take place after reopening on December 8, 2024.

“Our Lady of Paris” burned ablaze

Notre Dame burn
Notre Dame went up in smoke

A fire broke out in the cathedral in the late afternoon of April 15, 2019 (10th Nissan 5779). The roof of the building was almost completely burned down. The so-called crossing tower collapsed and the vault underneath was damaged by falling roof parts. The cause of the fire is unclear and the rapid spread of the fire in this massive structure appears just as puzzling.

Notre-Dame de Paris, in the administrative area of ​​the Archdiocese of Paris, is called “Our Lady of Paris”. This cathedral is dedicated to the Roman Catholic “Mother of God” Mary. The building, built between 1163 and 1345, is on the island of Île de la Cité in the Seine River.

On the basis of paganism

Notre Dame would not be a “real” Roman Catholic building if it had not been built on the site of former pagan temples for idol worship. This island was already at the center of pagan practices in ancient times during the Celtic period and subsequently also within the Roman Empire. A place of worship for the Roman “god” Jupiter. At the beginning of the 6th century, the Merovingian Clovis I declared the populated area around this island to be the capital of his empire. Clovis, who had converted to Catholicism a few years earlier, was a loyal follower of the Pope.

Pope Anastasius II (496-498) and Pope Symmachus (498-514) Clovis knew how to use his military forces to eliminate the recalcitrant sovereigns who did not want to submit to the Bishop of Rome and his striving for absolute supremacy. These included the Ostrogoths, Herulians and Vandals. Clovis delivered the decisive blow to the Ostrogoths under Theodoric. In gratitude, the Pope named the Merovingian king the “eldest son of the church.” Even today, France is referred to as the “eldest daughter of the Church.”

Notre Dame is always the focus

Notre Dame
Cathedral on pagan soil

Notre Dame Cathedral has been at the center of attention several times in the history of Roman Catholic politics and the French Revolution. In 1773, Pope Clement XIV banned the Jesuit order. Lorenco Ricci was the last General Superior of this order for a period of around 40 years. The United States was founded in 1776 and three years later the French Revolution broke out in France.

A rebellion led by the Jacobins under the sign of the Phrygian cap. Many of the water-spouting figures in the cathedral still wear this cap today. The headgear of the pagan “sun god” Mithras is the Phrygian cap, unless he is depicted with the 7-rayed sun crown, as can also be admired on the Statue of Liberty in front of Manhattan. This bronze “lady” is a gift from France.

Reason of the Phrygian cap

Phrygian cap
Phrygian cap – symbol of Mithras & French Revolution

As early as 1793, the rebels celebrated the “Festival of Reason” on November 10th at Notre Dame. Religion was forbidden, from now on only human morality counted. To do this, the revolutionaries “organized” a prostitute, stripped her completely and carried her to Notre Dame. In the cathedral they crowned the naked woman the “goddess of reason”.

Another highlight followed on December 2nd, 1804. Napoleon crowned himself emperor in the presence of the Pope, who had since been reinstated but was only watching. This coronation ceremony again took place in Notre Dame Cathedral.

This was followed in 1806 by the dissolution of the “Holy Roman Empire”. In 1814, Pope Pius VII reinstated the Jesuit order and anathematized anyone who even spoke about wanting to dissolve the Jesuit order.

Cuddling course with France

The upheaval in France and the disempowerment of Pope Pius VI. in 1798 was a consequence of the interventions of the wearers of the Phrygian cap. It seems as if the Pope and General Oberer have not been in agreement for a while. There was never absolute harmony within the church of Rome.

This is shown by today’s “differences of opinion” surrounding the synod. At the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI felt compelled to write a letter to remind the Jesuit order of their absolute loyalty. Pope Francis, the first Jesuit as pontiff, is visibly cleaning up the Curia. So it is not surprising that the Jesuit Pope and French President Macron, the scion of the “eldest daughter of the Church”, demonstrate their deep love for one another at meetings.

France completely deposed the Pope from power at the end of the 18th century and is still currently “cuddling” with the current Pope? It probably depends on the difference whether it is a Jesuit or not.

Christian or pagan?

Notre Dame Demon
Demons on Notre Dame watch over Paris

The Notre Dame Cathedral is literally covered in figures and images. On the west facade you can find a woman sitting on a throne. In her hands a scepter, an open and a closed book. In front of her is a ladder with nine steps. A symbol of ascension to higher spheres and transformation into deity.

The first great “revolutionary” against God, Nimrod, also received a memorial place. Even the dead are remembered. One depiction shows San Michele Arcangelo joining Satan to place the souls of the dead on the scales. Both determine salvation and damnation. A look at the ground also shows an embedded 8-pointed star at one point. An octagon like this one used for the “goddess” Ishtar.

A Roman Catholic site

Decapitated statue
The Beheading – Many popes chose Paul and John

This cathedral is indeed steeped in history and of enormous symbolic value. Pagan gods, in honor of the “Mother of God” Mary and refuge and ritual buildings for the wearers of the Phrygian cap. The planned opening ceremony will take place on December 8th, i.e. for the “Conception of Mary Immaculate” (Isis-Kult – Info).
In short: Roman Catholic through and through.

Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral – A cult site
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