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There is no more truth in the evangelical church



Despite the abysmal black time of spiritual darkness, there are still many people seeking truth who have recognized the golden and only right way in the gospel. Their search also regularly leads them to institutions that were most likely to be capable of telling the “truth”. The Evangelical Church. But their focus has shifted massively. Their wisdom leads straight to nowhere.

There are still truth lovers and seekers

Searching for truth is looking for a needle in a haystack

There are still very many today who, in times of spiritual darkness, are looking for a bright light on the horizon across the very narrow path of truth. One of the big churches is probably one of the first stops on the search. Especially among the Protestant representatives, many a seeker after truth still hopes to be able to find what they are looking for. After all, a seeker has many questions that demand answers such as where does everything come from, why is the world the way it is, what is the meaning of life, where does humanity go, what comes after death and how do I attain it Redemption, which is (actually) the focus of Christianity.

Promising evangelical competence center

Skills Pyramid
Competence center based on the pyramid

In the course of his research, the truth-seeker comes across the online presence of the promising Internet portal “Competence Center for the Evangelical Church in Germany”. This competence center also sees itself responsible for the members of the churches, their institutions and works as well as the evangelical small churches. “All interested companies and organizations” can also feel addressed. So a hit?

A portal for general short messages?

What does the searcher find on the website of the Competence Center for the Evangelical Church in Germany? Reports on environmental protection, climate protection, climate crisis, climate research, protection of the seas, long journeys to day care centers and primary schools, refugee policy, migration policy, asylum policy, pension policy, abortions, risks of stroke and heart attack, economic and financial crises, UNICEF actions, cooperation with the Hague Criminal Court , Doctors Without Borders, Pope Francis and also tips for the evening program filled with the television.

At this point, at the latest, you should look at the Internets address bar again to make sure you haven’t accidentally opened one of the relevant news portals. If you still persist in your search, you will find something that looks Christian in the beginning, i.e. reports and explanations about Easter, Christmas, Pentecost and also the Church Day.

There is something “theological” to be found

The seeker of truth encounters a real oasis of answers to the open questions within the competent theological desert in the “Stylish faith” (“Stilvoll Glauben”) section. With his regular contributions, the author, a “city pastor”, always offers a deep understanding of the gospel, i.e. the written word of God, the “good news of victory”. Prepared to be light fare and easy to understand even for the completely inexperienced person who suspects the truth in the gospel and would like to have this confirmed. This is how the city pastor leads people to the truth with mini pancakes

The way leads over mini pancakes

mini pancakes
Dutch mini pancakes instead of the gospel

The background and above all the meaning of “Poffertjes” is explained to those searching for the truth in the evangelical portal. A very popular dish, especially in the Netherlands, which in the number of 15 represents the standard of reason. Poffertjes are a mini version of pancakes that are sprinkled with powdered sugar after sizzling. A “decent piece of butter” then tops it off.

Monks had a brilliant idea

What does this have to do with the gospel, let alone the way to the truth? The seeker of truth experiences this immediately. According to this, the inventors of these poffertjes were monks in need near Bordeaux, France. They lacked wheat flour for their hosts. They used buckwheat flour as a substitute. The changeover seemed to be such a hit with the tastes of the Host recipients that it “increased attendance by 1,000 percent” at this (unspeakable) Mass. But it didn’t stop there. This pastry continued its triumphal march through the annual fairs, into the church consecrations and right through the French Revolution to the Netherlands.

World has been improved

Even today, the size of these poffertjes is reminiscent of the usual communion wafers. But the taste of these mini pancakes is incomparable. The author wonders whether the tradition of these monks should not be taken over and the Lord’s Supper should be celebrated with these poffertjes. The city pastor calls for the next time you enjoy these mini pancakes to remember the creativity of these monks within a shortage situation. Because “these monks have changed the world for the better,” said the evangelical city pastor.

Poignant profundity

Misleading people – That is the competence behind it

This contribution is one of the “most profound” contributions to conveying the word of God on this portal and once again does full justice to the task of the evangelical church. The seeker after truth can call it a stroke of luck to have the words of Jesus and His disciples served up with powdered sugar and a piece of butter by an experienced city pastor. The seeker is thus helped and with a portion of mini pancakes he can really enjoy his rescue right away.

The Holy Spirit will still lead

Honestly! What legal basis does the Evangelical Church in Germany still take? It would be all “well and good” if these so-called representatives of personal faith would label themselves accordingly. But this “concentration of competence” babbles all this in the light of Christianity.
Anyone who believes or actually seeks the truth and does not allow himself to be influenced by such nonsense will also be led to the truth by the Holy Spirit past such “competence centers”. With this prospect, the seeker can feel quite safe. God leaves no truth-lover to the utter nonsense told from the minds of those who have gone astray. And this fact is irrefutable.

Accidental Timing of the Sacrament Study?

rotten Eucharist
The foul-rotten compromise is certain

A study on the differences between the Catholic Eucharist and the Protestant Lord’s Supper has recently been published. There are still huge gaps to be bridged here, in the sense of ecumenism, of course. The city pastor, one can assume, will hardly or not at all think about the background of the Catholic Eucharist. Or he doesn’t care. What ever. The Eucharist is part of it what the Bible calls “the abominations of the earth”. There can therefore be no compromise and therefore the agreement reached with certainty will look similar to the “Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification”. This declaration looks Protestant, but contains the body and soul of the Church of Rome. Both churches, the mother and the daughter, “totally finished”.

But this knowledge is frowned upon in the circle of “Good Will” just like the crystal clear statement of Jesus in John 14:6:

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Bible verses from King James Version

There is no more truth in the evangelical church
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