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Apparitions – Never God’s announcement of punishment – Church of Rome tells fairy tales

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They should have whatever is good for the people. The churches, Roman Catholic and Protestant, tell their “theological” stories entirely to the delight of their flock. God be pure love and chastisement and punishments are completely excluded. Such stories lull people into a blissful sleep like a fairy tale lulls little children into.

Carefree and demanding

Concerning faith, the apostle Paul foretold the conditions of men in the future in his second letter to his assistant Timothy. People will no longer care much about the truth of the Bible, but will be eager to hear and read what pleases and excites. 2. Timothy 4:3-4:
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

If you believe, then it’s super simple, comfortable, creates good feelings and in no way involves effort and certainly not with changes in your life. Anyone who can achieve the feat of combining all of these characteristics and requirements today (unfortunately) has a good chance of finding people’s ears wide open.

“Love” is the “open sesame”

One of those “magic words” that makes people ecstatic is “love.” On the one hand, it is correct to speak of “God is love”, as the Gospel clearly says, but on the other hand, this love must in no way be accompanied by any kind of justice from God.

And if so, then only justice in the sense of rewards. The churches, especially the once Protestant houses, abuse the love of God by telling people that God cannot harm any soul because of His limitless love. Let alone send a person to hell and thus eternal destruction after a judgment has been held. It’s true: God accepts every person as they are. But God doesn’t say to anyone(!), just stay as you are right now.

Quite apart from the fact that it is the propagated hell cannot be real at all, because firstly such an institution does not exist and secondly because of its non-existence immortal souls would be missing, God is indeed love through and through, His creation alone proves this, but in no way unjust. Because the justice of God includes both sides of the coin, mercy and punishment.

Churches follow desire

But people no longer want to hear this and the teachings of the major churches about the justice of God and the sins that are inevitably associated with it have been modified accordingly.

The sins are simply redefined.

The mother of the corrupted words of God, the Roman Catholic Church, has also recognized this trend. Once humanity was convinced of the church’s dogmas with the help of clubs, gags and funeral pyres, today the Roman Church acts as a supposed servant of the desires of its flock. The “enlightened” society only demands words of reconciliation. Negative things can no longer find a place in this already completely shattered world, riddled with misery and wars. Therefore, the Church of Rome also strives to cast the “vibrations” emanating from it in a positive light.

Appearances – Never notice of punishment

The President of the Pontifical Marian Academy, Stefano Cecchin, gave an interview to the Catholic magazine “Alpha & Omega” in April 2023 (Source). Here, Cecchin expressed exactly what the spirit of the times dictates in relation to possible miraculous phenomena:

The Holy See issued clear regulations on this in 1978. Therefore there is a protocol. But there are warning signs. Does a mother want to punish her children by sending them disease, death, etc.? No way. Therefore, the apparitions that speak of God’s punishments are absolutely false.

Virgin and Mother of God
Mary – Disguised Isis placed by Rome over Jesus Christ

No matter how “controversial” the Catholic apparitions of the Virgin Mary and other “miracles” may be, with these words the Catholic priest excludes any punishment or chastisement from God. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. As if Cecchin didn’t know anything about almost the entire Old Testament and large areas of the New Testament.

God, basically just an old man sitting around who has no other ambitions besides radiating love and begging for peace on earth. Just hoping that “his deputy” in the Vatican would somehow manage this. If the God defined by the Catholic Church had one of his fits of rage, Mary would take care of it.

Pleasant view of God and the world

Apparently Cecchin is either subject to the philosophy of anti-authoritarian education. So, children who are left to grow up on the side without any parental guidance, without instructions about what is good and wrong. Or he represents the view, also widespread in the Roman Catholic Church, that God is an angry, bloodthirsty God of vengeance, while the “Mother of God Mary” is the gentle, loving, tender and peacemaking component of heaven. After all, with his suggestive question, Cecchin is talking about a mother who never punishes her children. After all, she could never convey anything negative, such as an impending judgment from God.

Mary about God?

Since the Catholic version of Mary is an image of the ancient Egyptian “goddess” Isis disguised as Christianity, a possible reference made by Cecchin to this imaginary celestial figure can be dropped directly.

In doing so, the President of the Pontifical Marian Academy would even place Mary above God. There is no God who is never chaste or punishable. And Mary is not above God to ever prevent this. By the way, Mary died almost 2,000 years ago and has been lying in her grave ever since.

Never a chastening God?

old man
Either apathetic or an angry bully?

According to Cecchin, the version of a God who never chastens or even punishes would still remain if he did not attribute this “overwhelming power over God” to Mary. The Bible shows how wrong this statement that God would never announce or even take punitive measures is, using numerous examples.

Misunderstood chastisement

Basically, God’s chastisement must first be properly understood. God has absolutely nothing to do with anti-authority, but neither does he have anything to do with “lashing out in blind rage.” God has ordained His laws for this fallen world. The 10 Commandments. From these commandments people can recognize whether they have sinned or whether the impending act would be such. Sin, i.e. breaking the law, results in death. Actually an easy-to-understand rule.

Call to repentance

God’s love is also expressed in the fact that He wants to save as many people as possible. He doesn’t like it when people get lost. But people will perish because they did not return to God, repented of their sins, and refrained from committing them in the future. A single verse expresses the connection beautifully, Ezekiel 33:11:
Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?

Just as a father loves his son, the father also chastises his son so that he does not stray from the right path or return to it. Hebrews 12:7:
If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?

If a child does not understand that it is dangerous to play with fireworks in a barn filled with straw, and if admonition does not help, then there must be a consequence. Or the barn will (carelessly) burn down and something bad might happen to the son. Be it the house arrest or the smartphone ban, it is a measure of punishment so that the son (hopefully) realizes that fireworks in the straw barn are extremely dangerous and simply refrains from doing it. However, if the father showed indifference towards the son, then “go ahead, do what you enjoy, I don’t care.”

Biblical examples of chastisement

Gospel study
Bible tells different things than the church of Rome

A small excerpt of examples shows how chastisement was a very frequently used measure to persuade people who were on the wrong path to reflect and turn back.

Job 5:17:
Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty:

Proverbs 23:13:
Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

Isaiah 26:16:
LORD, in trouble have they visited thee, they poured out a prayer when thy chastening was upon them.

Jeremiah 2:30:
In vain have I smitten your children; they received no correction: your own sword hath devoured your prophets, like a destroying lion.

Never a punishing God?

Given the numerous examples in the Bible, it is a mystery how Stefano Cecchin came up with the idea that real “apparitions” could never herald divine punishment. Even without quoting verses, most Christians, including many non-Christians, will be familiar with the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. This is a prime example of God’s judgment against completely degenerate heathens. Only Lot, his wife and his two daughters escaped because angels appeared(!) to them, announced God’s punishment(!) and called on them to flee.

A constant feature of the Old Testament is the apostasy of God’s people Israel from the true faith towards extensive idolatry. A good role model for living a God-pleasing life looks different.

Punishment and chastisement were standard

The court will not be canceled

God repeatedly chastised and punished the apostate people over the centuries. Be it the victory of the Philistines over Israel and the theft of the Ark of the Covenant, the destruction of Samaria by the Assyrians and thus also northern Israel, or the overpowering of Jerusalem and the land of Judah by the Babylonians. All of these events were announced by God through His prophets (Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, etc.). Always a consequence of disobedience, idolatry and refusal to repent.

The people in the city of Nineveh who escaped with a “black eye” prove that a threatened punishment can also be averted by following God’s call. They repented, repented of their sins, and humbled themselves before God. The destruction of Nineveh announced by the prophet Jonah did not occur. Conditions met.

Obvious Punishments in Revelation

The president of the Pontifical Marian Academy also seems to be unaware of the announcements in the Book of Revelation. As described in many chapters of the book of Daniel, there follows a final judgment on humanity and also on the apostate angels with Satan at their head. So it would be obvious to a Catholic clergyman to want to suppress the judgment of the dragon, the beast and the false prophet (Babylon) announced in Revelation, but there is no way around it.

Together into the abyss

It’s actually clear. Out of your own interest, you want to tell people exactly what they want after years of conditioning. Your own interest is to convey a story about God, His attributes and His plans that avoids coming out of your (ignorant) comfort zone as much as possible.

The ultimate goal of the papacy is to bring everyone on board in order to sail straight into the abyss as a united human family. At least this is the certain result, even if the “Vicar of Christ” in Rome imagines something completely different.

Read the Bible yourself? Oh what! After all, the church is “infallible” and so are the priests. What applies to the Roman Catholic Church has long been a characteristic of the once Protestant institutions. The daughters who recently returned to Rome.

Much more than just “a” belief

THE Faith requires a lot more than sitting back in the false certainty that you are saved because of ONE belief. This begins with putting aside blind trust in all clergy, especially those with a cassock, surplice and stole or in a gown, and examining them yourself. It is better to gain your own insights through independent Bible study.

It is important to overcome this world, just as Jesus Christ overcame this world, and not to shape this world based on instructions that go against God.

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
1 John 5:4

Bible verses from King James Version

Apparitions – Never God’s announcement of punishment – Church of Rome tells fairy tales
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