Olli Dürr Society Nature conservation – Pope calls for rethinking according to indigenous peoples

Nature conservation – Pope calls for rethinking according to indigenous peoples

Nature conservation – Pope calls for rethinking according to indigenous peoples post thumbnail image


Pope Francis called again for the conversion of humanity. The climate and (“mother”) earth must be protected. The implementation of social restructuring also includes taking into account the rights, tradition and spirituality of the indigenous peoples.

Rethinking according to the encyclical Laudato si’

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Pope Francis (center) calls for a radical restructuring of society

Pope Francis once again exhorted humanity to “change hearts” as required by “Quint Essence No. 10” of his encyclical Laudato si’. During a meeting organized by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) on Friday with representatives of an international forum for indigenous peoples, Francis called for learning from indigenous peoples in the fight against climate change and also strengthening their rights, as Vatican News reported. Humanity is now called to ecological conversion.

Nor the existing social and ecological crisis

We are witnessing an unprecedented social and environmental crisis, said the Pontiff. Profound changes in lifestyle and patterns of production and consumption are now needed to improve this “common home”.

Rethink and include indigenous peoples

The indigenous communities must be involved in nature conservation and climate protection. It is a serious mistake, “not to say a great injustice, to ignore the indigenous communities in protecting the country,” said the Pope. Valuing their cultural heritage and their ancestral techniques will contribute to better environmental management. You have to learn from the knowledge and way of life of the indigenous peoples.

Indigenous peoples convey a wise path of development that is in harmony with creation. According to the Pope, this agreement can also be described as “harmony”. This harmony is not a simple functional balance. It’s about the “well-being of the soil, the well-being of the environment, the well-being of the weather, the well-being of the vegetation or the well-being of the fauna”.

Governments must recognize indigenous peoples

The Pope called on governments to recognize indigenous peoples around the world. This also includes their cultures, languages, traditions and spirituality. It is important to respect their dignity and rights in the awareness “that the richness of our great human family consists precisely in its diversity.” Their wisdom is not “encyclopedic”, but “the wisdom of seeing, hearing and touching.”

The “transition” to be carried out now must be a fundamental reversal, as described in the encyclical “Laudato si'”.

The mark is within reach

The “mark of the beast” described in Revelation 13 becomes more and more precise as the elevation of God’s creation as a “creation to be worshipped” continues. All that was missing was an internationally enforced rest day to reduce CO2 emissions and thus protect nature. This day of rest will be Sunday, that’s as certain as the collection bag in church. Such confusion of the actual Sabbath (7. Tag, Saturday) described in the Bible with Sunday is unmistakable. The evangelical churches are also fully involved in the one-size-fits-all pot prepared by Rome. “Sabbath for the earth” is one of the theses presented.

“Theologians” represent Catholic philosophy

So also represents the so-called ecological theologian Jürgen Moltmann the comprehensive catholic “social philosophy” (Source):

“The crown of creation is not man, but the Sabbath. God crowned all of His creation by creating and resting the Sabbath. The Sabbath Laws are set up to secure the future of the land: every seven years the land is to remain uncultivated so that the land can celebrate its high Sabbath for the Lord. This is the religion of the earth. And you don’t leave with impunity. Today we need a Sabbath for the earth, a Sabbath for the sea, and a Sabbath for the air, so that the earth may be fertile again, sea life may be restored, and the air may be clean again.”

“Religion of the Earth”. Paul already had an answer to such ambitions, Romans 1:25:
“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.”

Sabbath for Earth equals climate lockdown

What the “Earth Sabbath” represents for the “Christian” ambitious person, the “climate lockdown” is for the atheists. The discussions about a lockdown to protect the climate have really gained momentum with the Corona-related lockdown regulations. What is still denigrated here as a “conspiracy theory” has long been the normal consensus in other countries. It is only a matter of time before the “Sunday Sabbath” to protect “Mother Earth” is enforced as a climate lockdown.

Bible verses from King James Version

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