Olli Dürr Society Mike Pence calls for a return to “Christian values”.

Mike Pence calls for a return to “Christian values”.

Mike Pence calls for a return to “Christian values”. post thumbnail image


A speech given by US presidential candidate Mike Pence urges a return to Christian values. Catholicism must be lived openly again. However, the values ​​conveyed in his speech were conveyed a few years ago by a world political opponent.

Pence a “Protestant Catholic”

The Republican and former US Vice President Mike Pence had already made it clear during the election campaign before Donald Trump’s presidency that with his Christian orientation he leads a hybrid existence. While his future boss Donald Trump, a Protestant, praised Catholicism in some of his speeches, Pence described himself as a “Protestant Catholic”. That doesn’t go together any more than “truthful lies” or “shining darkness”. Such a constellation would only work philosophically if one is addicted to the “Yin-Yang ideology”.

Cardinal Newman could be an example

Pseudo-Jesus baptism

The ‘Christian values’ are actually Catholic values

It seemed as if Pence chose John Henry Newman as his personal role model. Once a minister in the Protestant Church of England and keen to bring back the practices of the Roman Catholic traditions to the Anglican Church. Thanks to Newmann’s zealous commitment, holy images and altars found their way back to the place from which they had once been removed in recognition of the sacrilege practiced. After the deed was done, Newmann surprisingly converted to Catholicism and was soon rewarded with the title of cardinal.

The function of such a “mole” apparently also holds the “Protestant Catholic” and current presidential candidate Pence. The politician, labeled Protestantismus, urged a gathering of Catholics at the Napa Institute (USA) to “live out their faith boldly in public space”, as the magazine “Die Tagespost” reported.

Pence has evidently not yet discarded his childhood Catholicism. For the faith of Catholicism has only marginally anything to do with the gospel, even for reasons of labeling. As a “Protestant”, he should actually notice that.

Not separation but assimilation

tree fusion

But the division between Protestantism and Catholicism is not on the agenda of the Republican presidential candidate. Here, too, the ecumenism promoted from Rome sets the tone, i.e. the merging of both creeds. What on on the church level has long been accomplished now just needs to be planted in the minds of the general public.
In his “national Christian lust” Pence elevates his country to the highest level. “God is not done with America yet,” said the Republican. It has never been more important than today that practicing Catholics publicly stand up for their values, for the “good of our children, our families and our future”.

In churches across the country, priests, bishops and other ministers are leading the way, but it’s up to the American people to stand up for those values ​​now, Pence said. The Republican reiterated his belief “with all my heart” that America’s foundation is liberty, but liberty’s foundation is faith.

It is a time when culture is “moving away from the timeless values ​​of our faith.” Now we must return to the question of who can be against us when God is for us. Pence is convinced that the vast majority of Americans still value the “sacredness of human life”, traditional values ​​and marriage.
Mike Pence is also a staunch opponent of abortion and has long campaigned for a federal ban on abortion after the 15th week of pregnancy. The Republican also wants to ban any sex-changing treatment for minors.

Do Pence and Putin have the same speechwriter?

Mike Pence represents quite conservative values ​​here, which will make many a “woken fellow” blush in the face. “National Christianity” or “Right-Wing Christians” are the blanket labels used by the mainstream. These values, represented by Pence, are directly opposed to the motley goings-on and this must be fought with all media violence.

However, it is surprising to compare the current speech by US presidential candidate Pence with the speech given by Russian President Vladimir Putin about 6 years ago. As if Pence and Putin had the same speechwriter on hand. The following is an excerpt from Putin’s speech:

Putin’s speech on “Western values”

Putin speech

Putin’s values ​​are also the ‘Christian values’

“Another challenge (danger) to Russian national identity is related to the processes we observe outside of Russia. They include foreign policy, moral and other aspects.

We see that many Euro-Atlantic (Western) countries have taken the path where they deny or reject their own roots, including their Christian roots, which form the basis of Western civilization.

In these countries, the moral basis and any traditional identity are denied – national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are denied or relativized.

There, a large family is equated (legally) with a homosexual partner shop by politicians; Belief in God equals belief in Satan.
Indeed, the excesses and exaggerations of political correctness in these countries give rise to serious considerations about the legitimacy of parties promoting pedophilia propaganda.

People in many European countries are actually ashamed of their religious affiliation and are even afraid to talk about it. Christian holidays and celebrations are abolished or renamed “neutral” as if to be ashamed of these Christian holidays. This method obscures the deeper moral value of these celebrations.

And these countries are trying to impose this model on other countries around the world. I am deeply convinced that this is a direct route to degradation and primitivism (of culture). This is leading to a deeper demographic and moral crisis in the West.”

Hegel’s principle in action

Hegels Axe

First split, then drive, then merge – Hegel’s axe

Alone the constellation of the Patriarchs of Kiev and Moscow to the Vatican, and the respective political stances of the respective presidents of Ukraine and Russia can cause as much confusion as the “at heart” alignment of Pence and Putin. But here, too, the game, which has been running for years, shows division, incitement and final fusion in accordance with Hegel’s philosophy (Hegelian dialectics).

People are being pushed into two extreme camps. On the one hand the extremely liberal excesses (“woke”) and on the other hand the extremely conservative Christians with the banner of morality held high. A study commissioned by “Die Tagespost” on the acceptance of the rainbow flag on or above church buildings shows how small the minority of “woken” actually is within society. More than two thirds of those questioned consider this symbol to be at least superfluous.

“Christian Values” instead of “Wokeness”

rainbow eye

Wokeness will be overrun by (pseudo) Christianity

After the era of “woken” activity, the (supposed) return to the “old values” has now been heralded. The excesses of the colorful fragments of society have already completely overstretched the bow at the last CSD in Berlin. Acceptance is shrinking and many people are already turning away from this rainbow-colored hustle and bustle in disgust.

The so-called Christian values ​​will come back. Probably with a strong boost after the next election in the USA and the inauguration of the chosen president. The “woken disvalues” will be largely replaced by the rules of conduct described as Christian, but will not disappear completely. Ultimately, the main concern is to turn all of God’s statutes and laws upside down and trample on them. That alone shows Pence’s exclusive reference to Catholicism.

Mother and daughters holding hands

Mother Daughter Sun

Mother & Daughter in Front of the Sun – A very short lived family

The Protestant churches in Germany are also providing strong support for this change of direction. But not in the form of conveying Christian values, from which these institutions are already so far removed that they are no longer recognizable, but by driving their flock in the direction of “maternal values”.

The people should finally turn to the mother organization Rome (“Jezebel”) and not to the daughters. These are responsible for the executive implementation of the “Christian” laws once dictated by the parent organization Rome. From bad to worse, because the new “Christian values” will not be compatible with the gospel. The current pontificate has already provided for this by imparting a substitute religion that is extremely close to nature. Nature and climate protection as part of the “preservation of creation” and this topic also affects the rest of humanity who do not want to identify directly with Christianity. But the throne of the once homogeneous global religion will be the same as that of the successor to the ancient and adorable Emperor of Rome.

The antidote to getting off lightly is here.

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