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Membership loss EV churches testifies to the total failure


In 2022, the members of the EKD were leaving the churches even faster. Helpless attempts at explanations, stammering, but nevertheless revealing about the total failure and drifting away from the biblical truth that has long been apparent.

The church members run away even faster

The members of the Evangelical Church are running away in droves. On Tuesday, the Evangelical Church in Germany published (EKD) the number of members as of December 31, 2022. According to this, 19.15 million people in Germany were part of the Protestant Church at that time. The number of people leaving the EV church was around 36 percent larger in 2022 than in 2021.

Migration from institutional churches

total failure church
Helpless explanations – total failure of the EV church

At the end of 2021, the EKD still had around 19.725 million members. At the same time, there were still around 21.646 million people in the Roman Catholic Church. About 3,176 million people were still “registered” in the Orthodox Church. As of December 31, 2021, the Evangelical Free Churches (small churches Evangelical denominations) had around 294,000 members.

With the emigration of the members of the individual “Christian” churches, it is largely a question of a change into non-denominationalism. Another part changed to another religion. The EKD found that the proportion of people with no religious affiliation and members of other religions in Germany has risen steadily over the past few decades. Nevertheless, the EKD is sticking to the current track. Almost defiantly, the EKD declares: “Even where it forms a minority, the Evangelical Church in Germany is and will remain a church for the whole people”*.

Kurschus is combative

The EKD chairwoman Annette Kurschus does not seem to be able to deal with the development of church members leaving in large numbers in a particularly rational manner. She is combative: “We will not accept declining membership numbers and persistently high numbers of resignations as God-given, but take decisive countermeasures where possible.” But with this rather unfortunate statement, the chairperson is either revealing her rebellious attitude towards God’s will, or she is simply ignoring the fact that despite all countermeasures, God still remains in control of everything that happens. In the case of the Evangelical Church, it would definitely be better for each individual still member to flee as quickly as possible and pick up the Bible with their own hands and study it themselves.

Total failure of the EV church

How “close to the people” the evangelical churches see themselves, their relationship to the gospel is just as superficial. This can also be seen in the succinct explanation of its own existence: “The Protestant Church came into being as a result of the Reformation and sees itself as a branch of global Christianity.” A pure ecumenical statement.
The very own task, according to the greats Luther, Wycliffe, Tyndale, Zwingli and many more early Protestants would be the proclamation of the gospel to the people and not pandering. How low the evangelical churches have already sunk in their ignorance of the gospel is shown by the several agreements and joint declarations with the Roman Catholic Church. To still call oneself Christian in view of this submission to the Roman “universal church” is more than just daring.

Helpless but insightful explanations

With such an advanced distance from the truth, it is not surprising that the resulting “Theologians” on the one hand helplessly, on the other hand enlightening arguments on the other hand. The Goettingen Theology professor Jan Hermelink sees the financial situation of church members as the main reason for last year’s wave of resignations. An argument that is definitely justified. But Hermelink emphasizes that fewer and fewer people take church membership for granted and that people used to be in the church “more out of family tradition, without being able to justify it more precisely.” With this, the professor reveals the total failure of the evangelical church many decades ago. If churches were teaching their followers about the salvation of the gospel and not about proper gender asterisks and rainbow flag raising, church members would know exactly why the church as a community was vitally important.

The EKD is only a means to an end, a returned daughter of the mother church of Rome that has degenerated into a tool. All hope…already lost.

*”People” – When ideologues shoot themselves down

The EKD is linked to the “Paritätisches Gesamtverband” (charity organisation in Germany), as the “Chamber for Migration and Integration” proves. The EKD chairwoman Kurschus sees the church as a church for the people. So the same “group of people” that is also listed in the preamble of the Basic Law and also gives the name for a judicial verdict. However, the Paritätische Gesamtverband is now vigorously advertising the “Mobile Advisory Team against Right-Wing Extremism in Hamburg” and the brochure that has been published for it, with explanations and recommendations for action. In addition to other “woken” topics, the following statement can be found in this brochure:
Right and right-wing extremists believe: There is a people.

According to this, the EKD chairman Kurschus could be described as someone who should be fought according to this “enlightenment brochure”.

Ideologies are seldom conclusive and they just don’t know any logic.

Membership loss EV churches testifies to the total failure
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