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May 1 – Cardinal Marx celebrated the cult of Mary in Munich

Jungfrau u. Muttergottes


The first day of May is celebrated separately in Catholic circles. As part of the Marian cult, this month is dedicated to the “Mother of God”. Cardinal Marx not only put the mother of Jesus in the center, but exalted her as befits a true Catholic.

Marian cult is a prerequisite for a Catholic career

One can be sure that in the Roman Catholic Church one will never make cardinal status unless Mary, the mother of Jesus, is exalted above every imaginable level. So it is only logical that at the beginning of May, in the Catholic sense of the “Mary’s Month”, Munich’s Cardinal Reinhard Marx put the mother of Jesus in the center.

Completely unaffected by the rather sparse statements in the Bible about Mary and entirely in accordance with Catholic tradition, Marx speaks in his speech in the parish church of Oberschleißheim in Munich, Germany, about the special role of “God’s mother” Mary. “We want to be part of the transformation of the world into a feast of the Eucharist, and Mary walks with us on this path and helps us to open our eyes, ears and hearts to the Easter reality of the dawning kingdom of God.”, according to the cardinal, as the Catholic internet portal reported.

Maria is “Patrona Bavariae”

Virgin & Mother of God
Mary the Coredemptrix placed above Jesus

May 1st is celebrated in the “heavily” Catholic (old) Bavaria as a special day “Patrona Bavariae”. Maria, the patron saint of Bavaria. However, this only works fictitious, since it is an exclusive teaching of the Catholic Church that Mary ascended to heaven body and soul. There is nothing about it in the Bible. The Assumption of Mary into Heaven was an idea of ​​Bishop Cyril of Alexandria in the 5th century. The bishop thus served the gnostic Rome-Alexandria axis, which was fatal to mankind. The Assumption of Mary has only been an official teaching of the Catholic Church since 1950(!). Pope Pius XII raised this idea to a dogma in the apostolic constitution “Munificentissimus Deus”.

Marx sees gospel as a mission?

The archbishop of Munich and Freising Marx explained that the festival of the “Patrona Bavariae” was not a privilege in Bavaria, “but rather a mandate to proclaim the gospel”. Mary is also considered the “Queen of Peace” and therefore the believers should entrust themselves to Mary with the request for peace.

If Marx actually had the gospel in mind, he would know that entrusting oneself to Mary, especially in the form of prayer, is not only pointless, but also a blatant violation of God’s first commandment. If a Maria figure or a picture is used, the second commandment is violated also. Not without calculation does this church teach on the basis of its exclusive catechism false commandments (according to Exodus chapter 20). In addition, since Mary died she does not even know what is happening under the sun (Ecclesiastes 9:5-6). The gospel states unmistakably clearly in several places that man does not have an immortal soul. A journey to heaven or hell only exists in the ideas of Catholic minds. Anyone who wants to look for the mother of – so the list of the cardinal – “security, home, consolation, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace” in Mary will not be able to find all of that there.

Again the “human family”

The cardinal and archbishop of Munich and Freising also spoke about the “common human family”. He emphasized that the message of the “Patrona Bavariae” was “that there is the Father of all people and that is why we are a common human family”. However, he failed to put into context who is actually meant by “father”. Anyone who restricts themselves to the words of God, the gospel, immediately thinks of God when they hear “Father”. In view of the “Holy Father” referred to in Rome, this may well be questioned from the Catholic point of view. In addition, there is the opposite statement in the gospel. Because the common human family was also a concern of the “rebel” Nimrod, who was directed against God. However, Jesus Christ had something other in mind, e.g.:

“For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”
(Matthew 10:35).

Catholic Marian cult

It is no secret that the Roman Catholic Church constructed Mary to have an all-important role. Since there is very little information about the mother of Jesus in the Bible, all other and extended descriptions are therefore a pure construct of the fantasies of many a “cleric” who are now referred to as “church fathers”.

According to the Catholic Internet portal, Pope Benedict XV was the one who officially named Maria the “protector of Bavaria”. It goes without saying that he never asked Maria before, let alone ever received an answer.

But the cult of Mary was continued unabated by Pope Benedict XVI. For example, the following can be read on page 23 of the book “The Daughter Zion” (“Die Tochter des Zion”) by Josef Ratzinger:

“It is Mary who “is herself called the true holy remnant, the real daughter of Zion, and who therein becomes the mother of the Redeemer, even the mother of God”

The remarks on page 41 are also very clear:

“She is in person the true Zion upon which hopes have been pinned in all the devastations of history. She may really be called the daughter of Zion, because she gives God the full answer and has become the answer in her person. Therefore, Mary is the true Israel, in which the old and new covenants, Israel and church are one without separation.”

Nothing seems to work without Mary

On page 130 of the book “Weggemeinschaft des Glaubens. Kirche als Communio” (2002), also written by Ratzinger, it can be read that Jesus Christ is not the ONLY way to the Father (Joh. 14:6), but rather the believer first had to go via the Instance Mary. In order to arrive at Jesus Christ, the devout Catholic must first consider Mary as defined by Rome.

“But if we want to understand the Church and Mary rightly, we must learn to go back beyond these divisions in order to understand the supra-individual nature of the person and the supra-institutional nature of community precisely where person and community are inspired by the power of the Lord, the new Adam ago, to be brought back to their origins. The Marian view of the Church and Mary’s ecclesial, salvation-historical view ultimately lead us back to Christ and the Trinitarian God, because here it becomes clear what holiness means, what God’s indwelling in man and in the world is, what we mean by ‘eschatological’ have to understand the tension of the church.”

Catholic cleric is indebted to the Pope

Clerics must swear obedience to the Pope

The Catholic cleric is not even allowed to proclaim the teaching of the gospel, because he sworn to do so in the early stages of his career. Without exception, he is subject to the dogmas of the Pope or the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Josef Ratzinger was once the prefect of this Catholic institution, formerly known as the Inquisition:

“Furthermore, I adhere with religious obedience of will and mind to the teachings presented by the Pope or the College of Bishops when exercising their authentic magisterium, even if they do not intend to proclaim them in a definitive act.”

Whoever wants to hold a teaching position in the Catholic Church must first swear the following oath:

“Condemn the error of all those who claimed that the faith of the Church could contradict history and that today’s Catholic dogmas could not be reconciled with the reliable sources of the Christian religion.”

The celebrated Mary cult. An Isis worship in the guise of Christianity. Woe to him if the Roman Catholic Church fulfills her heart’s desire to regain the absolute power of the Middle Ages (cf. “healed wound, Rev. 13). And she will achieve the goal, but for a relatively short time (see Revelation chapters 13, 17 and 18).

Bible verses from King James Version

May 1 – Cardinal Marx celebrated the cult of Mary in Munich
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