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Marx tried to explain massive exits from the church

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The mass withdrawals from the church in Germany have apparently shocked the Roman Catholic Church. Cardinal Marx struggles for explanations, but cannot find them. The “chief clergyman” sees a certain responsibility on the part of the believers.

The Catholic Church is struggling to keep its composure

The Roman Catholic Church is visibly shocked by the “tsunami” of people leaving the church in 2022. More than 520,000 former church members in Germany have turned their backs on the Church of Rome. As if struck by a rock that had not been broken loose by human hands, the “clerics” stagger around disoriented at the foot of their upright image and do not really know what hour has struck.

One looks for explanations, although the answer, written in oversized letters, is clear and easy to read for everyone. The never-ending series of uncovered abuse cases shoos this lazy elephant right into the Corner of the Meissner porcelain on display. Because of its self-professed “infallibility,” the Roman Catholic Church is doomed to rigidity and immutability. Accordingly, explanations and assurances for “long overdue” changes also sound helpless.

The years between 1517 and 2017 saw how a reformation of the Catholic Church to convert to the Gospel can end. Today the Church of Rome speaks of a tragedy and the once emancipated Protestant Churches have apologized for their “misstep” and are after their grave Deeply saddened, repentant and devoted to her mother in Rome after the puberty phase.

Cardinal Marx “expressed” himself

Bubble Answers
Marx had many words to explain

One does not want to remain silent about the mass exodus of former church members, although restrained silence seems more appropriate than undifferentiated stammering. Cardinal Reinhard Marx was tempted to comment on this development in view of the ongoing decline in the number of members. As optimistic as he seems to be, he doesn’t look backwards, but straight ahead. The cardinal and archbishop of Munich and Freising sees the “shape of the church” in changing, but the “core” will remain, as (CNA) quoted him as saying.

We are “God seekers”

The “core” is defined by “the fact that we are seekers of God,” said the cardinal, who is deeply moved by the news about the church’s departures. Marx now asks himself what he can do, what task he now has, whether it is the task of the church to work together.

With these rather meaningless, empty phrases, as well as with his explanations on the cases of abuse, Cardinal Marx proves again that this church is obviously aware of its complete immobility and can therefore also do without any concrete proposals for change.

Believers are responsible

Cardinal Marx, however, went ahead and inflated the vacuum even further. There are no simple answers to these numbers, according to the “clergyman”, who then quickly turns the tables on responsibility. Because it is the task of all baptized and confirmed Christians “to break through the surface of the discussion again and again and to answer the deep question in a convincing manner: Why am I a Christian? And what does that mean?”.

One involuntarily wonders what task the members of this Roman Curia (should) actually fulfill. Marx sees the “simple believers” as having the responsibility to obtain answers about the meaning of Christianity for themselves and also to explore their own position in it. It is actually the task of the church members to look for these answers to the seekers and questioners. But Marx, a cardinal, counts himself among those still in search of God. What answers might such clerics expect?

Something “Inscrutable”

At least Marx’s attempts at explanation have structure

But Marx probably intended to create a new rosary from the series of isolated phrases. It was not a finished program but “a quest” for hope. This hope can also withstand death and fear and suffering, the cardinal said. This hope can be celebrated in the midst of seekers, with great confidence and even without an answer to all questions. That would be a good way forward, according to Marx.

Qualifier Cardinal?

As if such stammering were a requirement for the office of cardinal, Marx seems fervently trying to do his best. Empty, out of touch with the gospel as usual, disoriented, helpless.

Those who left acted correctly for the time being

If the “seeker” leaves the Roman Catholic Church, it can only be to his advantage. Because the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church only have a Christian tinge, but are from the Gospel teachings far away. The answers for the truth are found solely in the gospel and not in the fancy work of the Catholic catechism.

One can only congratulate those who fled from this church. Regardless of the motive, this step was the only right one. This also applies to members of one of the Evangelical Churches in Germany (EKD). Now it is up to the Catholic or Protestant who has left the church to look after the truth. All the believer has to do is pick up the Bible and read it.

Substitute Religion Nature Worship
Replacement religion Nature worship is already taking off

Just a little study of the Scriptures was enough to identify the first deviations from what was “heard and read” in the Catholic Catechism. The former member of a Protestant church is probably surprised that the Bible says something about Jesus Christ and nothing about left-green politics and worldviews.

Dodge and avoid surrogate religion

It becomes dangerous for the resigned church member if he allows himself to be involved in the replacement religion that has already been worked out. Within the framework of ecumenism, the religion “preservation of creation” can already be recognized in clear contours. Any kind of exaggerated worship of nature, in whatever form, up to and including worship (to come) leads disoriented people to certain perdition.

Marx tried to explain massive exits from the church
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