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Man as the divine creator of life?

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Man will soon emerge as a new, divine creator of life. A physicist and Nobel Prize winner is certain that these ambitious-sounding goals will soon be achieved.

Man – the divine being

The “Divine in Man”. This thesis describes an intersection between the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, esoteric circles, Far Eastern religions and the New Age. While “the Christian divine spark” only exists in the Catholic catechism, Jesus Christ came into this world to deify man (Pos. 460 – Info), the esoteric nourish their ideas with the help of supernatural energy rays from the cosmos. Both stories serve as a reason why people are actually good inside and are therefore able to formulate morality based on their own reason for the common good.

The Gospel says the opposite

The heart of man is wicked and evil, according to Jeremiah 17:9. A clear statement of the gospel. But this clear description is simply ignored by the Church of Rome, which should really know it. If the Holy Spirit is lacking because people reject the knocking of God’s Spirit or completely close themselves off (Info), then human reason can produce strange flowers.

Man was created by God as an intelligent being. Contrary to statements based on evolution, the potential of humans was much greater in the past than it is today. Advanced technology and, more recently, “artificial intelligence” (AI) in the human mind’s environment are causing people’s original abilities to atrophy much more quickly than has already been the case in previous centuries. This decay is accompanied by an equally declining morale. This can be seen very clearly in the latest achievements and visions of so-called science.

Man – New Creator of Life


From seed to flower – still not understood

This century, humanity will be able to create artificial life in the laboratory, said physicist and Nobel Prize winner Didier Queloz in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Source). Accordingly, it is only a matter of time before humans succeed in creating life.

The physicist in the field of astronomy focused his research on the origin of life. His work has been taking place at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich since 2021.

No evidence of the origin of life

The balancing act performed in Didier Queloz’s conversation is astonishing. Completely contrary to the theories of the evolution hypothesis, the Nobel Prize winner admitted that to date there is no scientifically proven theory for the origin of life. Nevertheless, he is confident that this great mystery, which has its origins in the “big bang,” will one day be solved. However, this can only be achieved with a “combination of many different perspectives” based on collaboration between different research directions.

There is no need for God

Queloz categorically rejects the biblical account of creation and asked the rhetorical question whether a God is needed “to ignite the fire of the sun.” He answered this himself with a “no”. After all, physics is now able to artificially simulate sunlight using two hydrogen nuclei.
The same principle also applies to life, says the physicist. If the conditions are right, then life will arise. Therefore, there is no need for an initial push from a creator god.

Not quite thought through


Stopped thinking halfway

A child in front of a whole set of Lego or “Fischertechnik” construction kit may have the same opinion that they don’t need anyone to create something great out of it. But where do the individual building blocks come from and who shaped them so that they can be seamlessly connected to each other in a variety of ways?
Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize for his announcement that he wanted to ensure “peace through more wars.” An obviously geopolitically completely accepted oxymoron. It remains to be seen whether this is also a prerequisite for the award of the Nobel Prize in other disciplines.

Everything came out of nothing

The accepted narrative on the question of how the world came into being is currently: “Everything came into being from nothing”. Before the Big Bang there was nothing. However, accepted science categorically rejects a God who created everything from nothing. With the “out of nothing” formulation without a cause, science avoids unpleasant collisions with undeniable laws of nature (Info). This science therefore lacks the answer about the origin of being. The law of cause and effect apparently didn’t exist before the Big Bang, but it was there “somehow” afterwards.

The physicist’s question as to whether a God is needed to ignite the sun seems embarrassing if one simply assumes that the building blocks of the sun and the prevailing laws of nature are “given without any origin”. The nothingness from which everything is said to have simply arisen is, in the most benign sense, just a spiritual science. So a model, an idea, a spiritual construct.

Excessive self-aggrandizement of man


Pride once overcame Nimrod too

This self-exaltation of man to the point of being a divine creator is always fatal. The madness obviously knows no bounds. Nurtured by the Hellenistic philosophies of the Church of Rome and the “cosmic visions” of today’s lecturers in the world’s educational institutions (Info). A prime example is Yuval Noah Harari and his view of people. Harari, who holds a chair at the University of Jerusalem, reserves “divinity” only for a select group of a few people and regards the rest as “golem” (“cattle”).

Dead matter does not simply come to life

From the perspective of the physicist and Nobel Prize winner, the building blocks we know today somehow emerged from the Big Bang. How far their composition will ever be successful before this construct could look similar to something living remains to be seen. Man certainly cannot breathe life into dead matter. The being that was only given the breath of God is not able to pass on even a part of it. The secret of life cannot be grasped and certainly cannot be created artificially.

At the same time, however, people are eager to extinguish the life created by God even faster. The federal government has now drawn up a draft that will require expectant doctors to take part in a course for surgical abortions, regardless of their specialty (Info).

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.
Genesis 2:7

Bible verses from King James Version

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