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Laudato si’ film adaptation teaches pure pantheism


With the film, subtitled “A Message For Our Earth,” Pope Francis intends to explain to humanity that our Earth needs special protection. This flick can certainly be described as the film adaptation of “Laudato si'”, the encyclical published by Pope Francis in 2015. This letter is a call for nature conservation, the definition of “10 Green Commandments” and the declaration that environmental and climate protection have been included in the official Catholic dogmas.

sunset sea
The sun was always the favorite object of the Catholic Church - Ra - Baal - Horus

A superbly successful propaganda film of the extra class. In the Laudato si’ film adaptation, nature conservation is at the top, but the gospel remains in the background. This cinematic film has nothing in common with the teaching of God’s creation. The clear message: Man has to submit to nature. Even more. Nature is to be worshiped. There was only a hair’s breadth missing from the call to worship nature and earth. With the encyclical Laudato si’, Pope Francis imposed a religious aspect on the environmental issue. The language in this film is, among other things, “Brother Sun”, “Sister Moon”, “Brother Wind” and the like. Pantheism in its purest form. Such vocabulary has long been found in the EV churches, which are now returned daughters of Rome.

So it is not surprising that the (former) Protestant churches also advocate a “Sabbath for the Earth”, of course on a Sunday. In pantheism, God is virtually in everything, i.e. in the sun as well as in the tree, in the blade of grass, in the stone and everything that man can observe in nature. The Franciscan monk, who has his say in the film, offers the icing on the cake. For him, life is a joy because he owns nothing and can enjoy everything. “Babylon sends greetings”, humanity is to be introduced to a nature- and sun-worshipping religion. All this under the sign of solidarity, fraternity and the common good.


It’s just a short step to the mark of the beast

The direction we have taken is becoming increasingly clear. Worship of nature as a quasi-unifying substitute religion for every denomination as well as for atheists. All under one roof and of course Rome offers this roof. The figure of the “highest moral authority” sits there. The Mark of the beast is slowly but surely taking shape. All that is missing is the worldwide implementation of a forced Sunday rest for “nature and climate protection”, together with the religious aspect of nature worship. The way to get there was prepared for a long time.

The phenomenon of worshiping the creature instead of the Creator was already known to Paul, Paul 1:25:
“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.”

Laudato si’ film adaptation teaches pure pantheism
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