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Lateran Treaties – Vatican City celebrates its founding on February 11th

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February 11 is the annual holiday in Vatican City to commemorate its founding in 1929. A wound that was more than 130 years old needed to be healed. The healing process was sealed with the conclusion of the Lateran Treaties. A development predicted in the Bible.

The Vatican City State was founded

Vatican City
Vatican City celebrates its own founding in 1929

In the Vatican on February 11th there was “restricted operation” due to an annual holiday. On February 11, 94 years ago, the Treaty establishing Vatican City was signed in the Lateran. Located in the center of Rome, in the Monti district, the Lateran has been the official seat of the popes since the Roman Emperor Constantine I. This puts the Pope’s chair outside of Vatican City. A special feature of Lateran Square (Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano) is the erected obelisk of Pharaoh Tutmosis III. The pharaoh who enslaved the people of Israel before the great exodus from Egypt.

With Vatican City back to political power

The contracting parties to the Lateran Pacts, signed on February 11, 1929, were Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Gasparri for the “Holy See” and Prime Minister Benito Mussolini for the then Kingdom of Italy. With this treaty, the ongoing conflict between the Italian state and the Pope over sovereign territories and constitutional status was ended. With the founding of Vatican City, the papacy regained political power and the opportunity to actively participate in global politics. According to the “Holy See”, the priority was to play the role of a mediating institution in international conflicts. One presented oneself as a pure peacemaker.

One of the first consequences of the conclusion of the contract was the demolition of several buildings in Via Aurelia, Viale Vaticano and in front of Porta Cavalleggeri. The newly founded mini-state in the middle of Rome does not tolerate tall buildings from which a view of the new sovereign state territory is possible (Lateran Treaty, Article 7).

Politics only with “peaceful intentions”

The Roman Catholic Church once held absolute power. The activity of the papacy at that time is also described as the “dark age”. This began in 538 AD with the attainment and exercise of monopoly power in the areas of religion and politics. Napoleon Bonaparte put an end to political power in 1798. He had the then Pope Pius VI fetched from the “Holy See” and banished directly into exile. With the restoration of secular status in 1929, this wound was healed. The young state was peaceful and announced “best intentions”.

This is what Vatican News writes:
“The institutional framework set out by the Lateran Treaties has helped over time to increase the presence of the Holy See on the international scene, to preserve and demonstrate its independence, and to facilitate relations with States, including at the support of the local churches.”

How far the “Presence of the Holy See on the international stage” has already progressed is shown by the great rejoicing on the part of the Catholic Church after Joe Biden was appointed as the new US President in January 2021:
“Mainline Protestantism once acted as the primary ballast in American public life – helping to steady us amidst the choppy waters that attend life in a democratic republic. That ballast is gone, and the long-term effects on American life can be felt all around.”

Foundation of Vatican City is “healing of a wound”

The founding of Vatican City State was an event foretold in the Bible. Although neither horse nor rider is named, nor is there an exact time, but the descriptions that apply exclusively to the Roman Church and the historical developments confirm the statements about the “beast out of the sea” in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13.
“And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.”

So titled, appropriate to Vatican News on January 19, 2021, “USA: Time to heal the wounds”, and at the same time gave a clear pointer to the 2nd beast (beast from the earth) in Revelation 13. This will have all the authority of the exercise the first beast (beast from the sea).

The future is already marked

The next steps planned by Vatican City “in favor of humanity” are already clearly visible. Pope Francis already announced his ambitions with the encyclical “Laudato si'”. The focus should be on nature and climate protection, combined with a religious aspect and politically enforced by the USA. Currently, the two extreme camps that have been formed, “Liberal and Conservative”, “Left and Right”, etc., are being let loose on one another and driven to the point of escalation. Parallel to this, social restructuring is taking place due to impoverishment, hunger and fear (war, energy crisis, climate crisis, etc.). At the end there is the “golden mean”, the compromise that brings peace and salvation, with a political and moral apex, Rome.

Bible verses from King James Version

Lateran Treaties – Vatican City celebrates its founding on February 11th
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