Olli Dürr Society Jesuits: Unwanted in Nicaragua & Scandals in Bolivia

Jesuits: Unwanted in Nicaragua & Scandals in Bolivia

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The Jesuit Order is currently in the headlines on a number of issues. Quasi “persona non grata” in Nicaragua and scandalous in Bolivia because of countless sexual assaults on minors. There seems to be a focus on Central and South America.

Jesuits reluctantly seen in Nicaragua

Within the order, the “Society of Jesus”, the house blessing seems to be crooked. In the meantime, numerous regular incidents of abuse, including those involving children, have become known. The association within the Roman Catholic Church, also known as the Jesuit Order, is once again in the focus of the relevant media. In addition to the allegations of numerous practiced pedophilia by members of the order, there is currently strong friction in Nicaragua with the local socialist government under Daniel Ortega and his wife, who is also the country’s vice president. First, the accounts of the “Universidad Nacional Casimiro Sotelo” run by the Jesuit order in the capital, Managua, were frozen, and now this university and its assets have been confiscated and renamed by the state.

Arturo Sosa claims innocence

Jesuit Cross

Jesuit order currently with negative headlines

The Superior General of the Jesuit Order, Arturo Sosa (Venezuela), who is otherwise less well known in the public eye, has sharply condemned this measure, as reported by “katholisch.de“. The allegations against the university are “completely false and without foundation,” Sosa said in a published letter to the local provincial of the Jesuit order. One of the government’s allegations describes the university as a “hotbed of terrorism”.

Jesuit Provincial repents and yet does not repent

In Bolivia, the local provincial, Bernardo Mercado, seems to have had enough. He would not have entered the Jesuit order even if he were “mentally deranged” had he known the actual situation in that order regarding sexual violence and pederasty, according to Catholic News Agency(CNA). He was disappointed because he once saw the Jesuits as “great missionaries”. He had never before seen this order with the qualities that are ascribed to it today. According to Mercado, he would never have become a Jesuit if he had known this. Specifically, the language of eight Jesuits is said to have committed active abuse in other countries as well. However, the provincial “as an institution” did not know whether these were on record.

“Regular” abuse of minors

A diary of one of the accused Jesuits was found. The entries show that he committed at least 85 cases of sexual abuse of minors during his service in Bolivia. This is in addition to his homosexual relationships over the years. According to the report, other Jesuits were also involved. There have been attempts at a cover-up. High-ranking Jesuits are said to have had knowledge of these events.

Despite this admission by the Provincial that he would never have entered this Order if he had known these conditions, he has no thoughts of resigning or leaving. Despite everything, he feels called to his position because he knows that he is in the right place. He can continue to do good here and he wants to.

Loyola’s order was for the Counter-Reformation

Ignatius v. Loyola

Ignatius V. Loyola – Main founder of the Jesuit order

The Jesuit order was founded in 1534 by Ignatius Loyola, among others. More precisely, on August 15th (Assumption Day). Pope Paul III officially sanctioned this newly founded order in September 1940. It was just over 10 years before co-founder Francis Xavier offered his “mission” off mainland China in Macau. Missionary work was not the main goal of the Jesuits, as there were numerous other representatives within the Roman Catholic Church, but the destruction of the Reformation, which had emerged only a few years earlier. This split in the church, which the Church of Rome described as a tragedy among other things, was far more drastic than it would like to admit.

After all, the church was not concerned with the salvation of the people, but with exercising its hitherto unrestricted political power. The Jesuit Order started the so-called Counter-Reformation with the aim of returning the Church to its original, undivided authority. This “Club of the Loyola Brotherhood” has already succeeded in destroying the Reformation.

Order with a distinctive style

The Jesuits fought the reformers very early on in their public relations work, preferably in the style of defamation that is familiar today, such as “about comedians and the brainless“. In the field of theology, the Jesuits Francis Ribera, Robert Cardinal Bellarmine and Luis del Alcázar in particular ensured a comprehensive reinterpretation of the biblical prophecies according to Daniel and Revelation. They are the originators of the forms of so-called preterism and futurism that are widespread today. With the Reformers identifying the papacy as the “man of sin, son of perdition, and Antichrist” described in the Bible, the Jesuit Order felt called upon to get the Roman Catholic Church out of the line of fire, and this was done by the new interpretation of biblical prophecies.

Order of the Innocence Lambs

Sacrificial Lamb Jesus

Jesuit Order – Only harmless missionaries and always innocent?

The Jesuit order likes to portray itself as a victim of ongoing conspiracy theories. This has not only been the case for a few decades, but soon after the start of their activities. This “spearhead” of the Roman Catholic Church was always “completely innocent” when they were summarily thrown out by England, Spain, Italy, Portugal and other countries or at least placed under strict control. That Catholic countries also expelled the Jesuits has a special taste. But even today one should also assume that the current reprisals in Nicaragua are “completely unfounded”. After all, you just want to “educate people properly“.

Focus on Central and South America?

It is somewhat striking that with the beginning of the pontificate (since 2013) of the current Pope Francis, not only a Jesuit took over the role of the Pope, but also that a special focus was placed on Central and South America. The Pope comes from Argentina and is the first from this region. The Superior General of the Jesuits (since 2016) comes from Venezuela and is therefore also the first representative from this region. Soon after the Superior General took office, violent political unrest began in Venezuela, along with the entire program of demonizing the head of government (since 2013) Nicolás Maduro. The current “irregularities” in Nicaragua are taking place in South America, as are the allegations of chronic abuse in Bolivia.

It remains with speculation

Earth Sun Protection

Jesuits want to take more care of the climate

Whether there is a strategy of this order behind it is an open question and remains speculative. The general dismantling of Christianity in its original sense, no matter how distorted Christianity has always been presented by the Catholic Church, is in full swing in favor of the alternative religion, the “preservation of creation”. According to the motto “the end justifies the means”, it can also be a local self-dismantling. Thus, a provincial in Bolivia does not get to his post at a young age without having expressly “heeded” the order’s motto “perinde ac cadaver” beforehand. The main scenario remains behind the scenes.

The official consensus of this Jesuit order is not only “special care” for nature and climate protection, but also “dedicated care” for young people and justice. At least that’s what this order announced on the occasion of the closure of their previous base in Linz, Austria.

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